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Title: Fading Neon Lights
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: RENT
Word count: 666
Summary: He filmed everything now, like a desperate last attempt to keep them all here. He wanted to preserve them, save them from death, and make them immortal.

Link to AO3

Fading Neon Lights )
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Title: And the Feeling is Dread
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Cabaret (Musical)
Characters: Sally Bowles, the Emcee, friendship

Summary: Nazi-Germany is closing in on them, and changing everything, but Sally refuses to see it.


And the Feeling is Dread )
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Let the Drums Keep on Playing
- by [ profile] caramelsilver
Because somehow she always ended up back with him, older and wiser and with a broken heart.
Cabaret; Sally Bowles, the Emcee; pg; 3000 words

Let the Drums Keep on Playing )
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I think I'm just going to post my Cabaret fic here, and then, if any of you read it, would you just point out mistakes and weird passages?
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[Poll #1814920]

And lastly, would someone like to beta my fic? You don't really have to know the story, I just need someone to look it over, weed out the mistakes and tell me if the emotions I want to convey is being conveyed. This is the first thing I've written in months and I'm just happy that I have finally written something just because I wanted to write it!! :D Story is around 1700 words.
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Title: Visions of the Sea
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Characters/Spoilers: Lucy Pevensie. Voyage of the Dawn Trader.
Summary: You see things that are not meant to be seen. You see, or you know, that this is the last time.

AN: A remix of [ profile] snacky's: so the landscape before you looks just like the edge of the world. Written for Remix Redux 9: Love Potion No. 9

Visions of the Sea )
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Title: A Great Escape Indeed
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: Fighting, blood, killing of OC background characters.
Summary: Peter gets kidnapped and Edmund has to rescue him.

AN: Thanks so much to my beta [ profile] sgrio. Written for the 2010 [ profile] narniaexchange for [ profile] wingedflight21

A Great Escape Indeed )
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Title: The Girl Who Wouldn't Get in Line
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Anastasia
Characters: Comrade Phlegmenkoff, Anya
Rating: PG
Word count: 2200
Warnings: None.
Prompt: 8) Could I write all, the world would turn to stone.--Caterina Sforza (early 1463-1509), Italian warrior-ruler of Imola and Forli, in a letter to her professor, written from a prison cell in Rome.

Summary: Comrade Phlegmenkoff had never had a child in her care quite like little Anya.

AN: Written for the [ profile] femgenficathon. Thank you to [ profile] han_corrupted for the beta.

Only a week prior, the city had been in chaos and the end of the Russian Empire had been a reality. The royal family had been killed and communism had been instated. )
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Title: Bookshops in Winter
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Jesse/Rachel
Word count: 995
Warnings/Spoilers: All of season 1

Prompt: Jesse coming back for Christmas holidays and meeting Rachel in the bookshop that appeared in 1x14 given by [ profile] laura_sommeils.

AN: Because I'm a fic writing machine! Written for the [ profile] rachelandjesse spam post. Thanks to the awesome [ profile] grim_lupine for the beta &hearts

ETA: I just realised that by all means, Rachel Berry should not be celebrating Christmas. So sorry for the mistake, but I won't change the story. Consider this your heads up for the massive canon!fail in this fic.

She thought that would be it. He'd understand that the bookshop was hers now and avoid it for the rest of his holiday. )
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Title: The Dice Was Loaded From the Start
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Jesse/Rachel
Word count: 1050
Rating: PG
Warnings: That scene we hate from 1x21.

Summary: Jesse St. James never really lied to Rachel Berry, except once.

AN: The title is taken from Romeo and Juliet- the Killers. Thanks so much to [ profile] grim_lupine for the quick and brilliant beta.

Jesse St. James was a good liar. )
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So, since it seems to be the new trend, I thought I'd try out post on DW and cross-post to LJ. I'm not really a big fan of change, and learning a new set of journal rules makes me a little scared, but I don't want to be left behind. You all seem to be immigrating over here, so I thought I'd at least try it out.

First thing first! My fic Out From the Shadow-Lands is being read as a podfic by the awesome [ profile] makinhistory over at Narnia Fan Fiction Revolution! You can download the first chapter here.

Second: I'm so amazed by how many participants there are for the [ profile] narniaexchange already. Since the sign-ups doesn't end until June 19th (because that's when school ends and I have summer vacation.) I'm really looking forward to seeing how many will sign-up this year. We have already surpassed last years number. I AM SO EXCITED! The prompts are simply awesome.

Third... was there a third? Oh, yes. I want to cut my hair. I have very long hair right now. It almost reaches the middle of my back. I have spent five years getting it this long, and I have never had longer hair than I have right now. I have always been a short-hair-girl. And now I'm getting really sick of my long hair. It's... boring. So I'm going to cut it. Even though some part of me is going "NOOO! Think of how long you've spent getting it this long!" the other part is like "So what? It's getting in the way. SHOP IT OFF, BITCH! THE SUMMER IS GOING TO BE HOT!" Clearly, the last part is winning.

I want to cut it like this Picture under here ) What do you think? You think I could pull that off? I think so...
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Title: Company Between Us
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Narnia
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7400
Characters: Susan Pevensie and Edmund Pevensie
Warnings: Spoilers through all seven books. Smoking and drinking. One or two swear words.

Summary: Susan is all alone after the death of her family and Edmund thinks she needs a little help living her life again.

AN: HAPPY VERY BELATED 18 BIRTHDAY LIZ! This is the very late birthday fic for the most awesome girl on the net and my BOF! (Best Online Friend) [ profile] lizzie_marie_23! Thank you to [ profile] ayascyte and [ profile] han_corrupted for the brilliant beta.

