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Oh my lord! I turn 21 in two weeks-ish time. If you've been around my LJ for several years you'll know that turning older has always been something that's scared me. I think it's because I feel that I have yet to do anything worthwhile with my life and turning a year older is another sign of time passing and me standing still. Anyway, yeah, December 8th, I turn 21. And I do look forward to the day itself, of course, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, especially my own. This year we're going to watch our local children's theatres production of Oliver! and afterwards we're going for sushi!! I'm so excited for that.

I signed up for the [ profile] erasureathon and so should you.

If you want a card, go and leave your address here.
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I turn twenty on Wednesday... That kind of freaks me out because I've acquired friends who are so much younger than me. I feel old and out of place, like I have no right to do the things I do (mainly Tensing. I'm technically too old, you know.) But hey, the guy I fancy he's twenty-three and still hangs around church and does Tensing stuff even if he doesn't sing the in the choir. S'not like I'm the oldest or anything...

So yeah... twenty years old. I can buy hard liquor! But not drink in the US.

And on my birthday I get to sit the whole day and write English lit. Next week there's only whole day tests (midterms?)(Mock exams?) all week, and on my day it's English lit. I do not mind at all, except that I really don't get to talk to any one, and that kind of sucks. I like being congratulated on my birthday.

Other things:

Can you believe that a year has gone by already? I certainly can't.

3 SENTENCE FICATHON! Go play, go play, go play! It's been open for four days now and the turn out is amazing me. Granted we have way more unfilled than filled prompts, but who cares?! It's fun and people bond over shared obscure or not so obscure fandoms and everyone has a fun, but very casual time! If you write more than three sentences? Who cares! Fic is always fun. If you get creative with punctuation, who cares? (As long as you remember to write proper English in school, of course!)

If you want to receive a Christmas card from me (and who doesn't like getting mail from other countries?) I'd love to send you one. Go HERE and leave your address.
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Taken from [ profile] pumagrrl :

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, rampaging along the icy wasteland! It is Caramelsilver, hands clutching a mighty sword! She howls ominously:

"I'm going to reduce you to ash, and sell you as spice!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

I posted all my Christmas cards today. So hopefully they'll get there alright=)

My party went great. I feel pretty good today. There wasn't too much to clean up and I had by best friend to help me.
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Tomorrow I have a norwegian test and I'm reading my text book, studying hard and all that. The test will be about the technicalities behind writing, different writing techniques and such. And I get assaulted with plot bunnies. Best of all, I know now how to write my [ profile] narniaexchange fic!! Next time I'm stuck, I'm just gonna go read my text book=P

Back to studying. I need to get a good grade!

If you want a Christmas card from me, (And I'd love sending you one,) go Here!
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It's November and that means that next month is December! And December means Christmas, and Christmas means Christmas Cards! I have honestly been looking forward to this all year. If you want to receive a Christmas card from me, leave your address in the comments (is screened.)

Card #2

Dec. 20th, 2007 07:40 pm
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Oh, I forgot to thank [ profile] dieloreley for the wonderful card I received. Your card really put mine to shame. Thank you very much. It really made my day=)

Card #1

Dec. 15th, 2007 05:24 pm
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I recieved a lovely christmas card from [ profile] pumagrrl today. Thank you very much!


Nov. 27th, 2007 12:43 am
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What do one write in a christmas card? Never done it before, could need some help.
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Today I got my new Uggs! Yay, I bought them online so they were cheaper than they would've been if I'd bought them in store. I also got a new bobble jacket today. So now I'm ready for the winter. If there only could come some snow soon. I love snow! I love the winter. I'm one of those girls that likes to pretend that I like summer, but when it comes to it, I usually spend my summer in the shade reading a book. I like winter and snow, skiing, and wearing cute snow outfits. I'm hoping it will snow before my birthday (8. december), if not it should at least be snow on christmas.

I'll send out my christmas cards tomorrow, I hope!

Click here to see my new shoes and jacket. Aren't they pretty? )


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