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Oh my lord! I turn 21 in two weeks-ish time. If you've been around my LJ for several years you'll know that turning older has always been something that's scared me. I think it's because I feel that I have yet to do anything worthwhile with my life and turning a year older is another sign of time passing and me standing still. Anyway, yeah, December 8th, I turn 21. And I do look forward to the day itself, of course, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, especially my own. This year we're going to watch our local children's theatres production of Oliver! and afterwards we're going for sushi!! I'm so excited for that.

I signed up for the [ profile] erasureathon and so should you.

If you want a card, go and leave your address here.
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Hey you guys. I've been silent for a while, but that's just because I haven't felt like posting. Stuff has happened, but not enough for me to manage to strength to post about it. I'm fine, btw. Just my family has been wrecked by a stomach virus, so I've basically not eaten for a week. And just when the nausea let go some what I get this horrible cough and my body is aching! Thank god, I've finished all my Christmas shopping! Cause I can't lift a finger right now.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch the ballet the Nutcracker. I haven't seen it since I was ten or something, and I'm hoping I won't be too sick to enjoy it.

I sent out my Christmas letters on Friday and I hope they will all reach you in time for Christmas. I know I was a bit late this year, but I really hope the post will come through.

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. It was a absolute blast and I haven't laughed that much in ages. There was a lot of vodka and playing of "I never", and I can safely say that I've never been that hung over in my LIFE! (Which really doesn't say much, cause I've never really been hung over before.) The family party on Sunday was horrible. Horrible! I tell you!

So yeah, that's my life right now. I'm twenty and happy, and so very sick. Thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday, you are all lovely! &hearts

Awesome presents I got for my birthday )

On a more personal note: I'm spending way too much time on Facebook and in the last month I've sent over a hundred texts. That's... so not normal. I blame my big giant crush. The logical part of my brain is telling my how ridiculous and stupid I'm acting, but the other part is giggling and saying "But he might show up any minute! And we want to talk to him!" I'm an idiot.

Fandom wise:

I'm so bitter that I have to avoid all Narnia talk. The movie doesn't come out until December 25th here. Yeah, what kind of date is that, anyway?? Who goes to the movies on the first day of Christmas? But on second or third day I'm dragging my family to go watch it.

The few things I've heard isn't all that good, but I'm have an open mind, and I care more about the developing of the characters than I do the story or plot. So really, I don't care if they've changed the whole story as long as Edmund is Edmund and Lucy is Lucy and Eustace is awesome.

People seems to be having fun in the 3 sentence ficathon, which is great! It didn't turn out to be as fun as I'd expected it to be for me, but who cares about that. I'm just not feeling the writing vibes lately. Which is a shame cause I really want to write! But I can't.

I'm also blissfully high on cough syrup right now. I've finally stopped coughing!
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My last night as a teenager. Kinda weird.

Here's a list of what I want for my birthday, but will never get because I have either not told anybody, or it's kind of hard to get here:

- Mock the Week: Too hot for TV 3
- Les Miserables 25AC DVD
- All of Ed Byrnes DVD's
- Frankie Boyle's new DVD
- Inception
- The Complete Series of Rome

Yeah, that's just DVD's. But I will get them when I'm going to London. Me and my brother is planning a trip around Easter time. It's about time he get to see Les Miserables. (And it's about time that I get to see it again too. Might consider going to see Love Never Dies as well. I'm not sure how rich I'll be around that time, so we'll see.)

BTW: Reveals are UP! at [ profile] narniaexchange
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I turn twenty on Wednesday... That kind of freaks me out because I've acquired friends who are so much younger than me. I feel old and out of place, like I have no right to do the things I do (mainly Tensing. I'm technically too old, you know.) But hey, the guy I fancy he's twenty-three and still hangs around church and does Tensing stuff even if he doesn't sing the in the choir. S'not like I'm the oldest or anything...

So yeah... twenty years old. I can buy hard liquor! But not drink in the US.

