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Hey you guys. I've been silent for a while, but that's just because I haven't felt like posting. Stuff has happened, but not enough for me to manage to strength to post about it. I'm fine, btw. Just my family has been wrecked by a stomach virus, so I've basically not eaten for a week. And just when the nausea let go some what I get this horrible cough and my body is aching! Thank god, I've finished all my Christmas shopping! Cause I can't lift a finger right now.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch the ballet the Nutcracker. I haven't seen it since I was ten or something, and I'm hoping I won't be too sick to enjoy it.

I sent out my Christmas letters on Friday and I hope they will all reach you in time for Christmas. I know I was a bit late this year, but I really hope the post will come through.

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. It was a absolute blast and I haven't laughed that much in ages. There was a lot of vodka and playing of "I never", and I can safely say that I've never been that hung over in my LIFE! (Which really doesn't say much, cause I've never really been hung over before.) The family party on Sunday was horrible. Horrible! I tell you!

So yeah, that's my life right now. I'm twenty and happy, and so very sick. Thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday, you are all lovely! &hearts

Awesome presents I got for my birthday )

On a more personal note: I'm spending way too much time on Facebook and in the last month I've sent over a hundred texts. That's... so not normal. I blame my big giant crush. The logical part of my brain is telling my how ridiculous and stupid I'm acting, but the other part is giggling and saying "But he might show up any minute! And we want to talk to him!" I'm an idiot.

Fandom wise:

I'm so bitter that I have to avoid all Narnia talk. The movie doesn't come out until December 25th here. Yeah, what kind of date is that, anyway?? Who goes to the movies on the first day of Christmas? But on second or third day I'm dragging my family to go watch it.

The few things I've heard isn't all that good, but I'm have an open mind, and I care more about the developing of the characters than I do the story or plot. So really, I don't care if they've changed the whole story as long as Edmund is Edmund and Lucy is Lucy and Eustace is awesome.

People seems to be having fun in the 3 sentence ficathon, which is great! It didn't turn out to be as fun as I'd expected it to be for me, but who cares about that. I'm just not feeling the writing vibes lately. Which is a shame cause I really want to write! But I can't.

I'm also blissfully high on cough syrup right now. I've finally stopped coughing!
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I have too much shit on my flist. And by that I don't mean you guys, you are all amazing- I mean all the comms that I don't really read any more. My time has become more limited and I spend way too much time trying to catch up on my flist. I think I'll have to go and remove some of the more boring communities.

Today, in English Lit. class our homework is to write a short-story about our mother. I'm beside myself with glee. I LOVE THIS CLASS SO MUCH!
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I'm feeling so much better today. It really helped to just get the rage off my chest and getting support back. Now I'm much more able to think clearly. I don't think I have to make any changes at all. I have faith in my participants!


- I made poetry today in class. We had to pick a picture in our text-book that caught our eye, and then write a poem with only three lines. I chose this one:

"Farewell"- by Edward Cucuel

And it inspired these two poems: The smoke from the cigarette... )

I love this format. Only three lines to tell a story! Can you write a poem using this format, using the painting as your inspiration? I'd love to see more. It's such a gorgeous painting.

And then, proof that Inception has taken over my brain:

So I've been thinking, if I needed a totem, what would it be? I thought about all the pretty knick-knacks I own, and the answer was obvious all along.

You see, a couple of years ago, when I was still sick, I bought this angel stone - an angel figurine inside a oval plastic stone.- and the box said it would protect me. Now I'm not much of a believer in magical things, but every time I hold that stone I feel safe and grounded. So obviously that would be my totem.

Last night, I went to bed thinking that I should take it out, since I'd stored it in a box. I wake up, had forgotten all about it, went to school, and when I came home... I found it sitting on my bedside table. I did not put it there!

I was going to do some meta thoughts too, but I'm saving that for the weekend. I'm watching the film again tomorrow, and I can't wait!

<--- See new awesome icon! It makes me happy!

