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So I've just finished reading Daenery's second chapter? I think it's her second, she's not getting much page time. They've just been escorted to that Q something city. Anyway, here's some of my thoughts: (SPOILERS)

- My favorite character is definitely Tyrion. He is awesome. He has a pretty decent moral compass, he wants to rule King's Landing with a just hand and make sure that everyone actually survives! Sure, he also wants to make sure that he survives this too, and for that I respect him. He's trying to undo Joffrey's fucking mess, and I love how he keeps saying: "The King is a thirteen year old boy!" to everyone that takes Joffrey's words for gold. (BECAUSE THE KING ACTUALLY IS A FUCKING STUPID THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY! Who for sport enjoys ordering people to duel to the DEATH!) Tyrion is definitely someone who could survive this whole mess, with a lot intact, I think. So he's my favorite, both because he's pretty likable, he's witty and funny, and there's a lot of things going on in his chapters.

-But still, my favorite chapters are Arya's. Her and Gendry?? OMG! I love them. When Joren died I got really sad, because I just knew that that meant that her life is going to go to shits now.

- I'm not really warming up to the new POV characters. I mean Theon is showing to be a right shit, and I don't want him to be! I WANT to like him. But so far he's conspiring to invade the North, a place that was his home for ten years, the only place where he really has friends. Because no one has really welcomed him back with any kind of warmth. And he unintentionally hit on his sister, which just made me squirm by the awkwardness of it.

- Sansa is slowly growing to be a likable character. I've always liked her, but not really... liked her, if you know what I mean. But she was very young when all this began, young and in love and naive. I can't wait until she gains even more agency on her own, because I think she'll be a formidable character and player in time.

Please, no spoilers!


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