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So it's finally summer, and it's all coming on a bit fast, because it's not really vacation it's CAMP! And I'm going to two confirmation camps this summer, and one... not quite camp, more of a festival thing, but that's also with church, and I'll have responsibilities on all of it. So everything I'm doing this summer comes with responsibilities, and that's both great and not so great.

Yes, I am twenty, and yes, I have been wanting more responsibilities and wanting people to recognise my skills, but now that they have I'm panicking a bit, cause what if I suck? And I have to pack! I'll be gone for five days, then I'm home for one day, then I'm leaving again, and my Mummy isn't even home cause she's gone to America with my dad on a summer vacation without me!!
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We're going to Tromsø tomorrow, which is a Norwegian city situated in the north. It'll take us two hours by plane to get there. We have family there who I'm so excited to see again. We'll be staying for five days, coming home on Sunday after the football match. But what makes this interesting is that my brother and I are leaving for camp early Monday morning, so I have to pack to sets of bags today, and my head is all loopy.

I suffer from what we in my family call "reisesyke", which translates to "travel sickness"- that doesn't mean that I puke when in a car or anything, it means that before a major trip I get insufferable to be around. Because I just can't wait to leave. I become a total bitch, or completely silent. My head starts to ache, and my stomach hurts and all that good stuff. So yeah, travel sickness, I have it now.

In other news: I'm in the middle of my [ profile] narniaexchange fic and... well. I know the plot, I had it figured out ages ago, but I just can't get myself to write it. I'm not sure if I'm as entertaining as I think I am. Ugh. Better just finish the damn thing and then get some people to rip it apart for me, yeah?

(Ooh! LJ has changed the tagging thingy! So much easier to tag!)
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Going away for the next five days again. Up to our cottage, and this time we'll be all four, which I'm really looking forward to. It's been too long since we've just been the four of us. I'm going to bring loads of books, and laze on the beach just reading.

Right now I'm anxiously waiting for the [ profile] rachelandjesse drabble-a-thon post to go up. I really want to participate, but if it doesn't get posted soon, I'll fall asleep.
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I am back from vacation and to that I can only say HALLELUJAH! It has both been the best and the worst Easter vacation I have had in years. The weather has been crap and schizophrenic. On Friday we had everything the world has to offer of weather: Sun, rain, snow, wind... So, not counting a hugely unsuccessful ski trip, I didn't spend much time outside. The snow was so rotten that we thread through every third step. (Not sure if I'm explaining this very well.) But the good things about this vacation was that my cousin, Tiril, who is six months older than me, came with us. So, it was lots of fun having her there. Even if all we did was play lots and lots of cards and Scrabble, and read books. I didn't get the time to read four books, but I did read three. One of those was Good Omens. I loved it, and will talk about it later.

I am so happy to be home. My back has been killing me the last couple of days and it will be beyond heaven to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Few internet things:

- WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH YOUTUBE?? I'm gone a week and they've gone all weird on me! Where is the URL? That's how I download Mock the Week and convert my music into mp3 files! I need that URL!!!

- Does anyone of you use Firefox? And if you do, do you have a fancy header picture? Tell me.

Fangirl alert:

I'm completely obsessed with Max Manus and the Norwegian resistance during WWII. And because I'm a huge nerd, as my brother keep pointing out, two of the books I've read this month has been about the resistance. And I am not apologetic about it either. Unlike Narnia and Harry Potter, this obsession might do me some good in real life. It's never a bad thing to learn more about my own country's history. I have the next book all picked out and everything.

Speaking of Max Manus. I am currently watching the movie, again! Seriously, I love this movie so much. And it vexes me more than anything that this had to be the movie where I was assigned my Slash Goggles TM. I ship Max/Gregers so freaking much! And there's no one to squee with. I would so write fic for this, if it wasn't in Norwegian (it fucks with my head to write fic in English when I know they should be speaking in Norwegian.) and if they hadn't been real life people. (I'm reading biographies about these people!!) RPS is kind of my squick limit.

Also: EMIL HEGLE SVENDSEN WON THE BIATHLON WORLDCUP! There will be a celebratory picspam later.

Has anything exciting happened while I've been gone? Fill me in.
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I'm leaving for our cabin tomorrow and I'll be gone the entire week for Easter break. So hopefully, nothing too exciting will happen on the internet while I'm gone. (Kidding. Sorta.) While away I'm planning on reading at least four books, plot out the first episode of Triple H and ski. Yeah, it's Easter time again, and we all know what that means for us Norwegians! We strap on our skis and goes plunging through the woods. Oh, joy. I hate this. (But if Emil Hegle Svendsen suddenly wants to come and teach me, I'll be all for that!)

I did an pinch hit erasure for [ profile] katakokk yesterday: Our Lost Kids.

