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After Gilmore Girls and the Rory/Logan ship, so was Harry Potter and Draco/Ginny my first fandom. It was the fandom I wrote my first fics in (if you look, you'll find them, but I won't link you because it's horrible stuff. Really, truly, horrible stuff. All my D/G fics are truly crap.) But time flies and you move on from one fandom and into others.

But the last week I’ve been going on a Draco/Ginny fic reading spree. And to do so I’ve just checked out old rec list, and I’ve realised that the Harry Potter fandom is getting… if not exactly old (there are after all much older fandoms), but oldish. There are so many links that are broken, fics that have been taken down, authors who have deleted everything and vanished, old “classics” of the fandom, gone forever! And that makes me sad!

But it has also been really fun. I’ve read fics that was written in the Great Gap between GoF and OotP! Fics where Ginnys name is thought to be Virginia, and it’s so annoying that I almost can’t handle it. Fics with tropes that was new and fresh in the 00s, that are old and used up now, but so good and all that I want. (Arranged marriage fics 4evah!!!)

But it makes me wonder, all these dead links, and silent forums… Is the D/G fandom dead? Is the fandom producing new things? Are there new “classics” that should be read? Does anybody know?

Rec me your favorite Draco/Ginny fic!!


Jun. 16th, 2012 02:41 pm
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So I wrote another Cabaret fic. I don't really know why, except for the fact that it lodged in my brain and I had to write it.

I'm half way through A Dance With Dragons, and I'm very anxious to finish, just so I can be up to speed. But the people in this book is being stupid. So stupid.

I went and saw RENT on Thursday. It was the same people who did Cabaret, and they were marvellous. So incredibly great. This time it was all in Norwegian and it was awesome. I love musicals.
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Thanks to Remix I have finished writing something this year! I am so happy and proud of myself. Of course, it's utter shit, and I'll have to redo it later, but right now I'll just sit here and be happy with myself.
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I got stung by a wasp today. I haven't gotten stung since I was nine. I'm seriously pissed. I'm the calmest person when it comes to wasp. I don't scream, I don't run away or wave my hands about. Then it goes and fucking stings my hand.

Drive by rec:

tu es la belle et moi la bête
Inception, R, 5000 words, Arthur/Eames.
Eames laughs and says, “Right, sure, I’m acting like a dog. Of course.”

“No,” Ariadne says. “Really.” She looks serious. Arthur and Cobb look serious too. Everyone looks so serious and Eames just kind of wants them to smile and maybe throw something for him. Failing that, Cobb could just pay him his share already so Eames can get out of here and bury it somewhere safe.

Eames backtracks and reexamines that thought.

Why you should read it: Because it's the funniest fic I've ever read. It had me howling with laughter. So, so funny. Read it, no matter what your shipping preference is. It's that good. And funny.

Have you read any good Inception fic lately that you'd like to share with me? Rec away, my friends.
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- So it's summer. I am tan.

- I have two fics to write. One of them is nearly done.

- [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 is finally home, and I'm rejoicing!

- Football: The worldcup has been on, and I couldn't give more of a shit. Since Norway didn't qualify (we weren't even CLOSE to qualifying, cause our team is shit.) I don't have a reason to watch. I think watching football on the TV is very boring. BUT, I am rooting for Germany, because of [ profile] ayascyte who does care. (With reason too!)

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So you might have guessed it by my recent posting of fic, but my summer holiday has finally begun! Until August 18 I'm free as a bird and can do whatever I like! First I'm going to our cabin from Sunday to Friday next week. (I told my dad that I refused to go until I got to watch the Doctor Who finale, so we're leaving Sunday afternoon.)

Then on July 18th I'm going to Bergen, which is a city in the west on the other side of the country, to watch Stabæk, my football team play Brann, Bergen's football team. It will be a one day trip, and we'll spend a lot of time on a bus, but it will be so much fun. Plus, I've never been to Bergen before, so fingers crossed for good weather.

Then the last weekend of July my entire family is going to Tromsø, a city in the north, to visit family and... watch Stabæk play Tromsø. Yeah, told you I've become a complete football nut. We're going to fly, since it's so far north, so that will be fun as well.

