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Also, I now LOVE River Song and I clap with glee and squee every time she shows up in an episode. Let's Kill Hitler was marvellous! Also, Rory. Just all the awards to this bamf.
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I'm having all these thoughts that are fandom related, and I always forget to put them into a post, so here's what I've been thinking about lately:

First of all: If you are going to read only one auto-biography this year, then it HAS to be Tina Fey's Bossypants! It's the funniest book I have EVER read! It trumps everything. It's funnier than Good Omens. I was reading it on my way home from London, and I was sitting at Gatwick Airport, with people sitting around me. And I know how annoying it is when people laugh at something and you don't know what it is, but I just couldn't help myself. I was literally laughing out loud. Loudly! I had to stop reading, to cover my face, and laugh. I laughed so much that the lady sitting beside me asked: "So you recommend it then?" And I said: "Yes, so very much. It's really, really funny." And she said: "Yeah, I can see that."

You may think you are the most awesome woman in the world, and I'm not saying that you aren't really bloody awesome, because of course you are!, but Tina Fey is head bitch of awesome forever! Bow down to your queen. Her book is amazing. It's empowering, and just plain inspiring. It makes you want to be a better woman just so you can impress her. READ IT! You will not regret it.

2. Doctor Who mid-season six spoilers! )

3. If you are thinking about signing up for the Narnia Fic Exchange you have to do it now. Because it closes tonight. But even if you don't sign-up, don't go away, because we have planned a Narnia Summer of Awesome, where lots of things will happen and everyone will have fun. Promise!

4. Love Never Dies is apparently closing this August, so now I'm even more pleased that I managed to catch it while in London! Still super happy that I got to see David and Ramin.

5. Speaking of David Thaxton. How much do I want him to play Enjorlas in the Les Miserables movie that are in pre-production now? SO FREAKING MUCH! PLEASE UNIVERSE, MAKE IT SO! MAKE IT SO!
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You know what I just realised!? The midseason finale of Doctor Who will air while I'm in London! I get to watch it live when it airs! OMG! Someone has a date with a hotel bed, Ben and Jerry's ice-cream at... when does it air? 6 pm?
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I did well on my Norwegian exam today, and now I have a week off, where three of those days will be spent in London.

We had summer weather today, so when I came home from my work out, I slipped on my bikini and got some sun and read a book. It was lovely!

I have discovered something... I think I ship Matt Smith and Karen Gillan! Like a lot people! Maybe more than I ship Eleven/Amy... And what's even more distressing is that there's almost no fic. How can there be no fic? THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! This is kind of distressing for me, because I don't do RPF. But I can't help myself, I just can't. So please fandom, produce some more fic! (Here, have this awesome, lovely, the best out of the three fics I found, Matt/Karen fic: your plus one by [ profile] th_esaurus. I love the way this is written, and they way she wrote Matt.)

[ profile] narniaexchange [ profile] narniaexchange [ profile] narniaexchange [ profile] narniaexchange
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Meme from [ profile] asphyxiational: If you want to do this meme, comment with "HEY ASS-BUTT" and I'll pick seven of your interests for you to explain in a new post.

She chose these seven things:

david tennant, draco/ginny, mock the week, twilight, noah puckerman, frankie boyle and genderfuck )

The Narnia Fic Exchange 2010 is starting sign-ups soon. PIMP IT!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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It's Eurovision Song Contest time again, and this year it's Norway who's hosting it! Since we won last year with Alexander Rybak and his song Fairytale, Norway is hosting it at Telenor Arena which is coincidently the home field of my favorite football team. So if you are planning on watching the final on Saturday, look around the stadium and think "Huh, this is the place where Norway's most awesome football team usually play!"

I am what you'd call a closet fan of Eurovision. I mock it relentlessly, but really, I love it in all it's cheesiness. It's just a thing that I have to watch each year, bad costumes and awful English included. So on Saturday, I'm gonna make a bowl of popcorn and mix up some awesome drinks and me, my brother and his girlfriend are going to laugh, get drunk and have an awesome time. While also admiring NRK's great production. Cause we Norwegians are not competitive at all, but clearly, we do everything better than everyone else. /and people say we're obsessed with winning and being the best, *pissh*/

And this might just be my patriotism showing, but I watched the semifinals today and man... I think we might have a shot at doing well this year too. Our song is really good, our guy can actually sing, he's studying opera.(Link: My Heart is Yours) Not that we actually want to win, since dude, this hosting thing is rather expensive, and well- For the last three weeks Stabæk has had to play in Oslo because the Eurovison circus has been STEALING OUR STADIUM! We do not want that for next year, thank you very much!

