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It's typical isn't it. The one day I could really need some distraction is the day the internet and my flist is fucking silent. No action what so ever, no one posting any new prompts to the Three Sentence Fic-a-thon either. I just... ahhh! Today I did not need to be alone with my thoughts, because my thoughts makes my stomach turn and just... I don't really want to talk about it. I don't think it's something that should be shared on the internet, and I'm not even sure if it's interesting to anyone but me... but lets just say that it has something to do with a boy and I just DON'T NEED TO BE ALONE WITH MY THOUGHTS!!

Please just come talk to me! Anything that can distract me!
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Guess where I was yesterday? I was at a Grease Party! A guy in my class threw a class party so we all could get to know each other outside of school. It was so much fun! I danced and sang and might have gotten a little drunk on cider. But it was fun. And if I can find a good picture of me in my Grease outfit I will post it for your viewing pleasure.
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Today is Norway's national day. The day when we wear our Bunads and eat as much ice-cream we want! I've just gotten back from walking around in Oslo,and my feet are killing me. I had to buy new bunad shoes earlier this week. New shoes are no fun.

Happy birthday!
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My mum and I got interviewed today by my friend S, (I'm only going to call him S from now on) he had an assignment from school, they are making a documentary about mother/daughter relationships. He and his friend came over today and interviewed us, and I realized just how boring my life is. The only things I do are watching tv, read books (By the way, I've read 21 books this year! I'm so proud of myself, I'm hoping that I will read a 100 by the end of the year.) and surf the internet. Anyway, they asked us on how our lives had changed after I got sick, and how mum have influenced my life. I can't wait to see it! I will probably look like a ghost, I am so pale. That's why I'm so excited for june to arrive. Mum and I are going to Mallorca 9. June! I can't wait to get a little tan. It'll be so fun, just me and mum on a girl trip!
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Sorry. It's been a long time since I've updated and read my f-list!

I have spent one week at my family's cabin this easter. That was maybe not the most fun vacation I've had. I spent most of the week in bed sleeping, the other eating chocolate and reading. I read four books in one week! Go me!

I changed the lay-out of my lj, I think it's pretty=P

I have spent some time talking Deathly Hallows theories, I don't have many but it's really fun hearing every bodies thoughts.
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I finally turned sixteen. *Its my birthday, its my birthday!* I'm really happy and really giddy today. I got the coolest camera ever. I've been wanting that for almost a year now! So Yay! I also got the nicest and cozy-est pj-pants. Later today, I'm going out with my friends. We're going to the movies and later we're going to eat cake!!
*Doing my happy dance* As I said I'm really happy today. And no headache=)
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It's true! When ever it's bad weather outside I feel like crap. Especially when its fuggy and wet. My head gets really heavy (no other way to describe it) and its hard to move my body. Thank god, for acupuncture, no matter how grotesque it sounds to stick needles into a body to fix things, it actually work... a lot! I wouldn't been able to do anything today if I hadn't had treatment. When I woke up this morning I had so much trouble getting out of bed. I was not fun to be around.

On a happier note; My mum and I are going to the movies tomorrow- Just the two of us, I can't wait. We are going to watch "The Devil Wears Prada", we've been talking about going for a long time. So today I decided that we are going to go in the middle of the week since we never have time in the weekends. I really hope that tomorrow will be a good day for me. =)

PS! It snowed yesterday, but today it started to rain so now there is only slush!


Nov. 3rd, 2006 10:38 pm
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I'm really proud of my self! I have done something almost everyday this week:

Monday: Meeting with the school

Tuesday: I didn't do anything this day:(

Wednesday: I went out with my friends=)

Thursday: Appointment with my new shrink...

Friday (today): I was at school today, it went very well.

I can't remember last time I had a week were I did this much!
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wow! the P!nk concert was amazing. I had so much fun. Like I said ina previous post, I'm not a big P!nk fan, but seeing her live were so cool. I realized that I know more songs then I thought. She sang singles like:

Stupid girls- This song is so funny and cool....

Who knew- Pretty song=)

Trouble- From Charlies Angles Full Throttle, I think?

Family Portrait- This song almost made me cry yesterday.

Get the Party started- The grand finalè, with rope claiming and confetti!!

She also sang some covers: "Whats going on"- Four Non Blondes, and a Country song named: "The one that got away" I don't know who's song this is!


Oct. 20th, 2006 11:17 pm
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I just found out that I'm going to a Pink concert next Friday!! Yay! I'm not exactly a big Pink fan, but I think she has some good songs, and besides, I really need to get out. It'll be so much fun. I hope! Its late and I should go to bed, but I just managed to fix my internet so I want to surf for awhile.
My little brother is obsessed with "The Godfather" playstation game, its driving my parents nuts, because he spends more time playing PS than doing his homework...hi hi!


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