*big grin*

Apr. 27th, 2010 08:31 pm
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I am completely drunk on life. Life is fabulous! Norway is wonderful during spring and the Russ are out celebrating again. Life is good. And to top that off, fandom is pure bliss right now. I'm completely in love with both Glee (Jesse/Rachel= &hearts) and Doctor Who (Matt Smith= UNF.) Supernatural is also fun. All in all, I'm having fun, my shows are making me happy, and I'm writing again.

Do any of you want to beta a 7000 word long Narnia fic? I think I might need more than one person to look this one over, because I feel that I might have lost my touch with the characters... It's about Susan and Edmund. And I'm having trouble ending it.

I've started to think about [ profile] narniaexchange again. I'm thinking I'll start sign-ups in the end of May...
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I love Sundays like these. I get to sleep in, there's biathlon on TV (my bb. Emil Hegle Svendsen didn't do all that well today. He's still in the lead to win the World Cup, though!) and there's ski jumping in the new Holmenkollen! (The ski jump hill in Oslo.) My mum is cooking dinner in the kitchen and my dog is lying comfortably in my lap. Yeah, this is a nice ending to a great week.

A few things:

- The dating on the Three Sentence Ficathon goes out tomorrow and I've decided to not do anything about that. It seems people are mostly done playing. You can still find it in my links if the urge to write some three sentence fics strikes you.

- I wrote my first Triple H. story last night. Here There Be Rules is a story about the three main teachers and their rules. I imagine these scenes would take place in the middle of episode one. (Here There Be Rules is actually the name of the first episode, now that I think about it.)

- I have finished writing another one! Yeah, I'm just on fire this weekend. This one is about the back story of Paige Dawson. I'll have to edit it a few times, because it's a little long, and I'm not sure if all of it is all that good.

- I have gathered everything I have ever written on my delicious page. I have written 38 stories. I am impressed with myself.

Is happy

Mar. 10th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Oh, I'm having a good week. Like really, really good. And after the crap week that was last week, this is nice.

I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D on Friday. Still not very impressed with the supposedly awesomeness that is 3D, but I didn't get a headache or anything. So yay for that, I suppose. The film itself was nothing to get all flaily over either. It was... okay. I liked the parts in England and then it just got... shiny and boring? The cat was awesome, though.

Do you all remember that week I had in the middle of February where had a test everyday? Well, I got my tests back and I got 5 on all of them! I am beyond proud of myself. Especially the History and Philosophy test. I was so sure I had royally fucked it up and he gave me a 5-!

Today I finished writing a personal essay about sports. Anyone who has paid any attention to my LJ the last month knows that I care about winter sports, so I'm feeling very confident in the topic. I've taken extra care on my language since I actually... kinda suck when it comes to writing in Norwegian. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a good grade.

But dude! What's happened to [ profile] isurrendered? It has gone almost completely dead! This makes me very sad, because it's my favorite LJ community by far!

So, flist has been kind of quiet lately. What's up with all of you? Are you doing ok?
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Real Life To Do List: Done!

+ Norwegian presantation
+ English Test
+ Ireland project presantation
+ History and Philosophy test

What a wonderful week! It has been hard and stressful, but wow, how fulfilling. I am so immensely proud of myself. I been to school everyday, and I've finished all the test and projects that were due this week. This weekend I'm going to relax and hopefully get some writing done.

How have your week been?
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You know what I hate most in the entire world? Feeling confused. Not "getting it". I read the fucking tutorials and follow what it says and still I can't seem to figure it out! Like today, I've been trying to authorize my Mac so it can play the songs I've bought on iTunes. And I CAN'T MAKE IT FUCKING WORK! I CAN'T FIND THE STUPID BUTTON THAT APPLE SAYS IS THERE!!! GAH! It makes me want to smash Edgar into tiny pieces, but it isn't his fault, so I won't. Does any of you know anything handy that might help me?


And while we're at feeling confused: Where the hell can I read the Yuletide stories???

Oh, Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I hope you all have had a lovely couple of days. I sure have. I got so much more presents than I had ever imagined. I was totally set upon getting nothing, because my Mac cost a fucking fortune. But my parents are awesome and I'm a spoiled brat, so I got a suitcase! (I've been wanting one for two years now!) And a new pair of sweat-pants! My brother gave me a team-jersey for my favorite football team! I'm super content with this years Christmas. And everyone else enjoyed the presents they got from me, which is even more awesome.

