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My mother and I have started watching the Borgias. We've watched the first four episodes of season one and I'm so in love. The relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia is mesmerizing me. I'm so freaking fascinated. I love them both, and I adore them together and I'm seriously, seriously shipping it so very very hard.

Even my mother said: "Aren't they siblings? He definitively isn't acting like she's his sister."

But just! GAH! I love them, it's so very bittersweet, and star-crossed soulmates and DOOOOOMED! I don't think I've ever actively shipped siblings before... (I don't mind it and I've read several incest fics before, but I haven't you know, really truly shipped it before!)

After I watched Lucrezia's Wedding (01.04), I spent half the night reading all the fic I could find, and most of it just makes me cry, because their love is so trueeeeeee! Ao3 has so much good fic, and I've sadly gone through it all already. If anyone wants to rec me fics I'll take it with gratitude :D
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While I was in London I managed to catch two musicals! We had planned to see Les Miserables and got tickets for that in advance. But Friday night I spontaneously decided to get a ticket for Love Never Dies. I had been thinking about it, of course, but I never made a decision before I left. I don’t have much of a relationship with The Phantom of the Oprah. I own the movie and like it well enough. The reason why Love Never Dies was the other musical I wanted to see was not because of the story, but because Ramin Karimloo plays the Phantom and David Thaxton plays Raoul and I really, really wanted to see both of them. Why? Because both Ramin Karimloo and David Thaxton has played Enjolras in Les Miserables! I saw Ramin in the 25th Anniversary concert, but have never seen David and he’s supposedly the best Enjolras ever. So I really wanted to see him!

And I did!

Oh wow! They were brilliant! Ramin has the most amazing voice, and when he went full force on Till I Hear You Sing, my goosebumps got goosebumps. And David, oh David! Not only is he incredibly yummy to look at, but he has such a presence on stage. Maybe it was just me, because he was fifty percent of the reason why I was there, but whenever he was on stage my eyes never left him. The scene when only Ramin and David was on stage was understandably my favorite. I just sat there and totally fangirled out inside my head.

SPOILERS for Love Never Dies )

Love Never Dies in of itself is not something awesome. It was good. I enjoyed myself immensely, and the sets and costumes and lighting was gorgeous. And my boys were brilliant! And that was the sole reason why I went, so I’m very, very happy.

On Thursday we, my brother and I, went to see Les Miserables. And that was a wonderful experience as well. Except for Simon Bowman as Valjean who was a bit of a disappointment, everyone were great. The cast is brilliant! I was actually mostly looking at them because they do a great job in the background. Master of the House and Lovely Ladies was really, really great. I don’t know who played the Pimp during Lovely Ladies, but he was truly mesmerizing to watch.

Killian Donnelly as Enjolras was marvellous! So good, and when he died, I cried a little, and watching them as ghost during Empty Tables was chilling.

Norm Lewis as Javert was great as well. Very American though. In an all British cast his American accent stood out, especially when he said "lord".

But Simon Bowman... At some points he was really good, not going to take that away from him. But! When he sang Who Am I? he completely cheated on the 24601! I was sitting there waiting for the epic 24601 that always makes my hairs rise and just go yes, here we go! But he... didn’t! I’m not music savvy or anything, so I don’t know the right terminology, but he lay it a few notes lower, so it was horribly anti-climatic. And Bring Him Home... well, at least he hit the notes, but it was so soft, no power behind it, and then he overcompensated on the notes he could hit and powered through those parts and it just... wasn’t right. I’m going to pop in my newly acquired 25th Anniversary dvd and hear Alfie Boe nail all of it now, just to make myself feel better.

But don’t get me wrong! It was a great experience. Les Miz can never disappoint me. It’s always awesome. I was also being a major dork who was mouthing the lyrics while watching. But I really want to see the next cast that comes this fall. Hadley Fraser is coming in to play Javert, and Alfie Boe as Valjean, I hope I’ll find a way to see it, but... I don’t know.

To end on a geeky note: I bought two Les Miserables t-shirts and one Love Never Dies. I am one happy nerdy cookie right now. Some people buy band t-shirts at concerts, I buy musical t-shirts! So now my collection is: Wicked, We Will Rock You, Les Miserables and Love Never Dies. I also bought the collection programe from Love Never Dies, so I could scan some of the pictures if you want me to.
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Community is my new favorite thing in the world. How can you not love that show? Thanks to the Fandom March Madness where Troy Barnes emerged victorious and I had no idea who he was, I had to check out his show. Boy, am I glad I did. I'm almost finished watching all the published episodes and I love it. I love how completely shameless this show is. They embrace every trope they might stumble over and just go with it. I LOVE THE IRONIC DRAMA! The characters are so, so great and I laugh til I cry.