Also, you all need to read this fic:

Could You Be a Little Less by [ profile] the_birdnest
You can tell a lot about a society by what it values.. -- It's seriously the best fic that's come out of the Harry Potter fandom in ages.

And while I am in a feministic, reccing mood, check out this awesome poem, it has kickass princess themes: princess by hradzka on DW (what's the nifty code for DW users?) (And what's the rules when it comes to poems? Can I repost the entire thing as long as I credit the author and link back to the original post?)
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My issues from Sunday has abated a little, I at least have the control over my own head and that's nice. Thank you so much for distracting me.

I'm going to Kiel tomorrow! We are celebrating my grandfather's birthday, he's turning 75 and they are celebrating by taking us all (my family and my aunt's family)on a two days mini cruise to Kiel! It's gonna be lots of fun, and plenty of distraction for me. I'm going to bring two books and I'm bloody well going to finish them! I feel like I haven't read anything in ages.

On a completely different note: Sometimes a quote appear on the top-bar of my gmail. It's like ten quotes that appear everyday or something and this quote comes up a lot and every time it makes me think:

Wilson Mizner - "God help those who do not help themselves."

What does he mean actually? Does he mean: God does help those who do not help themselves. Or does he mean: You are doomed if you don't help yourself? Discuss.

ALSO! I'm so looking forward to the new episodes of Mock the Week! They are shooting the first ep. today and it will be broadcast on Thursday. So hopefully I will be able to download it on Friday when I come home.


Aug. 9th, 2009 01:31 am
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I'm home from Crete. I'm exhausted, and not in the mood to talk about it today. I'll type up a post about it later.

Twitter is all fucked up and won't let me update which upsets me more than it should since I've only just gotten it.

My erasure author only has fics in fandoms I know next to nothing about... this'll be interesting.

I'm just feeling very blah today. Like... Probably just desping a little over the fact that school starts in two weeks. And my best friend is in the army and all my friends are scattered about the country doing 'grown up' things and 'moving on to the next stage of life' things, and I still have two and a half year of school left.

And I really want to write, but my muse is not cooperating with me. So... BLAH!



Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:35 pm
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I am leaving for Crete in 4 hours. I'll be away the next two weeks.

I'm sick to my stomach with traveling sickness and I'm too jittery to sleep. That's why I slept most of the day because I knew this would happen.

I am currently filling up my ipod with youtube videos. I have just figured out how to download videos from youtube and how to put them on my ipod. I'm thrilled! So now I have lots of Frankie Boyle on my ipod:P

<---- See my new awesome icon.

Seriously: Crete! Two weeks! It's gonna be so fun!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Me and my family is leaving for Crete on Thursday night and I'm so looking forward to it! Like, I'm sick to my stomach with traveling sickness.

It seems that after catching the fangirl virus it doesn't go away. Now I'm majorly fangirling the panel show Mock the Week and fangirling the comedian Frankie Boyle even more! (His autobiography: "My shit life so far" comes out in October and yes, I will be buying it.)

Proof of the comedic genius that is Frankie Boyle and Mock the Week:

Frankie Boyle would be the guy with the scottish accent wearing the snazzy suit, floral shirts and glasses. I love him. Funny is definitively the new sexy. If you would like to watch whole episodes I can hook you up with links, btw.


Jul. 1st, 2009 10:55 pm
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I back home for a two days, because, well, I forgot that I would be home for two days. I'm exchanging parents. The last three days I was at the cabin with my dad, he's been working on expanding it. But my dad has to work this weekend, and my cousins birthday is tomorrow so I came back home with him. I'm going up on Friday again with my mum.

It's been so hot this week! I spent everyday on the beach and I've never experienced the water so warm before! It's at least 20 celsius! You can just walk right out. I've gotten a lovely tan and the good thing is that July is only beginning!

I've not finished my girl!Kirk/McCoy fic... but I kinda started on a new one? I think I need help with the last part of this fic. I've written everything except the sexings... Seems like I can't write it, but the fic kinda needs it... Don't know what to do. If anyone wants to help that would be welcome.

But I have almost finished my [ profile] narniaexchange fic!! YAY ME!

Other news: I've been gone for THREE days, and I have to wade through 405 enteries on my flist! Holy shit!

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I'll be gone for a week. Me and my dad is going to our cabin and I won't be back for a week. Hopefully I will be finished with the monster that's eating my brain (aka: the girl!Kirk/McCoy fic) and at least have a vague plot for my narnia fic exchange fic when I come home.

I hope you all will have a nice week. See you when I come back.

Summer is:

Jun. 16th, 2009 11:38 pm
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Summer is late mornings and late nights.

Summer is sun-tan lotion and sun-burned ears.

Summer is the lake by our cabin.

Summer is ice cream.

Summer is reading as many books as I can.

