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Title: The Seduction
Original text erased: Stone Table fic
Erased by: [ profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [ profile] lizzie_marie_23
Fandom (of original text): Narnia
Fandom (of erasure): None. (Narnia)
Notes: Done with coloured pencils and a black and green marker pen.

The Seduction )
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Oh my lord! I turn 21 in two weeks-ish time. If you've been around my LJ for several years you'll know that turning older has always been something that's scared me. I think it's because I feel that I have yet to do anything worthwhile with my life and turning a year older is another sign of time passing and me standing still. Anyway, yeah, December 8th, I turn 21. And I do look forward to the day itself, of course, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, especially my own. This year we're going to watch our local children's theatres production of Oliver! and afterwards we're going for sushi!! I'm so excited for that.

I signed up for the [ profile] erasureathon and so should you.

If you want a card, go and leave your address here.
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Title: The Long Path
Erased by: [ profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 | Unless
Fandom: Doctor Who

Come with me
I can't. It's just
he left. She mattered.

The first to turn down an offer
Amazing Grace
Still, there was past disappointments in the universe

people dressed as yelling
representation and rights.
One man asked, «This wouldn't be about chance?»
It's about being controlled by an ocean
liberty sighed
forgotten surperior act.
Pity about the rejection
revolting against Time

Suddenly, a tall man in an overcoat
That was definitively possible
his inferno
his redemption
He had to, by order
I request an invasion

Please yourself.
You should know that
I'm your future
I got saved from the clockwork
and met a horse.

Take the easy path now to waste

Nice man, him
Not stunningly handsome but

He opened the door, turned around
you'd never make it back
What are you even doing here

I've been traveling for years
Don't you remember?

A minute to talk to myself
and he closed the doors
her stunned face
must have gotten
far off course
in the wrong time?

He rushed out
It's been so long
I took the long path
but I'm here
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Title: The Devil's Luck
Erased by: [ profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [ profile] sgrio | With Cast Iron Blood
Fandom: Supernatural

for him when he arrived
all sharp edges and
booted foot on graveyard earth.
He held up the gun,
open the damn gate, or your brother spends eternity in Hell
Your choice.

the gate was open and
pressing hands
he was in Hell
he fell
You had to fall into blood.

The air was thick with sulfur and smoke
was black and grey,
mud and rock for miles.
clouds, black and roiling
above washed-out landscape.

It was easy to lose in Hell
no sun, no sky, for that matter.
He counted.
five hundred and fifty three
five hundred and twelve
a man came.

The Devil
out here was no trouble
you came all the way down here?
he could fix everything and save his brother
for eternity he stopped

turned to himself «I want my brother,»
he smiled a little; you can deal
the Crossroads came screaming and
his brother died for the world’s stupidest deal
killed one and damned both

his brother steeled himself, fixed a deal
I got this gun
I got this gun
let him go

There’s fire and knives and pain
I promise
The Devil watched and there was sympathy


give me the gun

the pocket of graceless magic that had to be
worth a soul

dear God, shoot the Devil

and a smile flitted across
A smile curled across

he looked up from the gun,
You would go to Hell for your brother
Something curled in his gut

went to hell, pulled him out

fire my two hands

legions under my control
I know you

this once
They had the Devil’s luck
Just this once.
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Does anyone want to do a erasure swap with me? I think I need some stress relief in the form of poetry and erasuring was so much fun.
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I'm feeling marginally better than I did last Wednesday. My stomach still hurt like a bitch, but I don't have the urge to vomit every time I eat something. I'm drinking lots of Coke since I've discovered that it keeps my stomach calm. I'm hoping that I'm better by Monday. I simply can't be sick any longer. God, I hate this.

I had to contact pinch hitters for the [ profile] narniaexchange yesterday. Two lovely ladies volunteered and I sent out the prompts last night. When I opened my inbox this morning one of the fics was already turned in! How's that for speedy pinch hitting?

Speaking of fanfiction. I don't seem to be able to write anymore! I dusted off an old fic, one who I pretty much know the plot of and tried to write some, but I'm simply unable to string sentences together to make it look like a story! Gah!

Instead I'm going to pimp some links at you:

The master list of this years [ profile] erasureathon has been posted. Go over there and read all the lovely poems that has come out of erasing fanfiction. It's simply gorgeous.

[profile] lizzie_marie_23 has been writing a Star Trek as Sense and Sensibility characters fic. Yeah... It's awesome and you should totally go read it here

And before the Narnia Fic Exchange 2009 starts posting, why don't go and read last years fics?

ETA:  Ha, see I lied. It's like I jinxed myself or something, because right after I posted this I got worse. Now I'm horribly nausous again. Managed to eat the lovely dinner my brother made me though.

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Here is my erasure as a pinch hitter for [ profile] erasureathon

Title: The Difference Between being Alive and Dead
Erased by: [ profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [profile] lizzie_marie_23 | The Three Goddesses
Fandom: Doctor Who

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Here's my erasure for this years [ profile] erasureathon 

An Ugly act of Life
Erased by:[personal profile] caramelsilver
Original text by:[ profile] bozaloshtsh | An Ugly Fact of Life
Fandom: In Plain Sight

but no one should be abandoned


Aug. 9th, 2009 01:31 am
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I'm home from Crete. I'm exhausted, and not in the mood to talk about it today. I'll type up a post about it later.

Twitter is all fucked up and won't let me update which upsets me more than it should since I've only just gotten it.

My erasure author only has fics in fandoms I know next to nothing about... this'll be interesting.

I'm just feeling very blah today. Like... Probably just desping a little over the fact that school starts in two weeks. And my best friend is in the army and all my friends are scattered about the country doing 'grown up' things and 'moving on to the next stage of life' things, and I still have two and a half year of school left.

And I really want to write, but my muse is not cooperating with me. So... BLAH!



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