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Tomorrow I'm leaving for a year of Folk High School. In Norwegian Folkehøgskole. It's school, except it's not, because there's no grades and no homework. But it's school because I will be learning things. My course is called Volleyball and Ski. Besides the courses that come with my chosen line, I can also chose between a variety of other courses too. Like knitting, choir, drama, cooking, climbing, golfing, bicycling, and lots and lots of other things. I'm so very excited! I'll be living away from home for the first time ever, and I'll have a roommate!

So I cannot promise that I'll be around much. I'll have internet, but maybe not so very time. I'll still do the Three Sentence Ficathon in December, if you all want it, of course!(?) But if you want to get in touch with me, I think you'll have better luck on Tumblr, or by email.
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I'm really happy. Like, everyday I wake up and I feel good, even though I have this horrible cold. And for the first time in many years, the cold doesn't matter. I can still get up from the bed and go to work. Because, btw, I got a job! Right now it's only a temp job, but I've been going to work every day the last week. It's an assistant job in a kindergarten and it's so much fun. Tiring and exhausting, but in a very lovely way.

It's like a big block in my life has been unlocked and everything else is suddenly fantastic again! I'm writing! I'm drawing! I sing wherever I go!

I've fallen in love with Cabaret and it's the only thing playing on my ipod. And I'm writing Cabaret fic. Which after some brief searching I discovered there isn't much of. Okey by me, since this fic is based on the production I saw, and I don't know how coinciding that is with everybody else's headcanon. (If you want to see some pictures from that production you can see them here. Look at the lovely man playing the Emcee! And his stage presence was incredible. Whenever he was on stage it was physically impossible for me to look at anyone else. Something in the way he moved, hips first, and his eyes practically glowed in the dark. I saw this twice in three days. Yes, I saw it once and then decided I had to see it again.)


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