From August 2-8 I'll be camp leader on Confirmation camp. I practically can't wait. It will be the highlight of my summer.


Speaking of my recent fic: I made the most embarrassing error ever. A reviewer just pointed out to me that Rachel Berry, being jewish and all, probably wouldn't celebrate Christmas. I can't believe I made that mistake, and now I don't know what to do. Should I change the fic? Leave it as is, or stick an apology at the top? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Other than that, writing Jesse/Rachel fic is just so much fun.

I also realized that I had a [ profile] femgenficathon fic that I hadn't even started on, so I banged out a thousand words last night. I really have my writing mojo back, and it feels great. Not quite sure of the quality of this fic though. It's an Anastasia fic and... not sure if I've done it right. Might come begging for help later.


I finished reading Generation Kill and it was fantastic and horrible all at the same time. War really fascinates me, but god it's awful.

I bought the series too, and so far I've watched 4 episodes. I'm really enjoying the series. Alexander Skarsgård is as hot as ever.

It's just one thing that annoys me to no end: These are soldiers, they should not use each others first name!! Whenever someone calls Colbert "Brad" it really grinds my gears. Soldiers use last names only, it's just the way it's done. Just ask my best friend who has gone by her last name for the last year!
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I am almost finished with my new fic. It got really long, but I'm really pleased with it.

I have also been watching tv the last two weeks, but I can't seem to formulate an interesting post about it. Doctor Who: I agree with the jacket!theory (I actually a 100% sure that this is true! Tell me what you think?). Also, I will never get tired of the forehead touching! (Look at my awesome new icon!)

Supernatural, since I'm really not all that invested in this show I'm just enjoying the ride. And I'm really loving both Sam and Castiel at the moment.

Glee, oh Glee! Why did you go and break my shipper heart like that? JESSE! (Does this mean that he is actually legit?) Hopefully this will fuel more fic, though. (Yes, I totally have my priorities in order!) I also adored almost all the songs. Total Eclipse of the Heart and Run, Joey Run is going on repeat in my head.

Awesome Rachel/Jesse fic is awesome: a season ticket on a one-way ride by [ profile] marketchippie
they are talented and attractive and life should be their musical—but only if they get a set that doesn’t suck.

(I think I might end up writing a Jesse/Rachel fic... Maybe, possibly...)

meh day

Apr. 11th, 2010 11:46 pm
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Today has been a crappy day! And the worst part is that there's no one huge thing that has made it so. I guess I just woke up today and everything felt a bit off. I also got scratched in the face by my four-year-old cousin. It bloody hurts. And he got all pissy when I told him off, too. Oh well. To cheer myself up, I changed my layout. I am insanely happy with it, because I have chosen my favorite Max Manus picture as my header. Finally the layout of my LJ scream me. The layout (except the header picture) is made my [ profile] scholarslayouts. You should really go check out her stuff. It's absolutely gorgeous. I believe my last... three layouts have been made by her.

I wrote fic yesterday:

fragment of a name; Supernatual; pg; Sam Winchester; pre-series.
Sam Winchester had never been just Sam Winchester. He had never been that boy living in the house on the corner, you know the one dear. He had never been, get off my lawn, boy! And keep your grubby hands off my apples! He had never had to stand sweaty in front of his neighbour's door, afraid to ask for the cup of sugar his mother needed to bake a pie. Sam Winchester had never experienced any of these things.
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These have also been posted at the main Lingua Franca post, but I'm making one here too, because, a) this is eating my brain and I need to organize it, b) PEOPLE HAVE WRITTEN FOR MY SHOW and you need to read it, and c) I am shameless, so I'm pimping my fics again.

Fanfic written by me:

Lemon Tea; John is pissed because their rooms aren't ready and Liv got everything under control, except for the damn lemon tea.

A Conversation of Magnitude; (Liv/Christian) Christian's problems at home is resulting in him shouting at innocent people. Liv demands to know what is going on.

Three Sentence Fics written by other people:

Lingua Franca, Melanie & Jenna, girl power written by [ profile] minkhollow

Lingua Franca, John Hawthorne, better than anyone written by [ profile] ayascythe
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1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

PROMPT: (given by [ profile] be_themoon) a story about international diplomats and the fragile relationships they build.

