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I'm watching Paris Je t'aime. I love that movie. Not really because of the movie, but because of the memories I have of watching it for the first time. It's a dark basement, a cramped couch, ice-cream and marshmallow fluff and my three best guy friends at the time. It was a good time in my life. I was sick, and these three was the only ones who actually took time to spend some time with me. And even though we don't talk any more, I will forever love them for being my friends then. I do know that it's hard to be friends with someone who's sick. But they didn't forget me and they didn't mind that all I had the energy to do was to watch movies, because they were/ are pretentious movie hipsters, so that was their favorite thing to do anyway. So we watched movie after movie in a dark basement. And it was wonderful. And that's why I'll always love Paris Je t'aime. Because it's such a pretentious movie, that only annoying douches pretends to like.

But to be honest. Sometimes I'm a pretentious douche. So what the hell. My favorite part is the one with Rufus Sewell at Oscar Wilde's grave.

(I'm also uploading songs to share with you all later. All of my favorite songs this year. It probably won't be up until later or tomorrow. But it'll come.)

Also. Happy new year.
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Once or twice every month I have Wednesdays off. The reason being that on Wednesdays we have whole days devoted to only one subject, and I don't have two of those four subjects. Today was one of those days off and I decided to spend my day shopping for birthday presents. I'm invited to two birthdays this weekend. But, the problem was that I am very broke at the moment. I had not enough money to buy to presents, so I had to borrow money from my dad. No problem, really. When I got to the mall I quickly decided on what to buy. I got The Hangover for my guy friend and the first season of Weeds for my girl friend. Hopefully, they'll like it. The Hangover is a movie a guy would like, right?

Then, since I had spent so little time on the present shopping I decided to waste some time doing my favorite thing: Book browsing. I wasn't going to buy anything, with me being almost broke. So I walked around and just looked. I love looking at books. It's so soothing. But then I discovered that they had gotten Good Omens. Yeah... We all know my resolve would break. I read the first few pages and I laughed out loud several times. (People were looking at me.) And there was only one left! I had to buy it, I had to! So I did. I am definitively so very broke right now. I barely have enough money to take the bus.

This weekend the Biathlon World Cup is coming to Oslo. I wanna go so badly! I wanna see Emil Hegle Svendsen being awesome in person. But I can't. Not only cause I have no money! But also because my weekend is jammed packed already. As I mentioned I have two birthdays to go to. One birthday on Friday, one birthday on Saturday. And on Saturday I'm also going to be a Confirmation Leader for the kids who are going to get confirmed this year. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope I'll make a good leader.

I have finished my Triple H story, the one about Paige. And [ profile] grim_lupine was awesome enough to look it over for me as well. So I just have to edit the things she pointed out and then I'll post it for your reading pleasure!

Also! I want to watch White Collar, because I have found out that it might just be a show made for me, or something. But surfthechannel doesn't have it!! This is throwing me off, cause surfthechannel is supposed to have everything! (They had links to Max Manus, for christ sake!) So what do I do, all knowing flist? How am I gonna get to watch this show?

Is happy

Mar. 10th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Oh, I'm having a good week. Like really, really good. And after the crap week that was last week, this is nice.

I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D on Friday. Still not very impressed with the supposedly awesomeness that is 3D, but I didn't get a headache or anything. So yay for that, I suppose. The film itself was nothing to get all flaily over either. It was... okay. I liked the parts in England and then it just got... shiny and boring? The cat was awesome, though.

Do you all remember that week I had in the middle of February where had a test everyday? Well, I got my tests back and I got 5 on all of them! I am beyond proud of myself. Especially the History and Philosophy test. I was so sure I had royally fucked it up and he gave me a 5-!

Today I finished writing a personal essay about sports. Anyone who has paid any attention to my LJ the last month knows that I care about winter sports, so I'm feeling very confident in the topic. I've taken extra care on my language since I actually... kinda suck when it comes to writing in Norwegian. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a good grade.

But dude! What's happened to [ profile] isurrendered? It has gone almost completely dead! This makes me very sad, because it's my favorite LJ community by far!

So, flist has been kind of quiet lately. What's up with all of you? Are you doing ok?

Mind dump

Jan. 25th, 2010 05:45 pm
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* I am seriously struggling. I am like an emotional jojo: one day everything looks bright and I'm determined to turn my life around, and the next day I can barely get myself out of bed. What the fuck is wrong with me?

* In much cheerier news: [ profile] grim_lupine wrote the most awesome Edlyn (girl!Edmund) ficlet for me. And it's awesome and you should go read it: There are things of which they do not speak.

* A random thought: I saw Sweeney Todd again and am I the only one who watches that movie and think: "Anthony and Johanna will never last!"? Because dude! She's a girl who just wanted to get away from her perverted guardian and he fell in love with a girl in a window! There's no fucking way that relationship is going to work!

* I swear a lot. Like... pretty bad actually. I mostly only swear in english, which makes it not so bad to the people around me... but lately I'm actually saying: Motherfuckingcocksuckingpieceofshit out loud. I used to only say it loudly in my head, but now I actually say it out loud and I've realised that that is not actually a good thing... Yeah, I am so messed up and I can't seem to be able to do anything about it! GAAAHHH!

* Also: I think I am going to join the military when I'm done with school. I think it would be good for me. Get some discipline, follow orders, get in shape, get to know new people from around the country... Yeah, I think I'd like that.
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Okay, so actually talking a little serious about this fabulous movie, here's some of my thoughts. (Under a cut so you don't get spoiled if you don't want too.)

