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Title: And the Feeling is Dread
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Cabaret (Musical)
Characters: Sally Bowles, the Emcee, friendship

Summary: Nazi-Germany is closing in on them, and changing everything, but Sally refuses to see it.


And the Feeling is Dread )


Jun. 16th, 2012 02:41 pm
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So I wrote another Cabaret fic. I don't really know why, except for the fact that it lodged in my brain and I had to write it.

I'm half way through A Dance With Dragons, and I'm very anxious to finish, just so I can be up to speed. But the people in this book is being stupid. So stupid.

I went and saw RENT on Thursday. It was the same people who did Cabaret, and they were marvellous. So incredibly great. This time it was all in Norwegian and it was awesome. I love musicals.
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I wrote fic. And no one read it. And I'm really surprised at how much it doesn't bother me. I really thought I was more petty... But. Well, dude, this is a very obscure fandom. I think there's like eight Cabaret fics out there in cyber-space, so I'm really not surprised that it doesn't interests anyone. But I'm still very happy with the result. I wrote it for me, after all. And it was fun!
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Let the Drums Keep on Playing
- by [ profile] caramelsilver
Because somehow she always ended up back with him, older and wiser and with a broken heart.
Cabaret; Sally Bowles, the Emcee; pg; 3000 words

Let the Drums Keep on Playing )
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I think I'm just going to post my Cabaret fic here, and then, if any of you read it, would you just point out mistakes and weird passages?
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So I no longer have a paid-account, first time in two years that I see this really annoying ads. I don't love LJ enough to buy another year, but damn, it is annoying. How serious are people about dreamwidth? Like... could I change journal and not really miss anything? Give me the honest truth?

I spent the weekend in London! And it was marvellous! It was my birthday slash Christmas gift from my parents, and my mum and I took a plane early Friday morning. We spent all of Friday shopping. I think I've never spent so much money on clothes at once before, but I'm so pleased with everything I bought. Because before I left I made a list over what I needed and wanted and then I simply followed it.

Friday evening we saw Les Miserables. I booked the tickets because I wanted to see Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser, so I was a bit disappointed when they announced that Hadley's understudy was on as Javert. But not much can really ruin Les Mis for me, and Shaun Dalton was magnificent! Ramin was really, truly good as well. He has such a wonderful stage presence. Helen Owen was on as Eponine, which I was thrilled about! She was on as Eponine last time I saw it as well, and she's so good. Scott Garnham was on as Enjolras, and since the things I heard of Liam Tamne wasn't all that good, I was happy to see Scott instead.

On Saturday I woke up feeling not all that good, and the morning was spent eating and going to Russell Square to buy books at my favorite bookstore in the world! The prices there are magnificent for a girl who has to pay a 100 kr for every paperback at home. Then we went to the Phantom of the Opera matinee. I already knew that I wouldn't get any of the performers I wanted when I booked the tickets. Earl was off, and Killian was on holiday, so we got the standby Phantom Scott Davies and the understudy Christine Claire Doyle and understudy Raoul Nadim Naaman. Claire and Nadim was fabulous together. I loved their dynamic, they were both so young and sweet together and I totally believed in their love. The Phantom had a glorious voice! But I'm not much of a Phantom girl, so he didn't really grab me all that much. The true star of the show, though, is the sets and the costumes! I've never seen Phantom live before and the sets and the lighting truly blew me away.

I didn't enjoy the show as much as I should, because I sat there with a fever, and the rest of the day wasn't too fun. Sunday was really not fun. And I've been sick all of this week too.

Other news that I've neglected to share with you: I have a job! I now work 80% at a kindergarten. I love it. It's hard work, but a lot of fun. When I willingly go to work with a fever that's a good sign that I'm enjoying what I do.


My Cabaret fic! I'm in love with it and I really want to share it. But not until I get someone to look it over. Because it's been like six months since I last wrote something, and I'd really like for someone to check my grammar. Anyone up for looking over 2000ish word fic? Please?
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I'm really happy. Like, everyday I wake up and I feel good, even though I have this horrible cold. And for the first time in many years, the cold doesn't matter. I can still get up from the bed and go to work. Because, btw, I got a job! Right now it's only a temp job, but I've been going to work every day the last week. It's an assistant job in a kindergarten and it's so much fun. Tiring and exhausting, but in a very lovely way.

It's like a big block in my life has been unlocked and everything else is suddenly fantastic again! I'm writing! I'm drawing! I sing wherever I go!

I've fallen in love with Cabaret and it's the only thing playing on my ipod. And I'm writing Cabaret fic. Which after some brief searching I discovered there isn't much of. Okey by me, since this fic is based on the production I saw, and I don't know how coinciding that is with everybody else's headcanon. (If you want to see some pictures from that production you can see them here. Look at the lovely man playing the Emcee! And his stage presence was incredible. Whenever he was on stage it was physically impossible for me to look at anyone else. Something in the way he moved, hips first, and his eyes practically glowed in the dark. I saw this twice in three days. Yes, I saw it once and then decided I had to see it again.)
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[Poll #1814920]

And lastly, would someone like to beta my fic? You don't really have to know the story, I just need someone to look it over, weed out the mistakes and tell me if the emotions I want to convey is being conveyed. This is the first thing I've written in months and I'm just happy that I have finally written something just because I wanted to write it!! :D Story is around 1700 words.


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