Abed and Troy's bromace is a beautiful thing to behold. Britta is like the most awesome woman in the world. I want to be her when I grow up. Annie is lovely and adorable (and mindblowingly supposed to be the same age as me...) and I ship her and Jeff so hard you have no idea. Jeff! I LOVE JEFF AND EVERYTHING HE CHOSES TO BE! He is also my new favorite pretty thing to look at. He's so pretty.

The television meta is fantastic and I LOOOOVE IT! I want friends like this! Friends who will embrace weirdness and just go with it. Your friend want you to walk in slow-mo because it'll look cool? Sure, why not! Your friend lost her pen and is certain that one of you stole it? Strip down and search the whole room until everyone is cleared! Sure! Take paint-ball very, very seriously? HELL TO YEAH!

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Autumn is rapidly becoming my least favourite season. I can never get through one without being sick, ALL THE TIME. I always have a sore throat or runny nose. If I only have one, then I'm fine, but when they hit me at once, plus a cough and chilliness, then I have to stay at home because I just can't function. That's how I been the last few days. Home with a nasty cold. I've been freezing!

The one thing that have been keeping my spirits up is the book I'm reading right now. The Painter of Shanghai by Jennifer Cody Epstein and TUMBLR.

I have been ogling pictures of THIS GUY ) His name is Ramin Karimloo, and besides being absolutely gorgeous, he has a lovely smooth voice. He played Enjolras in the Les Mis 25th anniversary concert, and he plays the Phantom in Love Never Dies. I can listen to him for forever. This makes me happy, and keeps my spirits up. Don't care how pathetic it is.
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Inception was so much fun the second time around. This time I recognized all the clues and I could spend some more time drooling over Arthur and his sexy suits focusing on details.

small meta blurb )


1. THE SUITS! I was drooling my whole way through. (Except the times I was jumping in my seat in glee.)

Picture proof! )

2. ARTHUR, HIS CLOTHES IN GENERAL AND HIS JUST AWESOME BADASS SELF! Rolled up sleeves, sweaters and ties, my kind of man!

Picture proof! )

3. There's been some fandom kerfuffle over what Eames' totem is, and that the fandom consensus that it's a poker-chip is wrong. Well, when I watched it yesterday, I noticed that in the scene where the team is in the warehouse and is trying to figure out how they're going to plant the idea, Eames is fiddling with a poker-chip. He's far away from the casinos in Mombasa, so I'd say, yeah, Eames' totem in a poker-chip. Deal with it!

4. It struck me why Arthur's hair is slicked back in the movie. Not only because it's bloody gorgeous, but because that way the tech guys didn't have to worry about his hair during the zero-gravity scenes.

To see a much better picspam of Arthur and Eames' clothes check out [ profile] quadratur's post here.

So Inception has done something to me that's never happened before. It's turned me into some kind of multi-shipper! Which is really weird, cause I've always been "one ship per fandom, thanks." But NO, not Inception. I've turned Ariadne into my fandom bicycle. (I can't believe I just typed that.)

I ship mostly Ariadne/Eames (Yes, I do now they barely talked in the movie, but we can assume that they DID talk, since they worked together, and I like the chemistry I'd imagine they have. Hey, you're talking to a Draco/Ginny shipper. I DO NOT NEED INTERACTION TO SHIP SOMETHING!), but I also really like Ariadne/Cobb, and Ariadne/Arthur isn't too bad. (I mean Arthur is awesome, so nothing with him in it can be bad.) I even like Arthur/Eames when the rating isn't too high! The only thing I can't see is Arthur/Cobb, and Cobb/Mal doesn't interest me much either. (I got enough of them in the movie, you know? I'm satisfied with what I know.)

So when I start up the Three Sentence Ficathon in the beginning of December, expect lots of Inception prompts!
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So I saw Inception on Tuesday and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm so in love and I'm watching it again as soon as I can. Since I have a sinus infection I'm just gonna spam you with macros, pictures and gifs to show my love, instead of writing long meta-y shit that will only make my head hurt.

FYI Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy are insanely hot. Just so you know.

