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Going away for the next five days again. Up to our cottage, and this time we'll be all four, which I'm really looking forward to. It's been too long since we've just been the four of us. I'm going to bring loads of books, and laze on the beach just reading.

Right now I'm anxiously waiting for the [ profile] rachelandjesse drabble-a-thon post to go up. I really want to participate, but if it doesn't get posted soon, I'll fall asleep.
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I am back from vacation and to that I can only say HALLELUJAH! It has both been the best and the worst Easter vacation I have had in years. The weather has been crap and schizophrenic. On Friday we had everything the world has to offer of weather: Sun, rain, snow, wind... So, not counting a hugely unsuccessful ski trip, I didn't spend much time outside. The snow was so rotten that we thread through every third step. (Not sure if I'm explaining this very well.) But the good things about this vacation was that my cousin, Tiril, who is six months older than me, came with us. So, it was lots of fun having her there. Even if all we did was play lots and lots of cards and Scrabble, and read books. I didn't get the time to read four books, but I did read three. One of those was Good Omens. I loved it, and will talk about it later.

I am so happy to be home. My back has been killing me the last couple of days and it will be beyond heaven to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Few internet things:

- WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH YOUTUBE?? I'm gone a week and they've gone all weird on me! Where is the URL? That's how I download Mock the Week and convert my music into mp3 files! I need that URL!!!

- Does anyone of you use Firefox? And if you do, do you have a fancy header picture? Tell me.

Fangirl alert:

I'm completely obsessed with Max Manus and the Norwegian resistance during WWII. And because I'm a huge nerd, as my brother keep pointing out, two of the books I've read this month has been about the resistance. And I am not apologetic about it either. Unlike Narnia and Harry Potter, this obsession might do me some good in real life. It's never a bad thing to learn more about my own country's history. I have the next book all picked out and everything.

Speaking of Max Manus. I am currently watching the movie, again! Seriously, I love this movie so much. And it vexes me more than anything that this had to be the movie where I was assigned my Slash Goggles TM. I ship Max/Gregers so freaking much! And there's no one to squee with. I would so write fic for this, if it wasn't in Norwegian (it fucks with my head to write fic in English when I know they should be speaking in Norwegian.) and if they hadn't been real life people. (I'm reading biographies about these people!!) RPS is kind of my squick limit.

Also: EMIL HEGLE SVENDSEN WON THE BIATHLON WORLDCUP! There will be a celebratory picspam later.

Has anything exciting happened while I've been gone? Fill me in.
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You know what I hate most in the entire world? Feeling confused. Not "getting it". I read the fucking tutorials and follow what it says and still I can't seem to figure it out! Like today, I've been trying to authorize my Mac so it can play the songs I've bought on iTunes. And I CAN'T MAKE IT FUCKING WORK! I CAN'T FIND THE STUPID BUTTON THAT APPLE SAYS IS THERE!!! GAH! It makes me want to smash Edgar into tiny pieces, but it isn't his fault, so I won't. Does any of you know anything handy that might help me?


And while we're at feeling confused: Where the hell can I read the Yuletide stories???

Oh, Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I hope you all have had a lovely couple of days. I sure have. I got so much more presents than I had ever imagined. I was totally set upon getting nothing, because my Mac cost a fucking fortune. But my parents are awesome and I'm a spoiled brat, so I got a suitcase! (I've been wanting one for two years now!) And a new pair of sweat-pants! My brother gave me a team-jersey for my favorite football team! I'm super content with this years Christmas. And everyone else enjoyed the presents they got from me, which is even more awesome.

Big hug to everyone on my flist! I love you all &hearts.
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My entire family is down with the flu. All four of us is lying in separate beds and our poor dog is getting one short walk from the one who's feeling less bad. I've missed my two last midterms (math and spanish.) I know I should be worried, but I don't have the energy to do so. We have to cancel my family birthday party on Sunday, which I feeling really sad about. Crossing my fingers and hope that I'm well again on my birthday. (MONDAY PEOPLE! I'M TURNING 18 ON MONDAY!) And I'm having a big giant booze party Friday 12th, and I cannot be sick then. I refuse to even consider the possibility of canceling my birthday bash.
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For the last couple of days me and my brother has been home alone. Really alone, as in, no adult sleeping in the house, alone. Is it silly that I, even though I'm turning 18 in three months hasn't been home alone for that long? I went to the grocery store and bought today's dinner, (tacos!) and I cooked it! I've never bought dinner that *I* was going to make!