If any of you Doctor Who fans out there wants to watch the Confidential's, give me a pm and I'll send you a link to the place I found. It's really great to see all that cool stuff that happens back stage.
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I am almost finished with my new fic. It got really long, but I'm really pleased with it.

I have also been watching tv the last two weeks, but I can't seem to formulate an interesting post about it. Doctor Who: I agree with the jacket!theory (I actually a 100% sure that this is true! Tell me what you think?). Also, I will never get tired of the forehead touching! (Look at my awesome new icon!)

Supernatural, since I'm really not all that invested in this show I'm just enjoying the ride. And I'm really loving both Sam and Castiel at the moment.

Glee, oh Glee! Why did you go and break my shipper heart like that? JESSE! (Does this mean that he is actually legit?) Hopefully this will fuel more fic, though. (Yes, I totally have my priorities in order!) I also adored almost all the songs. Total Eclipse of the Heart and Run, Joey Run is going on repeat in my head.

Awesome Rachel/Jesse fic is awesome: a season ticket on a one-way ride by [ profile] marketchippie
they are talented and attractive and life should be their musical—but only if they get a set that doesn’t suck.

(I think I might end up writing a Jesse/Rachel fic... Maybe, possibly...)
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So four episodes of the new series of Doctor Who has aired and I'm so far very pleased.

Meta thoughts under the cut: Spoilers for all four episodes of the new series! )

One last thing: Matt Smith is sexy, you all! I was not expecting to feel this way, because he does not look it on pictures. But the way he acts and moves and talks, I just... guh! He's also the first Doctor that I can see having sex. I though David Tennant was sex on a stick, but I could never imagine Ten having sex. Not even with Rose, and I shipped that! But him and Amy? I can see it.

Totally random: Did he bite her? Cause I totally missed that the first time around. Still, that scene was kinda hot.
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I have become a total football nerd. Or, no, that's not quite right, I'm only a nerd for my team. I don't give a fuck about the rest of the teams, only that we beat them. My team- Stabæk Fotball- is our local team and I have been a fan since I was five or something. But it's only lately that I have started getting passionate about it. My brother is a total football-idiot and I guess I caught his enthusiasm, or something. All I know is that I have never had more fun than I did on Sunday when I stood among the other supporters and sang, yelled and jumped throughout the match. And it's real fun to have something to do with my brother, just the two of us.

My point is that I'm probably gonna go watch the match they are playing tomorrow too, even though my brother can't come with me. I'm gonna take my dad instead.


I worked out yesterday, even though I felt like crap. I was all dizzy and stuff. So I went to bed real early and slept through the night. Still, I felt really bad this morning, so I skipped my morning class and slept some more. I feel better now, but not great. I'm all dizzy, and I'm cold and sweaty. Yuck. I have to go to school tomorrow though. We are going to oversee the Parliament Question Hour, the Prime Minister will be there and everything! I hope it will be fun.

On Thursday I have a history test. I'm feeling pretty confident that it will go well. And on Friday I have a presentation about the Norwegian National Anthem "Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet" which translates to: Yes, we love this country. I'm sure that will go well, too.


I have finally gotten around to watch the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who and all I have to say is: AWESOME! I'm really liking Matt Smith and his Doctor. I love his energy and the way he talk. I like that he is a bit arrogant, but still very kind. I also adored the way Amy was introduced. And shit, I think I ship it already. In a non-caring way, if you know what I mean? Not liking his clothes, though! But he has a great presence which makes me forget his stupid clothes, half the time.

I can't wait to watch the next episode. But that will have to be tomorrow or... Friday actually. Don't have time until Friday. It's all very new this, not having time for fandom. I think I might like it =D
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Title: The Long Path
Erased by: [ profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 | Unless
Fandom: Doctor Who

Come with me
I can't. It's just
he left. She mattered.