I love the fact that Betsy said international because then I could slip in some Norwegians. Both the Norwegian characters are played by Norwegian actors.

The relationships between diplomats are fragile ones. Friendships are good, but the good of ones country always comes first. In Lingua Franca we follow four diplomats and their assistants as they try and make the world a better place.

Series: 5 episodes per season.
Movie-length episodes.

Lingua Franca )
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I am totally obsessing about Glee. I've listened to the soundtrack non-stop all day. Except for the awesome music in my ear, my day generally sucked, so the first thing I did when I came home was to read some awesome Puck/Rachel fic to cheer myself up.

Glee: Puck/Rachel fic recs:

A Tale That Can't Be Told by [ profile] waldorph; See, the thing is? Now there's a baby, and college, and shit. and a mini sequel with no name, which I have decided to call If Rachel Berry wants peace in the Middle East, there WILL be peace in the Middle East

if you know you can’t beat them, then by [ profile] ohladybegood Someone has been spreading the rumor that Puck is the new Defender of the Weak, and he is NOT pleased:"“You’re like Narnia,” Artie tells him one day, trying to look all pathetic just because he’s in a wheelchair. “On the outside you’re this big, scary cupboard but once you go inside—wham. It’s a dream-world of magic.”"

And one about Kurt. This one has his voice down pat: The Ones that Entertain also by [ profile] waldorph Kurt? Is going to make this fabulous

I am listening to Sweet Caroline on repeat, because listening to Puck sing my name in his sexy voice makes me feel better.
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So yeah, I'm back. As I'm sure you've noticed by the two big ass posts I just posted. You may also have guessed that I'm some what of a control freak. Those posts are honestly more for my benefit than they are for yours.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Let's hope 2010 will be a good year. I can honestly say that 2009 has been the best year I've had in four years. Not that it takes much to beat 2005, 2007 and 2008 (we do not talk about 2006, it was that bad!)

Question: What will you call 2010? Are you going to say two thousand and ten or twenty ten? I think I'll use both.

New Year Resolutions:

- Go to London.
- Finish 12th grade.
- Get a B in English, History and Philosophy, Sociology and Socialanthropology, and Norwegian oral.
- Read 40 books.
- Write 3 fics that has a word count of at least 10 000 words.
- Write one original story.

I always make new year resolutions, even if I never keep them. As you can see here, most of them are fun and things I know I can do, and one is something I have to work at, which is good. I love making lists and goals and love it when I'm able to tick them off one by one. I think goals are good, even if you don't reach them. Just having them is a step in the right direction.

Aaaghhh! I want to watch Doctor Who the End of Time soooo badly! But I have to shake myself and remind myself that it's 23.50 and I have to go to bed! Not stay up and watch Doctor Who. I can do that tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow: I have a dentist appointment. If it wasn't so damn early, 08.15, then I wouldn't mind it at all. I don't think there's anything wrong with my teeth this time.

I bought another year of paid account on LJ. I'm so not ready for ads and lesser icon space. But I do think I'm going to shuffle my icons around and get some new ones. I desperately need an icon of Peter and Edmund, and I think I want a Supernatural icon too... Any suggestions to where to look?

Did everyone have a nice New Years Eve? I had an awesome time. It was cold and it snowed and we went out to watch the fireworks. Afterward we had an epic snow fight which my dad lost spectacularly. You know, never start a snow fight with kids, they don't understand the meaning of no.
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I watched Anastasia twice on Sunday. Once in English and then in Norwegian. While John Cusack's voice is terribly sexy and perfect for Dmitri, I think Dmitri's Norwegian voice will always be Dmitri to me. On the subject of Anastasia, I'm working on another fic (yes! another fic!) but it's just not working with me.

It's been a while since I asked, and I've gotten a few more friends since then: do any of you have AIM? If yes, add me! caramelsilver

Three Sentence Fic-A-Thon has 2280 comments! Isn't that just amazing?
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So, I'm turning 19 in two days. I'm not too old to feel giddy in anticipation of my birthday, am I? And I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my MacBook!