Inception: Awesomest move ever y/y? )

Wanna guess what I'm shipping? Keep in mind that I'm not much of a slasher. I can see the potential and all, but it does nothing for me in fic. I hate that btw, but there's nothing I can do about that. Or else I would be all over Arthur/Eames, thank you.

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The first Narnia- the Voyage of the Dawn Trader trailer is out! And it's gorgeous and wonderful. Georgie and Skandar have grown so much!

Incoherent thoughts here! )
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So four episodes of the new series of Doctor Who has aired and I'm so far very pleased.

Meta thoughts under the cut: Spoilers for all four episodes of the new series! )

One last thing: Matt Smith is sexy, you all! I was not expecting to feel this way, because he does not look it on pictures. But the way he acts and moves and talks, I just... guh! He's also the first Doctor that I can see having sex. I though David Tennant was sex on a stick, but I could never imagine Ten having sex. Not even with Rose, and I shipped that! But him and Amy? I can see it.

Totally random: Did he bite her? Cause I totally missed that the first time around. Still, that scene was kinda hot.
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Beware of the capslock and gifs under cut!

(I had a crap day today being sick, but this cheered me up immensely! OH SHOW! NEVER STOP MAKING ME HAPPY!)

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I am back from vacation and to that I can only say HALLELUJAH! It has both been the best and the worst Easter vacation I have had in years. The weather has been crap and schizophrenic. On Friday we had everything the world has to offer of weather: Sun, rain, snow, wind... So, not counting a hugely unsuccessful ski trip, I didn't spend much time outside. The snow was so rotten that we thread through every third step. (Not sure if I'm explaining this very well.) But the good things about this vacation was that my cousin, Tiril, who is six months older than me, came with us. So, it was lots of fun having her there. Even if all we did was play lots and lots of cards and Scrabble, and read books. I didn't get the time to read four books, but I did read three. One of those was Good Omens. I loved it, and will talk about it later.

I am so happy to be home. My back has been killing me the last couple of days and it will be beyond heaven to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Few internet things:

- WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH YOUTUBE?? I'm gone a week and they've gone all weird on me! Where is the URL? That's how I download Mock the Week and convert my music into mp3 files! I need that URL!!!

- Does anyone of you use Firefox? And if you do, do you have a fancy header picture? Tell me.

Fangirl alert:

I'm completely obsessed with Max Manus and the Norwegian resistance during WWII. And because I'm a huge nerd, as my brother keep pointing out, two of the books I've read this month has been about the resistance. And I am not apologetic about it either. Unlike Narnia and Harry Potter, this obsession might do me some good in real life. It's never a bad thing to learn more about my own country's history. I have the next book all picked out and everything.

Speaking of Max Manus. I am currently watching the movie, again! Seriously, I love this movie so much. And it vexes me more than anything that this had to be the movie where I was assigned my Slash Goggles TM. I ship Max/Gregers so freaking much! And there's no one to squee with. I would so write fic for this, if it wasn't in Norwegian (it fucks with my head to write fic in English when I know they should be speaking in Norwegian.) and if they hadn't been real life people. (I'm reading biographies about these people!!) RPS is kind of my squick limit.

Also: EMIL HEGLE SVENDSEN WON THE BIATHLON WORLDCUP! There will be a celebratory picspam later.

Has anything exciting happened while I've been gone? Fill me in.
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At the moment this is my favorite movie. It was filmed and released in Norwegian theatres in 2008 and is one of Norway's most watched films.

Click her to read without the annoyance of my layout. I advice you to do that.

Max Manus on wikipediaMax Manus on IMDB

The true story about one of the most brilliant saboteurs during World War II and his battle to overcome his inner demons.

The Trailer with English subtitles )

Summary of the plot: After fighting the Soviets in Finland, Max Manus returns to Norway, currently occupied by the Nazis. He joins with the Norwegian resistance movement in their fight against the Germans but is arrested. He manages to escape to Scotland where he receives training before being sent back to Norway to carry out sabotage missions against the occupying forces.

Returning to Norway with his friend Gregers Gram, his first mission is an attack on German supply ships. He is spectacularly successful, and soon he becomes a special target for the Gestapo commander Siegfried Wolfgang Fehmer. Manus, however, avoids capture, and with Gram and Gunnar Sønsteby he forms the so-called "Oslo Group".