The first to turn down an offer
Amazing Grace
Still, there was past disappointments in the universe

people dressed as yelling
representation and rights.
One man asked, «This wouldn't be about chance?»
It's about being controlled by an ocean
liberty sighed
forgotten surperior act.
Pity about the rejection
revolting against Time

Suddenly, a tall man in an overcoat
That was definitively possible
his inferno
his redemption
He had to, by order
I request an invasion

Please yourself.
You should know that
I'm your future
I got saved from the clockwork
and met a horse.

Take the easy path now to waste

Nice man, him
Not stunningly handsome but

He opened the door, turned around
you'd never make it back
What are you even doing here

I've been traveling for years
Don't you remember?

A minute to talk to myself
and he closed the doors
her stunned face
must have gotten
far off course
in the wrong time?

He rushed out
It's been so long
I took the long path
but I'm here
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Interest meme.

Answer this post and I'll give you seven of your interest that you can talk about.

[ profile] lizzie_marie_23 gave me these:

See I should probably actually remove this from my interest list... See, I've tried to like coffee, I really wanted to like it, but unless it has chocolate and whipped cream and an unhealthy amount of sugar in it I don't. (Seriously, it can almost not be called coffee when I'm done with it. More like hot chocolate with coffee flavour.) Iced Coffee on the other hand is yummy.

King Edmund the Just
Edmund Pevensie! Now if you have spent any amount of time on my journal you must surely know how much I love this character. He is possibly my favourite fictional character of all time and I just love him. Whenever I start writing a Narnia fic he is my default pov. Whenever I make up an original character I always steal some of his characteristics. And in my head he smokes. Sorry, yeah, I know it's a nasty habit. In RL I'm the most vocal anti nicotine person you'll ever meet. Just ask my BFF. She had a period where she smoked during parties and I didn't even need to say anything, she could just see that I was going to complain about it by my facial expression. And she'd be all "DON'T SAY IT!" So yeah, Edmund Pevensie post Narnia is a smoker. And I can't help it if I find that kind of hot.

If it was a sport, I would be a champion! Sleeping is possibly my favourite thing to do in the world. (Don't want to know what that says about me.) I love to sleep. I love to dream. My dreams are the most awesome thing ever and the best thing about it is that I mostly remember them too.

Frankie Boyle
I won't deny it, I have a serious comedy fangirl crush on this man. He is the funniest man ever and I love him so fucking much. It's a combination of how he genuinely doesn't give a shit, his awesome accent, his crazy floral shirts and snazzy suits, and his smirk. I can't help it, I think he is sexy. See gif:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And you know the fact that he is too fucking funny for words. I think the fact that I have three icons dedicated to this man shows somewhat my feelings on this topic?

To top this off, here have a Youtube video to show you how great and funny he is:


I sometimes draw. If you want to see the things I posted to my journal just click my fanart tag. I'm not very good, but when I was sick it was very therapeutic. I unfortunately don't draw much any more. Maybe I'll do some more soon...

Who wouldn't want the most awesome spaceship/time-travel machine in the history of forever? She belongs to the Doctor. 'Nuff said.

My only slash pairing in the history of forever. And when I went to write fic about them I turned Kirk into a girl. That's how much of a slash virgin I am. But I just came out of the movie going... THEY ARE SO IN LOVE! I was so expecting seeing the sparks between Kirk and Spock cause that what fandom history taught me. But then I saw the movie and they are bff's who love each other! Also, Karl Urban is possibly one of he hottest men ever. See picspam posted last summer.
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So yeah, I'm back. As I'm sure you've noticed by the two big ass posts I just posted. You may also have guessed that I'm some what of a control freak. Those posts are honestly more for my benefit than they are for yours.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Let's hope 2010 will be a good year. I can honestly say that 2009 has been the best year I've had in four years. Not that it takes much to beat 2005, 2007 and 2008 (we do not talk about 2006, it was that bad!)

Question: What will you call 2010? Are you going to say two thousand and ten or twenty ten? I think I'll use both.

New Year Resolutions:

- Go to London.
- Finish 12th grade.
- Get a B in English, History and Philosophy, Sociology and Socialanthropology, and Norwegian oral.
- Read 40 books.
- Write 3 fics that has a word count of at least 10 000 words.
- Write one original story.

I always make new year resolutions, even if I never keep them. As you can see here, most of them are fun and things I know I can do, and one is something I have to work at, which is good. I love making lists and goals and love it when I'm able to tick them off one by one. I think goals are good, even if you don't reach them. Just having them is a step in the right direction.