Summer is mosquito-bites.

Summer is swimming in water that's slightly too cold.

Summer is music.

Summer is excellent food.

Summer is getting a tan.

Summer is ice-tea.

Summer is family.

Summer is laughter.

Summer is fun.

Summer is yearning for winter.

What's summer to you?
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Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated. It feels like nothing has happened that is worth writing about, yet I also feel like I've been busy and this month is going by so fast.

I joined a work out center this last week. Hopefully I'll manage to work out twice a week.

My ears have been hurting again and this time I was so sure it was an infection, but I was at the doctor's on thursday and he said it only was some pressure thingy, so I got meds. And for the first time in forever the meds actually works!

Then yesterday I went and banged my head in my bedroom ceiling and now I think I might have gotten a small concussion, at least that what it feels like.

It's my mother's birthday tomorrow, so we are having a party today. That'll be nice. I'm also working on a kind of cool present, I hope. In the last couple of years I've written some poems, and my mother has read a few of them and have been saying again and again that she wants me to print them out and give them to her, so that's what I'm doing. Hopefully she'll like them.

The next week is the winter vacation and we're going to west Norway. My dad has family there. It'll be fun. I've only been there three times or something.

I'm back!

Jul. 21st, 2008 08:00 pm
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I'm hooome! I bet you all missed me a lot. My dashing good looks and rapier wit... Yeah, I suffer from terrible internet with draw.

First thing first: I saw Prince Caspian. It was awesome. I loved it. Did anyone else see it? What did you think? I'm watching it again sometime next week and I'll post a review then.

I have also read Les Miserables. I spent 5 days on it and all I have to say is that while it's a great story, Victor Hugo can't restrain himself! Man, he had a whole(!) chapter on the Paris sewer! I'm not kidding. And the horrible long chapter about Waterloo where only the last section was relevant! If that book had been written today it would have been edited a lot!

When I opened my email I had a little under a 100 mails. Safe to say I've spent some time organizing my inbox.

I hope you all have had a fabulous summer so far. I'll be home for the next 3 and I love it. No place like home.
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So I'm leaving for 3 weeks at our family cottage. It's in the woods and I'm looking forward to the quiet and the mosquito bites. I hope you all will have a lovely summer vacation and I'll see you all in 3 weeks.


Jun. 20th, 2008 11:55 pm
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So the summer holidays officially started today. And my brother speed off to Poland with his teen church choir for a week and a half. And next Wednesday I'm having three very important and jam packed days. I'm going to driving theory class. I have to do this if I can start test driving. So three days with this and then I can drive all summer. That's gonna be sweet. And then when I turn 18 I can take my drivers license as fast as possible. Then I don't have to take the buss anymore and I can basically do, and go where ever, I want! I'm so so excited!
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I just realized that I haven't told you guys that in a week I'm going to London! Yay, I've never been there before and I'm so looking forward to it. Me and my mum is spending four days there, we are going shopping and most importantly we are going to see Les Miserable! *Squee* I love musicals so much and this one I haven't seen, so I'm all jittery with excitement. And I have to start thinking about packing. What to bring... Is it cold there? Hmmm... Reason I haven't talked about it is because at first it was very uncertain when we were going to go. (Mum spent an eternity before even booking a hotel!) Then there was the airport strike, (it's over now) and then suddenly it's a week away! So, I'm really looking forward to it!!

I'm home.

Aug. 14th, 2007 11:00 pm
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I'm back from my vacation. This was the worst summer ever! It rained all the time!!! I was so bored.

I don't have very much else to say. I might have gotten the flu, but you never know with me;P
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I'm leaving tomorrow to spend many weeks at at place with no internet. That schreeching sound your hearing? Yeah, That's me. How I'm going to survive is a mystery. Probably gonna me healthy for me, I little to addicted. So, no mail, no fanfiction, no livejournal. Sniffle.

So I want to wish everyone on my flist a happy summer holiday!

I'm home!

Jun. 17th, 2007 08:21 pm
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1-Came home from lovely Palma Nova in Mallorca yesterday. Me and my mum had a lovely time, just relaxing in the sun. And we walked, and walked. I don't think I've walked that much in two years or something. I've gotten a beautiful tan. I will post pictures later.

2-I had this bizarre dream today. It was very weird, having something to do with toys and clothes. And I needed help to carry it. So suddenly three Draco's comes to help me. And they needed clothes, so I gave them three identical outfits. But then one of them wrinkles his nose and says they needed different clothes because they couldn't look the same!

I hope that was understandable. I just thought that was so hilarious, even dream-me started laughing. That's just such a "Draco"-thing to say=)

3-I'm really tired now. I think I will sleep the rest of this week. The Summer holiday are starting next weekend, and I'm going away on Saturday!

4-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone are showing on tv now!


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