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May. 14th, 2010 08:40 pm
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I cried. A lot.

spoilers )

Boys!! &hearts &hearts &hearts
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Title: The Devil's Luck
Erased by: [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [livejournal.com profile] sgrio | With Cast Iron Blood
Fandom: Supernatural

for him when he arrived
all sharp edges and
booted foot on graveyard earth.
He held up the gun,
open the damn gate, or your brother spends eternity in Hell
Your choice.

the gate was open and
pressing hands
he was in Hell
he fell
You had to fall into blood.

The air was thick with sulfur and smoke
was black and grey,
mud and rock for miles.
clouds, black and roiling
above washed-out landscape.

It was easy to lose in Hell
no sun, no sky, for that matter.
He counted.
five hundred and fifty three
five hundred and twelve
a man came.

The Devil
out here was no trouble
you came all the way down here?
he could fix everything and save his brother
for eternity he stopped

turned to himself «I want my brother,»
he smiled a little; you can deal
the Crossroads came screaming and
his brother died for the world’s stupidest deal
killed one and damned both

his brother steeled himself, fixed a deal
I got this gun
I got this gun
let him go

There’s fire and knives and pain
I promise
The Devil watched and there was sympathy


give me the gun

the pocket of graceless magic that had to be
worth a soul

dear God, shoot the Devil

and a smile flitted across
A smile curled across

he looked up from the gun,
You would go to Hell for your brother
Something curled in his gut

went to hell, pulled him out

fire my two hands

legions under my control
I know you

this once
They had the Devil’s luck
Just this once.
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The Three Sentence Fic-a-Thon is still going strong. If you haven't joined yet, I strongly urge you to. It's very low commitment, you can leave a prompt and you don't even have to fill another (though that would be nice.)

Here's the ones I've filled so far. I hope there will come more prompts with fandoms I actually know. It's great that there's such a diversity, but I know nothing of anime so I can't fill any of those prompts.

This got a little long so I cut it. Under the cut there's 3 Narnia, 1 Doctor Who, 1 Charmed, and 1 Supernatural. )

If you want to see what prompts I've posted that hasn't been filled yet, go here.
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Today I want to talk tv shows. First off, I saw the new Doctor Who episode Waters of Mars and holy shit on a stick!! How awesome was that?

spoilers for Waters of Mars )

Then I want to talk about Supernatural. I've really gotten into it. Not that I've watched all that many episodes. I started watching season 1 and I have watched almost all of season 1 and then I watched some of season 2 and season 3, but then I was told about the angels and I jumped to season 4. Cause angles are awesome! So I watched the end of season 4 so I could watch the new episodes. spoilers for season five of Supernatural ) And since this is a new shiny fandom I have of course gone to read fic. I find the amount of slash turns me off a little and I found out an other disturbing thing about my self: I don't mind Sam/Dean, but only when Sam is a girl.

... Yes. Seems like genderfuck really is one of my kinks.

But if you want wonderful dark, angsty well written Supernatural fic then I suggest you go over and read [livejournal.com profile] tigriswolf and read her fics. They are absolutely amazing. (If you dig out her charmed tag there's some amazing Chris and Wyatt fics there too.)

On How I Met Your Mother: Terribly, terribly disappointed. Spoilers for 5.7: The Rough Patch )

The Big Bang Theory: If it wasn't for the total awesomeness that is Sheldon Cooper this season would have been total shit. Break up L/P and we might get our old great show back.

What shows are you watching these days?


May. 8th, 2009 12:03 am
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I've been watching a lot of tv shows lately (thank god for internet streaming!) I've worked my way through Dr. Who, How I met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Right now I'm watching the second season of Weeds. I started watching Supernatural, but stopped since it was a little too serious for me right now. I need something funny. I'm watching this to relax. But all this tv watching have off course resulted in me shipping new pairings:


And I'm not sure about Weeds yet.

<------------see my cool icon? This post is just an excuse to use it! *grins*
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I promised [profile] vagabond_pixie  that I'd start watching Supernatural and tonight I had plenty of time, so I did. Then after the first minutes of the first episode I decided to make a email to Kay, squeeing while watching. This is the result. Thought I'd post it here, since my LJ has been kinda boring lately. Spoilers ahoy!

Episode 1: Pilot

OMG! The angst levels in this is sooo good! Angsty past, denial of ones true destiny! I LOVE IT )

Episode 2: Wendigo

The brothers' hitting each other all the time is adorable. )

Episode 3: Dead In th
e Water


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