Aaaghhh! I want to watch Doctor Who the End of Time soooo badly! But I have to shake myself and remind myself that it's 23.50 and I have to go to bed! Not stay up and watch Doctor Who. I can do that tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow: I have a dentist appointment. If it wasn't so damn early, 08.15, then I wouldn't mind it at all. I don't think there's anything wrong with my teeth this time.

I bought another year of paid account on LJ. I'm so not ready for ads and lesser icon space. But I do think I'm going to shuffle my icons around and get some new ones. I desperately need an icon of Peter and Edmund, and I think I want a Supernatural icon too... Any suggestions to where to look?

Did everyone have a nice New Years Eve? I had an awesome time. It was cold and it snowed and we went out to watch the fireworks. Afterward we had an epic snow fight which my dad lost spectacularly. You know, never start a snow fight with kids, they don't understand the meaning of no.
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The Three Sentence Fic-a-Thon is still going strong. If you haven't joined yet, I strongly urge you to. It's very low commitment, you can leave a prompt and you don't even have to fill another (though that would be nice.)

Here's the ones I've filled so far. I hope there will come more prompts with fandoms I actually know. It's great that there's such a diversity, but I know nothing of anime so I can't fill any of those prompts.

This got a little long so I cut it. Under the cut there's 3 Narnia, 1 Doctor Who, 1 Charmed, and 1 Supernatural. )

If you want to see what prompts I've posted that hasn't been filled yet, go here.
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Today on [ profile] comment_fic the theme is three sentence fic. Here's what I wrote:

Gilmore Girls, Rory & Lorelai, Rory starting nursery:

She looked back at her daughter, just before the gate closed and couldn't help but cry a little. It was hard to leave Rory alone among people she didn't know, but it had to be done. She was old enough now, and Lorelai had to work to support them both.

Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy, growing up:

It took her a while, but she finally discovered that there was a freedom in being a child again. She was free to do whatever she wanted, because nothing was expected of her. She realised that she was free to have a childhood, something she had not been free to have the first time around.

Veronica Mars, Weevil, a hundred dollar bill:

The bill was clean and crisp as he followed it as the hand holding it moved it from side to side alluringly in front of his face. Weevil licked his lips and and made a move to take the hundred dollar bill; but the hand yanked it away.

"So what do you say, wanna do me a solid?" the girl asked and he nodded as he grabbed the money.

Doctor Who, Jenny, running

It was the strongest impulse in her body, to run, to never stand still. No matter where she was, after awhile, the need to leave made her antsy and in the end she always obliged the urge. The funny thing was that she was never sure of what she was running from.
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Today I want to talk tv shows. First off, I saw the new Doctor Who episode Waters of Mars and holy shit on a stick!! How awesome was that?

spoilers for Waters of Mars )

Then I want to talk about Supernatural. I've really gotten into it. Not that I've watched all that many episodes. I started watching season 1 and I have watched almost all of season 1 and then I watched some of season 2 and season 3, but then I was told about the angels and I jumped to season 4. Cause angles are awesome! So I watched the end of season 4 so I could watch the new episodes. spoilers for season five of Supernatural ) And since this is a new shiny fandom I have of course gone to read fic. I find the amount of slash turns me off a little and I found out an other disturbing thing about my self: I don't mind Sam/Dean, but only when Sam is a girl.

... Yes. Seems like genderfuck really is one of my kinks.

But if you want wonderful dark, angsty well written Supernatural fic then I suggest you go over and read [ profile] tigriswolf and read her fics. They are absolutely amazing. (If you dig out her charmed tag there's some amazing Chris and Wyatt fics there too.)

On How I Met Your Mother: Terribly, terribly disappointed. Spoilers for 5.7: The Rough Patch )

The Big Bang Theory: If it wasn't for the total awesomeness that is Sheldon Cooper this season would have been total shit. Break up L/P and we might get our old great show back.

What shows are you watching these days?


May. 8th, 2009 12:03 am
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I've been watching a lot of tv shows lately (thank god for internet streaming!) I've worked my way through Dr. Who, How I met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Right now I'm watching the second season of Weeds. I started watching Supernatural, but stopped since it was a little too serious for me right now. I need something funny. I'm watching this to relax. But all this tv watching have off course resulted in me shipping new pairings:


And I'm not sure about Weeds yet.

<------------see my cool icon? This post is just an excuse to use it! *grins*


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