Stockholm becomes a meeting point for Norwegians in allied military service. Here Gram introduces Manus to Tikken, who works as a Norwegian contact for the British consulate. The two soon develop a special relationship.

As the war becomes more and more brutal, many of Manus' friends lose their lives in the struggle against the Germans, and he starts to blame himself for being the one who survives. In a meeting with Fehmer he realises that everyone is just a victim of the meaninglessness of war.

max manus

The Cast )

The filming in this movie is truly gorgeous. They have captured an Oslo that no longer exists, but I have no problem in believing in its authenticity. I especially adore the costumes the actors wear, in particularly Gregers Gram, who I think looks dapper and yummy throughout the entire film.

Lots and lots of pictures )

Why I Love It! )

So... Did any of this make you want to watch this movie? If the answer is yes, then please, please do. I have found a link where you can watch it online with English subtitles. I am begging you to watch it. Like I said yesterday: I WILL WRITE YOU FIC, AND SEND YOU CHOCOLATE! (No, I seem to have misplaced my shame today, why do you ask?) I just... I need someone to tell me that my slash-goggles are not malfunctioning and that someone else can see the massive chemistry between Max and Gregers. (All the scenes in Scotland, my god!), I need someone to just squee with me about the prettiness that is Nicolai Cleve Broch and the awesome clothes he wore. And if you don't want to watch the entire movie, at least watch the scenes between 18-26 minutes into the film. What do you see?

Link to the movie online )

ETA: Max Manus on Youtube )

And that ends my massive fangirling for today. I am exhausted.
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Today I have been to the American Embassy in Oslo. The security there is ridiculous. Who the fuck would try and bomb/terrorize an embassy in Norway? No one. Other than the thirty minutes we stood outside in the cold sunshine while they checked us, it was a very enjoyable trip. Apparently, we impressed the embassy lady with all our knowledge of American politics and how your government system work. Our teacher just about glowed with pride. Also: American Coca Cola tastes like... sugary shit. I much prefer the Norwegian version with much less sugar.

I was going to make this long fangirly post about my favourite film: MAX MANUS. It's a Norwegian movie about the German occupation of Norway during the second world war and about these guys who's doing their best to sabotage the Nazis. It's a true story. Almost every character in the movie was real and the script is based on Max Manus' books. And I love it to bits. And I shall tell you why tomorrow or something, cause my head is killing me. I'm going to go take a bath and then I'm going to sleep.

But look out for that fangirl post. It shall contain pictures and I am even going to bribe you all to watch it in exchange for fic and Norwegian chocolate. Not even kidding. If you watch that movie and have a conversation with me about I WILL SEND YOU CHOCOLATE. I AM THIS DESPERATE TO HAVE SOMEONE TO FANGIRL WITH. (It's just not the same sighing over the prettiness of Nicolai Cleve Broch to my brother...)

So yeah... Tomorrow.
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I watched Mansfield Park today and it was really enjoyable. But then I spend half the movie being mad that Tom Bertram doesn't have more screen-time (Tom Bertram? Who the fuck cares about him?) just because he's played by the beautiful James Purefoy. I think that means it's time to go and buy both seasons of Rome so I can watch him in all his brilliance in a role that actually has lines.

I'm also working on my new show for this prompt: The students and instructors in a secret assassin training school. Hopefully you guys will think it's as awesome as I do. And yes, James Purefoy will be getting a big role.

But I need help naming the show/school. What the fuck do you name an assassin school? Ideas? And what's more interesting, the kids or their teachers? I can't decide. I don't want it to turn into a teenybopper show... Gah, this is hard. But fun. Oh, so fun. [ profile] isurrendered is still the most awesome thing ever.

Other than that, I am enjoying my Winter Break by hanging out with my bff, watching the Olympics (we have 6 gold medals and is number three on the over all medal count. That's pretty awesome, you guys. I told you we'd kick ass.) and tomorrow I'm going to do some homework. Yeah... Not so fun, but I have a history test next week. Norwegian history in the Middle Ages, let me tell you, boring as fuck. Really, really boring.

Btw: Does anyone have a mp3 file of Vienna Teng's Antebellum they can share with me? Kind of broke, so I can't buy it on itunes, but it's such a pretty song and I wants it!
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First Edgar won't connect to the internet! Do any of you have the new Macbook and maybe might have some insight to why? All the other machines work. I'm on my school PC right now, and it's just so clunky! I miss the sleekness of my Mac!