Anyone who can say Live Long and Prosper and make it sound like FUCK YOU! is a BAMF in my book! )

Also: This song is currently on repeat on my itunes:

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I took my spanish test today. It went surprisingly well considering how much time I've spent whining over how much I suck at it. Hopefully I'll get a 4, I'll probably get a 3+.

Still 4 movies left to guess here: C'mon people! They really aren't that hard. I'll give you hints if you want me too.
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1) I have a spanish test tomorrow, so of course, I'm spending time on my newly aquired AIM, instead, talking to [ profile] vagabond_pixie.

2) The DG fic is killing me!

3) Meme!! Snatched from [ profile] numbaby :

1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

These are all probably real easy, but I like them, and *I* at least think they are good. See if you can guess them! )
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I'm on a high right now. To days with Lightning Process, one day to go, and I feel great! Yesterday, I walked 2 km, went to the movies with my mother and saw The Dark Knight (most awesome movie ever!! You need to see it, no trust me, you need to see it!!) and when I got home I was tired, but I only had to rest for 12 min. before feeling fine. AND I slept all night! I can't remember the last time I fell asleep before 12 pm and slept through the night! And today.....! I worked out(!!!!) with my dad. We went biking! I biked for 6.7 km!!!!! It's been 4 years since I last could ride my bike. And I loved biking, it was my favorite kind of workout. And I'm so seriously happy!!! This is it, guys! I'm getting well. Like right now! I promise you that by Christmas I'm back at school doing ordinary teenage stuff!

And I realize that I've abused my exclamation button, but seriously!! SO EXCITED!!!

<<<<See the boys in my icon? That's me right now!
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It is so hot outside, and inside. Not that I complaining, per say, it's just that it's so freakin hot! And I like sun just as much as the next person, but I like it so I can sit in the shadows. But I do want to get a nice tan, and you don't get that by sitting in the shadows. But then I get these nasty headaches from all the sun. (It's been a long time since I have had headaches this bad, and it sucks!)

I have finished my femgen fic. It ended up with 6 chapters, which is pretty darn good by my standards. It's at my beta and I guess I will be posting it in a week or so.

Other than that there really isn't much going on. I've decided to go watch a couple of movies before school starts: Prince Caspian, Dark Knight and Mamma Mia! And since I'm broke I'm going to let my dad pay for it. *sniggers*
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I went to the movies and saw Sweeney Todd with my family tonight. It's been a long time since I've looked this forward to see a movie that I didn't know what was about. Really, all the hype on the net made me so excited to see it. And it didn't disappoint. I was a little sick when walking out because of all the blood, but after thinking about it, I really liked it.

Helena Bonham Carter was brilliant as Mrs. Lovett. I really thought she was good, and her voice wasn't bad either.

Johnny Depp was doing what he does best. Playing slightly disturbed and creepy men. He was good, and he was a very capable singer.

I'm currently sitting listening to my four favorite songs in the movie: Worst pies in London, Perilli's miracle elixir, A little priest and God, that's good.
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Yesterday I went to the movies and watched JUNO with my friend. My god, that movie was good. The soundtrack was just brilliant, it made the whole movie. I think I have to go and watch it one more time! So good.


Jan. 27th, 2008 12:12 am
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I saw Atonement today. It was so sad and so good! I mean, I'm just amazed at how good it was. It was so pretty to watch and the actors were so brilliant. James McAvoy is my new favorite actor. He is going to be big one day. And Keira Knightley was great as always, I've always thought she's great. I cried, getting my make-up all messed up. Typical, that the one night I wear make-up I have to go and mess it up;P

If you are wondering if it's worth seeing? Do it!! Watch it! It's the best movie I've seen in a long time. But be aware, you might want to bring tissues.
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The trailer is quite flashy, but it looks so good. Uhh, Umbridge is just so anoying. We get a little look of the Centaurs, Luna casting a Patronus, the Weasley twins' mayhem and the thestrals. This is going to be a great movie me thinks=)

You will loose everything! What kind of stupid line is that?


Nov. 30th, 2006 01:11 pm
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Llamas! I love them...!

Have you seen Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove"? Its so funny, I laugh so hard every time I see it!

Here's a really cool Llama song!


Nov. 22nd, 2006 02:00 am
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WOW! this is better then the trailer!! HBO OotP sneak peak preview.... It is filled with a lot of great things lots of spoilers, and its great=)The actors talk about the film, we get a better look at Bellatrix, and we get to hear Luna speak!

HBO OotP Sneak Preview! (MAJOR SPOILER)
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The Devil Wears Prada; it was really good, plain good entertainment. Nothing serious, just fun and a lot of pretty clothes. One thing though that irritated me, were that the main character Miranda Priestley (played by Meryl Streep) demanded the UNPUBLISHED manuscript of the new Harry Potter book. After many phone calls they actually managed to get a hold of it. All during this scene I was shaking my head, telling my mum, "that could never happen". I mean, is there a book with more security in the world right now? No way could you (no matter how important you are) take a couple of phone calls, throw out a couple of treats, and get a hold of the most guarded book/manuscript in the world! Right? RIGHT?

Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley: one of the city's biggest magazine editors. She is a ruthless bitch, and Meryl plays this role so well. When she gives that "look", I got chills running down my back!


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