And on my birthday I get to sit the whole day and write English lit. Next week there's only whole day tests (midterms?)(Mock exams?) all week, and on my day it's English lit. I do not mind at all, except that I really don't get to talk to any one, and that kind of sucks. I like being congratulated on my birthday.

Other things:

Can you believe that a year has gone by already? I certainly can't.

3 SENTENCE FICATHON! Go play, go play, go play! It's been open for four days now and the turn out is amazing me. Granted we have way more unfilled than filled prompts, but who cares?! It's fun and people bond over shared obscure or not so obscure fandoms and everyone has a fun, but very casual time! If you write more than three sentences? Who cares! Fic is always fun. If you get creative with punctuation, who cares? (As long as you remember to write proper English in school, of course!)

If you want to receive a Christmas card from me (and who doesn't like getting mail from other countries?) I'd love to send you one. Go HERE and leave your address.
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- November is gearing up to be the most awesome month ever. On Friday I was at a PJ-cup where we (meaning Tensing, my church's youth choir) played volleyball all night against other youth groups/ choirs in our county, in our pyjamas. I had the best time. So worth the bruises I got from playing. I haven't played volleyball in four years or so. But it's easy to learn again, and so fun and social.

On Friday the 12th I am... GET THIS... GOING TO THE PRE-PREMIÈRE OF HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!! Red carpet the whole shebang. I get to see this movie a whole week before everyone else. I am so happy! All because my parents happened to play golf with a guy who works at Sandrew Metronome (the company who distributes Harry Potter in Norway) and they mentioned that I'm kind of a big fan and he was like "I'll see if I can get her some tickets. We really want some real fans there." This was a couple of months ago. Then on Saturday there was an envelope in the mail for me... I thought it was the bracelet I won in the [ profile] foresthouseeyes auction, but no, it was two tickets to Harry Potter. I was speechless for an hour.

Then on Saturday the confirmation year starts up again. I love being involved with that. I get to hang out with awesome people who I only see in church. I love it.

On Tuesday 16th November, I have a gym exam, which I'm not looking forward to, except to be done with it. But the day after, the 17th, I'm going to go and watch Next to Normal again. This time on my own, so I can cry as much as I'd like.

Friday 19th I'm going to go on a Tensing weekend trip, where we'll have fun and sing and prepare for our Christmas concert.

Then, the 26th I'm going to the theatre again to watch a new production of The Secret Garden. It's in New Norwegian and apparently videogames are involved? I'm not sure, but it will probably be fun.

And to top off the awesome month that will have been November, my mother and I are going to go and watch AHA on the 30th.


- Today it's exactly a month until I turn twenty. How freaking scary is that? On the plus side, after I turn twenty there's nothing I'm not allowed to do. I can buy my own liquor and drink it too! But dude! TWENTY! I'm getting old. I'll have to pay lots of money for my bus card. I... ugh.

- One more thing before I go to bed: Is there any interest for another Three Sentence Ficathon? I'm keen and more than happy to host it again. But I can't play with myself so you all have to come and play too. I'm thinking of making a post December 1. and let it run out December... Thoughts?
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Once or twice every month I have Wednesdays off. The reason being that on Wednesdays we have whole days devoted to only one subject, and I don't have two of those four subjects. Today was one of those days off and I decided to spend my day shopping for birthday presents. I'm invited to two birthdays this weekend. But, the problem was that I am very broke at the moment. I had not enough money to buy to presents, so I had to borrow money from my dad. No problem, really. When I got to the mall I quickly decided on what to buy. I got The Hangover for my guy friend and the first season of Weeds for my girl friend. Hopefully, they'll like it. The Hangover is a movie a guy would like, right?

Then, since I had spent so little time on the present shopping I decided to waste some time doing my favorite thing: Book browsing. I wasn't going to buy anything, with me being almost broke. So I walked around and just looked. I love looking at books. It's so soothing. But then I discovered that they had gotten Good Omens. Yeah... We all know my resolve would break. I read the first few pages and I laughed out loud several times. (People were looking at me.) And there was only one left! I had to buy it, I had to! So I did. I am definitively so very broke right now. I barely have enough money to take the bus.