Read without the annoyance of my layout.

Edmund smiled at her tone and snapped his fingers; a lit cigarette appeared in his hand. She rolled her eyes. 'Oh, Susan. I'm here because you are my sister, because you are alone...' He took a drag, then he smirked, 'and simply because I can.' )
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There's three weeks left of school, and suddenly I got a buttload of work to do. Yesterday I got the offer to try and change my English grade from a 5 to a 6; which I of course took. So now I'm making a presentation about the UK General Election. I think I'm doing ok, but I'm performing it tomorrow, so I'm real nervous.

Then there's a rapport about the school trip we went on last week, that has to be done by tomorrow evening as well.

On Wednesday I have to turn in an essay about death and my view of it. (Tell me: Are you afraid of dying? What do you think happens afterwards? Do you think of death often? Please help me!!)

I also have the end of term exam in English on Wednesday as well. So I'm going to be happy when Thursday rolls around next week.

Don't expect to see me around.

Here's a short ficlet I wrote on [ profile] comment_fic the other day:

Charmed, Chris Halliwell, pathological liar

Here, in this time, in this world, truth has no place for Chris... )
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Title: Untitled (or I ship Jesse/His Hair now!)
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Jesse/Rachel Jesse/His Hair
Word count: 272
Warnings: crack.

Summary/Author Notes: This is all [ profile] ritabites fault and her awesome Jesse/Rachel picspam and this conversation:

[ profile] caramelsilver: Is it just me, or, in the gif with Jacob, is Jesse looking a little marble vampire like there?
[ profile] caramelsilver: IT'S ALL IN THE GROOMING!
[ profile] ritabites: now that i think about it im suprised he wasn't the one curling his hair right before the almost!sex
[ profile] caramelsilver: *spoorfle* You are so right. He probably used the time to reapply some hair mousse! After all he did promise to look "fastidiously groomed" :P
[ profile] ritabites: They should have done cut aways to him with a pocket mirror, freaking out that he hadn't had enough time to prepare.
[ profile] caramelsilver: Obviously there must be fic like this somewhere!? RIGHT!? Or else I might have to write it myself...

So I did!

It had been hours since he had last groomed his hair! )
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Title: fragment of a name
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Supernatural
Word count: 1073
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: Pre-series.

Summary: Sam Winchester had never been just Sam Winchester. He had never been that boy living in the house on the corner, you know the one dear. He had never been, get off my lawn, boy! And keep your grubby hands off my apples! He had never had to stand sweaty in front of his neighbour's door, afraid to ask for the cup of sugar his mother needed to bake a pie. Sam Winchester had never experienced any of these things.

AN: This fic is written for [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 because she is awesome and got into college. I love you, bb! Also a big thank you to [ profile] grim_lupine who is a great beta and helped me to see that this fic doesn't suck.

The envelope is heavy in his hand and he carries it around for a week before he even opens it. )
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I love Sundays like these. I get to sleep in, there's biathlon on TV (my bb. Emil Hegle Svendsen didn't do all that well today. He's still in the lead to win the World Cup, though!) and there's ski jumping in the new Holmenkollen! (The ski jump hill in Oslo.) My mum is cooking dinner in the kitchen and my dog is lying comfortably in my lap. Yeah, this is a nice ending to a great week.

A few things:

- The dating on the Three Sentence Ficathon goes out tomorrow and I've decided to not do anything about that. It seems people are mostly done playing. You can still find it in my links if the urge to write some three sentence fics strikes you.

- I wrote my first Triple H. story last night. Here There Be Rules is a story about the three main teachers and their rules. I imagine these scenes would take place in the middle of episode one. (Here There Be Rules is actually the name of the first episode, now that I think about it.)

- I have finished writing another one! Yeah, I'm just on fire this weekend. This one is about the back story of Paige Dawson. I'll have to edit it a few times, because it's a little long, and I'm not sure if all of it is all that good.

- I have gathered everything I have ever written on my delicious page. I have written 38 stories. I am impressed with myself.
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Title: All Manner of Things (Shall Be Well)
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: PG
Word count: 6600
Warnings: Genderbend (girl!Edmund)

Summary: All through her life Lucy has always been there. Edlyn had not always appreciated that, but as they grow up, so does their relationship.

AN: Written as a Christmas present for [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 who wanted:"Edlyn growing up jealous of Lucy, but then once they get to Narnia they start to respect each other." Title is paraphrased from Little Gidding a poem written by T.S Eliot. Thank you to [ profile] grim_lupine for the quick and brilliant beta.

Click here if you want to read it on a white background

All Manner of Things (Shall Be Well) )
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Title: Men of their Word
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Warnings: Genderfuck. (boy!Susan and boy!Lucy)
Word count: 1000
Prompt: Chronicles of Narnia, all-male!Pevensies and female!Rabadash, it's not that we don't like her well no, actually, it is.

Summary: When Princess Raba of Calormen visit the Narnian court, King Sam is instantly enamored. His brothers on the other hand...

AN: Meet Peter, Samuel, Edmund and Lucas Pevensie. This was supposed to be three sentences and then it turned into this. Awesome prompt! Thanks so much to [ profile] grim_lupine for the quick beta. You rock, Nikki!

Men of their Word )
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Because I really have a thing for genderbend my favorite characters, I have now tried my hand at all male Pevensies. There's eight three sentence fics under the cut.

Meet Peter, Samuel, Edmund and Lucas Pevensie )


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