Hopefully I'll get some money for my bday too, so I can buy my parents some Christmas presents, because I'm really short on cash. I'm going to start looking for a job in January. (I need to start saving money for London June 2010!)

You should totally go and read [ profile] be_themoon's awesome Doctor Who/Narnia fic: Whose Other Side Is Salvation

Some awesome three sentence fics you need to read:

[ profile] turkeyish wrote Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund, England and cigarettes.

[ profile] grim_lupine wrote Anastasia, Dmitri, the best con artist in town

[ profile] almostinstinct wrote Gossip Girl, Chuck/Serena, ties and alchohol.

And [ profile] be_themoon wrote (absolutely awesome): (Which inspired me to write a 500 long ficlet, which I'll post later this week, hopefully.) Anastasia, Anya/Dimitri, honour among thieves.
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Narnia fandom really has two fandoms. If you don’t believe me, then you are not in the Narnia fandom. It took me awhile to understand this and it took me even a longer time to get to terms with this. As a reader I think it’s great, but as a writer it makes me very frustrated because I don’t know which camp I’m in. Let me explain:

There is the original fandom on, the fandom that write fics based on the books and their fics are nice and pretty sugary. With straight off battles and the good people are good and the bad people are bad, and there are not many grey-zones. There’s no… meta in their fics. Here, Peter is a nice guy, and Lucy has never been drunk in her life. You get my drift.

Then there is the fandom that sprung up after the movies came out, on LJ. They talk and interpret and are not satisfied with the Narnia C.S Lewis wrote about. They talk politics, economy, law and how it really would be to rule a country. Their fics are magnificent.

Why is this relevant? Because I have a confession to make: I am really struggling with my Narnia fics. I don’t know which part I’m part of anymore. One part of me wants to keep writing fluffy pieces because I don’t want to offend my old Narnia friends and my beta, and the other part just want to say screw it and stop posting my stuff on ffnet. Because I really feel that my recent fics (An Art to It and For Duty’s Sake) really clash with what they want over at ffnet.

And what’s the main thing that’s holding me back is my beta. She’s brilliant! I admire and fangirl her so much (you have no idea how happy I was when she offered to beta for me!) but I feel that my view of the characters has changed so much from her view of the characters. (I blame [ profile] bedlamsbard ) I’m actually really considering changing beta because it’s really cramping my writing and I feel so horrible!

So what I’m working up to say is this: I have been writing this fic for awhile now (it was supposed to be for the [ profile] femgenficathon)

(and it’s really, really not going to fit well over at ffnet, and I’m not sure if my beta is going to like it and I don’t want her to have to beta this bigass fic that she essentially don’t like, so… )

But the thing is that I’m stuck! And I’ve also lost the second chapter when my comp. died. And… would any of you like to just read it and give me some reactionary comments? Not a fullblown beta, don’t need that just yet, I just need to know that what people think and maybe make some comments on if you think the characters are acting like they should and stuff?

Okay this was rambly and confusing. But it was nice to get that off my chest at least.

Also, read my semi-meta on why I don’t like Peter/Susan.

HBP notes:

Nov. 19th, 2009 12:32 am
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I bought the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince dvd and saw it with my dad. I really really like this movie. I think it's great. Few things I noticed:

- Two dead rats have more chemistry than Harry and Ginny. God, those scenes were awful to watch.

- Cormac McLaggen is hot! (I want Cormac/Hermione fic! and I want it now! Sadly, it seems that fandom can't deliver on this one. I found one pretty nice one, but that's it. L'sigh- seems like I'm doomed to like the rarepairs.)

- I really like movie!Harry. He actually acts like a teenage boy. Fights with his mates and is sometimes arrogant. Yeah, I like it. Also, movie!Harry is funny.

- Draco Malfoy is brilliant in this movie. I love his emo suit of doom.

-I also noticed that Helena Bonham Carter was billed first after Emma Watson... What's up with that? Probably in her contract or something. Only way she would agree to come back for such a small part or something. Think I read that somewhere.

- For DH I really hope Matthew Lewis gets a billing.

Night my lovelies.
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*I finished the first draft of my genderfuck Star Trek Kirk-as-a-girl/McCoy fic. YAY me! I've been writing this fic since early June! So nice to finally have finished it.