This weekend the Biathlon World Cup is coming to Oslo. I wanna go so badly! I wanna see Emil Hegle Svendsen being awesome in person. But I can't. Not only cause I have no money! But also because my weekend is jammed packed already. As I mentioned I have two birthdays to go to. One birthday on Friday, one birthday on Saturday. And on Saturday I'm also going to be a Confirmation Leader for the kids who are going to get confirmed this year. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope I'll make a good leader.

I have finished my Triple H story, the one about Paige. And [ profile] grim_lupine was awesome enough to look it over for me as well. So I just have to edit the things she pointed out and then I'll post it for your reading pleasure!

Also! I want to watch White Collar, because I have found out that it might just be a show made for me, or something. But surfthechannel doesn't have it!! This is throwing me off, cause surfthechannel is supposed to have everything! (They had links to Max Manus, for christ sake!) So what do I do, all knowing flist? How am I gonna get to watch this show?
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I am writing this on my shiny-pretty-new-shiny-pretty-new MACBOOK! And an awesome laptop like this needs a nice name. So, let's have a poll, yeah?

[Poll #1496754]

I had a great birthday! I had so much fun, and everybody was nice. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

And thank you so much to [ profile] be_themoon and [ profile] fiendlikethee for writing me birthday commentfics!

And and and! [ profile] grim_lupine is beyond awesome for filling all my girl!Edmund prompts! I've archived them all HERE.
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So, I'm turning 19 in two days. I'm not too old to feel giddy in anticipation of my birthday, am I? And I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my MacBook!

Hopefully I'll get some money for my bday too, so I can buy my parents some Christmas presents, because I'm really short on cash. I'm going to start looking for a job in January. (I need to start saving money for London June 2010!)

You should totally go and read [ profile] be_themoon's awesome Doctor Who/Narnia fic: Whose Other Side Is Salvation

Some awesome three sentence fics you need to read:

[ profile] turkeyish wrote Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund, England and cigarettes.

[ profile] grim_lupine wrote Anastasia, Dmitri, the best con artist in town

[ profile] almostinstinct wrote Gossip Girl, Chuck/Serena, ties and alchohol.

And [ profile] be_themoon wrote (absolutely awesome): (Which inspired me to write a 500 long ficlet, which I'll post later this week, hopefully.) Anastasia, Anya/Dimitri, honour among thieves.
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*I finished the first draft of my genderfuck Star Trek Kirk-as-a-girl/McCoy fic. YAY me! I've been writing this fic since early June! So nice to finally have finished it.

*I so want to go see Peter Doherty 6th of December. I'm not really a huge fan, but I just really, really want to go. But the stupid thing is that all my friends who loves music is not old enough. (You have to be 18 to get in.) I think I'm gonna try and convince K to go with me, even though he might not like the music. It's TWO days before my birthday! Surely I can get him to come with me as an early birthday present?

*FIVE DAYS UNTIL LONDON, PEOPLE!! Can't fucking wait!!
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Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated. It feels like nothing has happened that is worth writing about, yet I also feel like I've been busy and this month is going by so fast.

I joined a work out center this last week. Hopefully I'll manage to work out twice a week.

My ears have been hurting again and this time I was so sure it was an infection, but I was at the doctor's on thursday and he said it only was some pressure thingy, so I got meds. And for the first time in forever the meds actually works!

Then yesterday I went and banged my head in my bedroom ceiling and now I think I might have gotten a small concussion, at least that what it feels like.

It's my mother's birthday tomorrow, so we are having a party today. That'll be nice. I'm also working on a kind of cool present, I hope. In the last couple of years I've written some poems, and my mother has read a few of them and have been saying again and again that she wants me to print them out and give them to her, so that's what I'm doing. Hopefully she'll like them.