Big hug to everyone on my flist! I love you all &hearts.
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Life has been hectic lately, but the good kind of hectic. I'm actually doing stuff and having fun. I've spent time with my BFF who's a private in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. I love seeing her. The ironic thing is that I see her more now than I did when she lived at home.

I'm going to take the swineflu shot on Friday. With my immune system that's probably a good idea. Let's cross our fingers and hope it won't give me any weird after effects in twenty years.

So Christmas is coming up. So this year I thought I'd do something different than sending cards. (I'm poor okay! Stamps cost money!) So instead I thought I'd each write you a fic if you want to. I'll make a seperate post later. I promise I'll write it, but it might take some time which is why I'm starting now. Exams are coming up and writing is the perfect distraction when things are going to shits.

So how was your weekend? I was supposed to stay at my grandparents cause my folks were having a party, but my grandmother caught the flu (might be swineflu we're not sure.)and I was banned from visiting them. So I had to quickly find somewhere else to be. I went to a party. (You all is like yeah? so what? But for me that's quite rare actually.) I had fun. I think. I forgot that I get drunk very fast. I spent Sunday feeling pretty bad, but I had to finish a project about Canada (which we're going to present tomorrow. Wish me luck!) and then I went to a fotball match with my family. I'm really starting to dig it. I love my team and I think I'll join their support club, my brother is already a member and it looks so much fun!
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# I have had an awesome week. I've been to school everyday. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar in norwegian on Wednesday with my class (The play was set in modern-day with Mary Magdalene as a crack head whore and Jesus walked around with pimp-coats and leather pants. I kid you not. It was awesome though. The dude playing Judas was fabulous!)and yesterday I attended a small free concert on the top of the new opera house in Oslo. All in all: GREAT WEEK!

# The Fall Fandom Free-for-All!

Here's my thread.

# Spanish test on Tuesday. English home test due on Friday. And then!! AUTUMN BREAK!! I'm going to London on the October 1. with my mother. We're going to watch WICKED and I'm going to buy tons of cheap books. I'm so excited.

# [ profile] narniaexchange is posting one fic per day. All the fics so far is so so good, and you should totally go over there and read all the great fics.
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(I reserve the right to use a lot of CAP LOCKS and exclamation marks!!! Because I am so happy!!)

Yesterday, I drove! And if I may say so, I'm pretty darn good at it too! Then I went food shopping with my parents. (Remember that this was after 4 hours of Lightning Process!) That is bloody great. I'm up all day and sleep all night. And I'm just high on life!!

Today, I took a long walk with my dog. It went so well, if we ignore that I was drowned in sweat when I came home:P Then I drove some more. And I'm really good at it!!

I think I'm gonna re do my layout. I need something to signify a change. How do you do those custom made ones? Do anyone know? I will also have to take out my You suck icon. Cause that's the one I used when I felt really bad.

Life is great people! Smile and be happy. Don't chose to be irritated and angry! You don't have to be.
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I'm on a high right now. To days with Lightning Process, one day to go, and I feel great! Yesterday, I walked 2 km, went to the movies with my mother and saw The Dark Knight (most awesome movie ever!! You need to see it, no trust me, you need to see it!!) and when I got home I was tired, but I only had to rest for 12 min. before feeling fine. AND I slept all night! I can't remember the last time I fell asleep before 12 pm and slept through the night! And today.....! I worked out(!!!!) with my dad. We went biking! I biked for 6.7 km!!!!! It's been 4 years since I last could ride my bike. And I loved biking, it was my favorite kind of workout. And I'm so seriously happy!!! This is it, guys! I'm getting well. Like right now! I promise you that by Christmas I'm back at school doing ordinary teenage stuff!

And I realize that I've abused my exclamation button, but seriously!! SO EXCITED!!!