Jun. 30th, 2008 08:22 pm
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I don't know if you remember but I promised you some pictures of me in my bunad from 17. May. Now being the incredible slow person I am, I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera before now. So here they are:

Pic spam under the cut )
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Answering the meme from [ profile] dieloreley

Coffee: Coffee is the drink I really want to like. I like the mocha version with lots and lots of sugar, so I'm working my way down from there. A little less sugar each time. I really really want to be able to drink regular but sadly not yet.

Drawing: Is like therapy for me. When I'm feeling sad or alone, or can't sleep I draw. I love drawing while listening to podcasts, (i.e FIA, mugglecast, pottercast) I've just recently starting drawing scenes from the Harry Potter books. I'm getting better and better. I have a whole book full of drawings and doodles.

Edmund Pevensie: Boy this ones hard; I really don't have much to say other than that he is my favorite Narnia character. I like that he's flawed and I think he made a really great king and I'm sad that we really don't know much about their life as kings and queens. Also when I read Narnia fanfiction I usually read about Edmund. (Not a fan of the romance fics though.)

Family: They are the most important persons in my life. I wouldn't have survived the last three years with out them. I'm one of those persons who rather like to spend Friday night home with my parents than go out party-ing.

Food: I have a love affair with food! Good food is the best thing in the world. I'm such a spoiled brat who have parents who are great at cooking. My mum and dad always (almost always) make the gravy from scratch and they love spending hours in the kitchen making wonderful food. No wonder I love food so much, nobody makes better food than them. (IMO) I wonder what will happen when I move out and have to make my own food=/

Literature: My greatest obsession. My mum refuse to buy me new books because I read them to fast. This year I've read 48 books! I just love sitting down and get lost in another world and forget my miserable life.

Love: I haven't had much experience with romantic love through my young life. But I really hope I will meet someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I hope to fall in love with someone who likes to discuss things, who likes to read books, someone I can argue with and someone who'll end up my best friend. Sigh.

Mugglecast: I am a MuggleCast fan girl! I love listening their discussion while I draw. Pickle Pack member and all. My friends all make fun of me, saying whats so fun listening to people talk about Harry Potter? (they make fun of my Harry Potter obsession too!) I just hit them over the head and tell them to lay off my ipod.

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Sunday went great! Even though I hadn't slept much the previous night my body knew that it was important that I was in good shape. So I didn't have any headaches and I were charming and talkative. I am very good at talking about nothing with old aunts I only see now and then, and I have no problem with entertaining my younger cousins either.

It's like I turned into a different girl, that girl I would've been, the girl who is healthy and happy, the girl who is sociable and talkative, the girl who can make people laugh and that girl who doesn't see a pale and sad version of her self when she looks in the mirror. Enough of self pitty.

My speech went great! Everybody laughed and were impressed and since that was the whole purpose of the speech I'm very happy!


Sep. 7th, 2007 11:54 pm
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The house is almost too clean, mum are baking cakes, dad is everywhere at once doing all those little things that has to be done, my speech isn't ready, and Tobias is so excited over all the presents he's going to get.
Sunday is approaching and everything is quite draining to be honest.

On top of that my ipod doesn't want to connect with itunes, so I can't update it. And I really want to listen to septembers FIA podcast, while drawing something! Arg... Any of you know how to fix it?
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It's very draining to be at home now. On Sunday it is my little brother's confirmation, and my mum is in a frenzie. Decorations, food, cakes, everything has to be perfect. And I haven't finished my speech. I don't know what to do. I know what I want to say, but I can't get it down on paper....bah! So yeah.

In good news: I'm finally going to the hospital to get a diagnose and treatment! Yay, next Wednesday and thursday. I'm a little bit nervous, but happy. Maybe things will go a little quicker now.
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My mum and I got interviewed today by my friend S, (I'm only going to call him S from now on) he had an assignment from school, they are making a documentary about mother/daughter relationships. He and his friend came over today and interviewed us, and I realized just how boring my life is. The only things I do are watching tv, read books (By the way, I've read 21 books this year! I'm so proud of myself, I'm hoping that I will read a 100 by the end of the year.) and surf the internet. Anyway, they asked us on how our lives had changed after I got sick, and how mum have influenced my life. I can't wait to see it! I will probably look like a ghost, I am so pale. That's why I'm so excited for june to arrive. Mum and I are going to Mallorca 9. June! I can't wait to get a little tan. It'll be so fun, just me and mum on a girl trip!


Oct. 20th, 2006 11:17 pm
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I just found out that I'm going to a Pink concert next Friday!! Yay! I'm not exactly a big Pink fan, but I think she has some good songs, and besides, I really need to get out. It'll be so much fun. I hope! Its late and I should go to bed, but I just managed to fix my internet so I want to surf for awhile.
My little brother is obsessed with "The Godfather" playstation game, its driving my parents nuts, because he spends more time playing PS than doing his homework...hi hi!


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