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Title: The Girl Who Wouldn't Get in Line
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Anastasia
Characters: Comrade Phlegmenkoff, Anya
Rating: PG
Word count: 2200
Warnings: None.
Prompt: 8) Could I write all, the world would turn to stone.--Caterina Sforza (early 1463-1509), Italian warrior-ruler of Imola and Forli, in a letter to her professor, written from a prison cell in Rome.

Summary: Comrade Phlegmenkoff had never had a child in her care quite like little Anya.

AN: Written for the [ profile] femgenficathon. Thank you to [ profile] han_corrupted for the beta.

Only a week prior, the city had been in chaos and the end of the Russian Empire had been a reality. The royal family had been killed and communism had been instated. )
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So you might have guessed it by my recent posting of fic, but my summer holiday has finally begun! Until August 18 I'm free as a bird and can do whatever I like! First I'm going to our cabin from Sunday to Friday next week. (I told my dad that I refused to go until I got to watch the Doctor Who finale, so we're leaving Sunday afternoon.)

Then on July 18th I'm going to Bergen, which is a city in the west on the other side of the country, to watch Stabæk, my football team play Brann, Bergen's football team. It will be a one day trip, and we'll spend a lot of time on a bus, but it will be so much fun. Plus, I've never been to Bergen before, so fingers crossed for good weather.

Then the last weekend of July my entire family is going to Tromsø, a city in the north, to visit family and... watch Stabæk play Tromsø. Yeah, told you I've become a complete football nut. We're going to fly, since it's so far north, so that will be fun as well.

From August 2-8 I'll be camp leader on Confirmation camp. I practically can't wait. It will be the highlight of my summer.


Speaking of my recent fic: I made the most embarrassing error ever. A reviewer just pointed out to me that Rachel Berry, being jewish and all, probably wouldn't celebrate Christmas. I can't believe I made that mistake, and now I don't know what to do. Should I change the fic? Leave it as is, or stick an apology at the top? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Other than that, writing Jesse/Rachel fic is just so much fun.

I also realized that I had a [ profile] femgenficathon fic that I hadn't even started on, so I banged out a thousand words last night. I really have my writing mojo back, and it feels great. Not quite sure of the quality of this fic though. It's an Anastasia fic and... not sure if I've done it right. Might come begging for help later.


I finished reading Generation Kill and it was fantastic and horrible all at the same time. War really fascinates me, but god it's awful.

I bought the series too, and so far I've watched 4 episodes. I'm really enjoying the series. Alexander Skarsgård is as hot as ever.

It's just one thing that annoys me to no end: These are soldiers, they should not use each others first name!! Whenever someone calls Colbert "Brad" it really grinds my gears. Soldiers use last names only, it's just the way it's done. Just ask my best friend who has gone by her last name for the last year!
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Oh, I do hate being sick. Especially this kind of sick. Sore throat, coughing and constantly freezing. It doesn't help that it's -17 Celsius outside. Yesterday, our upstairs toilet froze and it wouldn't flush!

I've been tucked under my down duvet all week. Thank god, my duvet is so warm or else I would have been an icicle all week. So when I haven't been sleeping I have been re-watching season 5 of Gilmore Girls and reading Rory/Logan fanfiction, and downloading music from [ profile] fileshare_free. I got the entire Glee soundtrack! That's some awesome music.

Here's the three sentence fic I wrote right before new years and forgot to post to my journal before 2010:

Under the cut there's 5 Narnia fics where 4 is genderfuck and 1 Anastasia fic )
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I watched Anastasia twice on Sunday. Once in English and then in Norwegian. While John Cusack's voice is terribly sexy and perfect for Dmitri, I think Dmitri's Norwegian voice will always be Dmitri to me. On the subject of Anastasia, I'm working on another fic (yes! another fic!) but it's just not working with me.

It's been a while since I asked, and I've gotten a few more friends since then: do any of you have AIM? If yes, add me! caramelsilver

Three Sentence Fic-A-Thon has 2280 comments! Isn't that just amazing?
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Title: Always a Con-Artist
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Anastasia
Pairing: Anya/Dmitri
Rating: PG
Word count: 500

Summary: He wasn't sure what she had expected. For them to settle down? For him to have one honest job, where he would work all day to pay for their shitty apartment? Deep down she probably knew that could never last long, and it didn't.

AN: Thank you [ profile] be_themoon for the beta. You rock.

God, he loved this woman )
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Title: An Unsuccessful Snatch
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Anastasia
Pairing: Anya/Dmitri
Rating: PG
Word count: 495

Summary: Anya and Dmitri have a game they play.

AN: All hail [ profile] be_themoon and her answer to my three sentence fic prompt which made me write this: Anastasia, Anya/Dimitri, honour among thieves. Also she's an awesome beta. Thank you, B.

An Unsuccessful Snatch )
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So, I'm turning 19 in two days. I'm not too old to feel giddy in anticipation of my birthday, am I? And I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my MacBook!

Hopefully I'll get some money for my bday too, so I can buy my parents some Christmas presents, because I'm really short on cash. I'm going to start looking for a job in January. (I need to start saving money for London June 2010!)

You should totally go and read [ profile] be_themoon's awesome Doctor Who/Narnia fic: Whose Other Side Is Salvation

Some awesome three sentence fics you need to read:

[ profile] turkeyish wrote Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund, England and cigarettes.

[ profile] grim_lupine wrote Anastasia, Dmitri, the best con artist in town

[ profile] almostinstinct wrote Gossip Girl, Chuck/Serena, ties and alchohol.

And [ profile] be_themoon wrote (absolutely awesome): (Which inspired me to write a 500 long ficlet, which I'll post later this week, hopefully.) Anastasia, Anya/Dimitri, honour among thieves.


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