*I so want to go see Peter Doherty 6th of December. I'm not really a huge fan, but I just really, really want to go. But the stupid thing is that all my friends who loves music is not old enough. (You have to be 18 to get in.) I think I'm gonna try and convince K to go with me, even though he might not like the music. It's TWO days before my birthday! Surely I can get him to come with me as an early birthday present?

*FIVE DAYS UNTIL LONDON, PEOPLE!! Can't fucking wait!!
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I'm feeling marginally better than I did last Wednesday. My stomach still hurt like a bitch, but I don't have the urge to vomit every time I eat something. I'm drinking lots of Coke since I've discovered that it keeps my stomach calm. I'm hoping that I'm better by Monday. I simply can't be sick any longer. God, I hate this.

I had to contact pinch hitters for the [ profile] narniaexchange yesterday. Two lovely ladies volunteered and I sent out the prompts last night. When I opened my inbox this morning one of the fics was already turned in! How's that for speedy pinch hitting?

Speaking of fanfiction. I don't seem to be able to write anymore! I dusted off an old fic, one who I pretty much know the plot of and tried to write some, but I'm simply unable to string sentences together to make it look like a story! Gah!

Instead I'm going to pimp some links at you:

The master list of this years [ profile] erasureathon has been posted. Go over there and read all the lovely poems that has come out of erasing fanfiction. It's simply gorgeous.

[profile] lizzie_marie_23 has been writing a Star Trek as Sense and Sensibility characters fic. Yeah... It's awesome and you should totally go read it here

And before the Narnia Fic Exchange 2009 starts posting, why don't go and read last years fics?

ETA:  Ha, see I lied. It's like I jinxed myself or something, because right after I posted this I got worse. Now I'm horribly nausous again. Managed to eat the lovely dinner my brother made me though.

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I'm writing fic!! And not the fic I should be writing (I should be writing my [ profile] narniaexchange fic!) But Star Trek fic. So I've decided that Kirk/McCoy? I SHIP IT! So then you all are asking, "So, C, are you writing your first Slash Fic then?" and the answer is no. I have no idea how it happened but I'm writing genderfuck fic where Kirk is a girl... Yeah. It was supposed to be short and sweet and smutty, but it's turned into two thousand words and it's threatening to develop a plot! I'm watching the movie again tonight so hopefully that will help me finish this fic and let me get back to my regular scheduled Narnia fic writing.

(Would anyone be interested in reading a girl!Kirk/McCoy fic?)

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Last night I was having trouble sleeping and started to wonder how all of you discovered fanfiction. And that made me think of how I did:

I found it through Gilmore Girls. Yes, you read that right. Gilmore Girls! It was 2005 and I was watching season 5 of Gilmore Girls on tv. (This is also my favorite season and I own in on dvd.) I was rapidly shipping Rory/Logan and found myself frustrated each time an episode was over and that I didn't get more. And since I live in Norway,  I knew that the episodes had already been aired in the US, so I went online to spoil myself and reassure myself that my ship was going to sail. (It did.) Then, on one fansite they had a link to a Gilmore Girls fanfiction site. And I was like, WHAT IS THIS? And I tentatively read a fic or two, and was kinda hooked. I read every R/L fic on that site and after wards went looking for more. That was when I found

But still for over a year all I read was Gilmore Girls fic. I knew that Harry Potter fic existed, but I refused to read it. A Harry Potter story not written by J.K Rowling? Not on my life would I read that. Then, on an episode of Pottercast, Melissa Anelli mentioned that she sometimes liked to read Draco/Ginny fic, and I was like... THAT MIGHT BE RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS! The first time I entered the Harry Potter section on ffnet, I was in Thailand. (I'm not shitting you! I paid for internet because I was going bonkers without checking my inbox.) I found a Draco/Ginny fic (I remember it was an arranged marriage fic and it's still on my favorites page even though I do not have the balls to read it again- it's probably crap.) and I never looked back. Still, the only HP fic I read is almost only D/G.

I was sold. It was a great new world, and I'm never leaving. It made me write. I never thought I liked to write until I discovered fanfiction. Now it's one of my greatest pleasures.

So I ask you, lovely flist. How did you find fanfiction?


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