<<<<See the boys in my icon? That's me right now!
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I have all these plot bunnies in my head for angsty one-shots. Because that's what I do apparently, I write dark angsty stuff, when I'm happy.
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I have a lot to post about. First I'm going to do some whining, (Because I promised [ profile] dieloreley I would...) and then I'm going to whine some more and then some positive things:

First: Why I told dL that I wasn't fine. I have had trouble sleeping. The last week I haven't slept at all, all night. I managed to sleep a few hours in the middle of the day, but we all know how crappy day sleep is. The reason I haven't slept is because I stopped using my sleeping pills and my parents forbid me to use my painkillers. (They were afraid that I was starting to get addicted to them. Bull shit, I say!)We went to my doctor and he gave me a new pill that supposedly were going to help me sleep. Hah! It didn't even give me a slight buzz! So in result I've spent 4 sleepless nights. That can get anybody in a bad mood. But, Thursday my mum went out and bought more of my sleeping-pills. So I'm happy again.

Second: Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian came out today in USA and I can't see it before 2. July! I have to wait for two months before it comes out here!!! I'm annoyed. I have to avoid the Narnia fandom for two months, how will I cope?!

Third: I got my hair cut today! I got highlights and cut at least 5 cm. so now it reaches my shoulders and not my back. I'm so happy with it. I can't stop looking in the mirror=) I also got a new pair of jeans that fits me perfectly. *squee* I hate shopping for jeans and get so happy when I find some that fits!

Fourth: Tomorrow it's 17. May. If all of you don't remember, it's Norway's National Day. I'll be wearing my bunad, and I'll be eating ice cream. It'll be fun, only draw back is that it will probably rain... Bleah!
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I have had the best day in forever! I slept the whole night through, woke up at 10 am, and I haven't gone to sleep yet. I am so proud of my self! And really happy!

And because of that I'm celebrating by using my favorite icon, even though it has nothing to do with this post!
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I got my term paper back today and I got a 5 (B)!! I'm so deliriously happy! I've only had two hours of school each week, and I managed to get a 5!
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I have had the best week in forever! I have followed my doctors advice and only done one big thing a day.

Saturday: I went shopping with my mum.

Sunday: I hung out with my friends.

Monday: I had a school meeting.

Tuesday: I had school for an hour.

Wednesday: I had a meeting with my new treatment lady.

Thursday: I had an other hour with school. (School two times in one week!)

Friday: I didn't do much, I rested and tried to figure out our new TV recorder.

Saturday: Today I'm going to my grandmother's. My parents are having a party.

I'm really really happy with myself and I hope next week will be as good as this one^^
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Since everything has been going so slow, Caroline has used her boredom to something productive. I have written a fic! It's the longest story I've ever written, I think it's around 4000 words. It's D/G of course, it's a one shot, and I'm once again trying to write something funny.

I need a beta. So if someone on f-list wants to do it I would be so happy. You would have to be able to fix my shitty grammar and tell me if all of it is crap. Constructive criticism I believe it's called=D
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I had a lovely day today. I went shopping with my mother. I never feel comfortable buying something with out my mothers opinion. I'm still just sixteen and I don't want to waste my money and I only really trust my mum on this kind of stuff. So in conclusion; I don't like shopping and if I do and only do it with my mum!

I bought (with mum's money, one of the nice perks shopping with my mummy=D ) two books:

Stardust- by Neil Gaiman


Sushi for beginners- by Marian Keyes

both of them in norwegian. I also got some nice tops and long sleeved t-shirts. I am very happy. Now I don't have to brave the mall before I need new books again. I love bookstores. I love reading and owning books. It really isn't the same when you borrow at the library, I just love seeing my bookcase full of books I love and own! I will be very upset if I don't get many books for my birthday and Christmas. =)


Jun. 8th, 2007 05:09 pm
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The last couple of weeks have been so great! I haven't had a headache for ages:D I have so much energy, I don't sleep as much, and I've started thinking about what I eat! It is so hot here. I'm walking around in my bikini, and I'm still melting away. I am so happy. I'm really hoping that I'm starting to get better. Maybe this is the end. Maybe I can start school this fall and finish first year=)

I'm leaving tonight and I'm so restless. I keep going trough my packing list checking if I have forgotten something. Of course, I'm sure I've packed too much!


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