The next week is the winter vacation and we're going to west Norway. My dad has family there. It'll be fun. I've only been there three times or something.
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Taken from [ profile] pumagrrl :

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, rampaging along the icy wasteland! It is Caramelsilver, hands clutching a mighty sword! She howls ominously:

"I'm going to reduce you to ash, and sell you as spice!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

I posted all my Christmas cards today. So hopefully they'll get there alright=)

My party went great. I feel pretty good today. There wasn't too much to clean up and I had by best friend to help me.
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I am officially legal!!! Now I can drink! I can vote! and I can drive a car (obviously that needs some preparations first,) but I'm allowed!

Thank you to all the lovely birthday wishes. I am so lucky to have you all!

My day has been pretty great so far. My parents gave me a lovely watch, I love it dearly already.  I haven't owned a proper watch since I was six and got my first one. But now I'm all grown up and an adult needs a watch! Will post pictures soon, since I can't resist sharing the pretty. My brother, who is awesome (and the only child in the family! hihi) gave me Les Miserables in concert on DVD!! I was ecstatic! I'm so happy. I've been harping on since June about how much I wanted it. (I was sure that he was going to give me Prince Caspian. I might be a little disappointed that I didn't get Narnia, but oh well.)

My class is also very happy for me. (Probably because now the think I'll be buying their booze. AS IF!) And I'm so looking forward to Friday and my party.

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My entire family is down with the flu. All four of us is lying in separate beds and our poor dog is getting one short walk from the one who's feeling less bad. I've missed my two last midterms (math and spanish.) I know I should be worried, but I don't have the energy to do so. We have to cancel my family birthday party on Sunday, which I feeling really sad about. Crossing my fingers and hope that I'm well again on my birthday. (MONDAY PEOPLE! I'M TURNING 18 ON MONDAY!) And I'm having a big giant booze party Friday 12th, and I cannot be sick then. I refuse to even consider the possibility of canceling my birthday bash.
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It's Norway's National Day!

It did rain. And snow. Yes, it SNOWED! It was cold so I didn't eat much ice cream. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of me in my bunad.
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I am feeling very much loved. Not only did I get lots of nice birthday greetings, (thank you all!) but my Narnia fic I posted yesterday was nicely received. Narnia is a nice fandom!
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I am sweet and precious, because [ profile] persephone33 said so! Thank you, it's so fun hearing my name on the podcast, for some reason it makes me so incredable giddy.

Perse I love your podcast, I've only listened to the first part because I'm saving it so it will last longer! I love it when it's long, because that means I'll have more fics on tape, and I can listen while doing something else!

If you haven't listen to FIA podcast yet, do so now!

FIA december podcast
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Today I got my new Uggs! Yay, I bought them online so they were cheaper than they would've been if I'd bought them in store. I also got a new bobble jacket today. So now I'm ready for the winter. If there only could come some snow soon. I love snow! I love the winter. I'm one of those girls that likes to pretend that I like summer, but when it comes to it, I usually spend my summer in the shade reading a book. I like winter and snow, skiing, and wearing cute snow outfits. I'm hoping it will snow before my birthday (8. december), if not it should at least be snow on christmas.

I'll send out my christmas cards tomorrow, I hope!

Click here to see my new shoes and jacket. Aren't they pretty? )
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In exactly one month I turn seventeen, which is really scary for some reason. I don't think it's that I'm turning seventeen, (being born in December its never cool turning anything, because a few weeks later people are turning one year older than me again!) I think it's because three weeks after I turn seventeen my best friend turn eight teen and that is a scary number! I'm not ready to be an adult. I know that there are many things that are fun by being legal, I can vote, drink, drive a car, but the thought of all the expectations people have. I haven't even finished eleventh grade, I'm not ready to be an adult!! I'm afraid that I'll still be sick and rely on my parents when all my friends have moved out and gotten jobs. I know that most people don't move out from their parents before they turn twenty, but eight teen is a big step closer and that scares the shit out of me.


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