[ profile] grim_lupine gave me the most awesome TV meme prompt ever! I love it so much and I'm gonna take some time and really fill it well. There might even be some free music ;)

Also, talking about the TV meme... How much will it be frowned upon to re-use actors? Like... say... James McAvoy and Paul Bettany? Will be people like say 'Dude, don't you know any other actors?' or will it be okay? To be fair, I could probably fit Paul Bettany into every show I make cause he is THAT AWESOME.

I saw A Knight's Tale today. And WOW, I had forgotten how much that movie makes me happy. Not only is Paul Bettany on fire, but Rufus Sewell is looking hot, and so is James Purefoy. (Heath Ledger? Who's that?)

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[ profile] be_themoon said: "please somebody stop me I might be going crazy. I want so badly for there to be a community where people can link to all the TV show memes done and write fic about each other's shows and do meta-spams and be fannish at each other and plot out seasons and AU's and ahksldghlsk. HELP."

And I'm so there with her! I want fic of all the fake shows I've seen. I'm writing fic for my own fake show. I even have ideas for AU's! And crossovers! I WANT CROSSOVERS!

Go check out these fake tv shows:

[ profile] be_themoon's Cabin Fever A generation ship called The Rapture to Mars imaginary far-away planet of choice, and it's crew and 144,000 cryogenically frozen passengers. Plus a stowaway. (there isn't actually a stowaway, technically. I mean, a little bit. but she's not actually a stowaway. it's confusing!)

and Wastelands
A journey story across a post-apocalyptic landscape.

[ profile] sgrio's A post-apocalyptic society under martial law and it's underground revolution.

[ profile] lassiterfics's Four siblings travel to and rule a magical kingdom a la Narnia using Earth mythology of your choice.

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Today I watched Sherlock Holmes and OMG!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Holmes and Watson are so in love!! I have never gone out of movie theatre shipping something this hard. I think I've finally received a pair of Slash Goggles all of my own. I was seriously squeeing while watching the movie. I kept whispering to my brother and mother: "THEY ARE SO IN LOVE!" *Sigh* This movie was absolutely brilliant and just made me so happy. Watson is one BAMF!
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I LOVE WINTER SPORTS! I just simply adore it. I am so looking forward to the winter olympics in Vancouver this February. Norway is going to kick ass. I never feel more patriotic than when Norway do good in sports.

I am also really anxious to see what happens tomorrow. Tomorrow is the end of Tour the Ski and our man, Petter Northug might win. He is absolutely awesome and to watch him sprint is a thing of beauty. Just watch that:

(That's norwegian commentators btw.)

I might have a tiny crush on him... But that's okay! Cause he's only four years older than me. I might have a thing for athletes. Men who's good at something...

So I finished watching the first thirteen episodes of Glee, and wow! I love that show! It just makes me seriously happy.

I love Rachel Berry. She's just awesome. So I think at some points, the rest of the club is unnecessarily mean to her. I get that they think she's annoying, but... yeah, some of their comments are just mean.

And Kurt! Kurt is fierce. But what happened to the football thing? Is he still playing? I hope so, cause I think that (Preggers) might be my favorite episode, that or Wheels.

I am totally shipping Puck/Rachel, I adored that episode and I really hope they'll revisit that ship in the future. I see zero chemistry between Rachel and Finn, but I kinda thing Quinn/Finn is cute.

I was so happy to see that as the episodes went on that less time was spent on the adults, because I found their issues pretty boring. I cringed every time Will's wife came on screen.

So I know almost everyone on my flist has watched it already; what's your favorite part/episode/moment/character/song?
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Me and my family is leaving for Crete on Thursday night and I'm so looking forward to it! Like, I'm sick to my stomach with traveling sickness.

It seems that after catching the fangirl virus it doesn't go away. Now I'm majorly fangirling the panel show Mock the Week and fangirling the comedian Frankie Boyle even more! (His autobiography: "My shit life so far" comes out in October and yes, I will be buying it.)

Proof of the comedic genius that is Frankie Boyle and Mock the Week:

Frankie Boyle would be the guy with the scottish accent wearing the snazzy suit, floral shirts and glasses. I love him. Funny is definitively the new sexy. If you would like to watch whole episodes I can hook you up with links, btw.
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Because it's the summer holidays and because I have no life, and because I'm seriously obsessed, I know present to you: The Karl Urban Picspam of Awesome Hotness!

Epic Hotness under cut. Beware, it's image heavy. )


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