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Title: Visions of the Sea
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Characters/Spoilers: Lucy Pevensie. Voyage of the Dawn Trader.
Summary: You see things that are not meant to be seen. You see, or you know, that this is the last time.

AN: A remix of [ profile] snacky's: so the landscape before you looks just like the edge of the world. Written for Remix Redux 9: Love Potion No. 9

Visions of the Sea )
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Title: Company Between Us
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Narnia
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7400
Characters: Susan Pevensie and Edmund Pevensie
Warnings: Spoilers through all seven books. Smoking and drinking. One or two swear words.

Summary: Susan is all alone after the death of her family and Edmund thinks she needs a little help living her life again.

AN: HAPPY VERY BELATED 18 BIRTHDAY LIZ! This is the very late birthday fic for the most awesome girl on the net and my BOF! (Best Online Friend) [ profile] lizzie_marie_23! Thank you to [ profile] ayascyte and [ profile] han_corrupted for the brilliant beta.

Read without the annoyance of my layout.

Edmund smiled at her tone and snapped his fingers; a lit cigarette appeared in his hand. She rolled her eyes. 'Oh, Susan. I'm here because you are my sister, because you are alone...' He took a drag, then he smirked, 'and simply because I can.' )

*big grin*

Apr. 27th, 2010 08:31 pm
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I am completely drunk on life. Life is fabulous! Norway is wonderful during spring and the Russ are out celebrating again. Life is good. And to top that off, fandom is pure bliss right now. I'm completely in love with both Glee (Jesse/Rachel= &hearts) and Doctor Who (Matt Smith= UNF.) Supernatural is also fun. All in all, I'm having fun, my shows are making me happy, and I'm writing again.

Do any of you want to beta a 7000 word long Narnia fic? I think I might need more than one person to look this one over, because I feel that I might have lost my touch with the characters... It's about Susan and Edmund. And I'm having trouble ending it.

I've started to think about [ profile] narniaexchange again. I'm thinking I'll start sign-ups in the end of May...
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Title: All Manner of Things (Shall Be Well)
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: PG
Word count: 6600
Warnings: Genderbend (girl!Edmund)

Summary: All through her life Lucy has always been there. Edlyn had not always appreciated that, but as they grow up, so does their relationship.

AN: Written as a Christmas present for [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 who wanted:"Edlyn growing up jealous of Lucy, but then once they get to Narnia they start to respect each other." Title is paraphrased from Little Gidding a poem written by T.S Eliot. Thank you to [ profile] grim_lupine for the quick and brilliant beta.

Click here if you want to read it on a white background

All Manner of Things (Shall Be Well) )
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Title: An Art to It
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Rating: PG
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: N/A
Summary: At Dragon Island Lucy challenge Edmund to a knife throwing match.

AN: Originally written for [ profile] narniaexchange. Thank you to Elecktrum for the awesome beta.

An Art to It )
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Title: Set Sail East
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver 
Fandom: Narnia
Word count: 100 words.

Summary: It was a dream they had.

Set Sail East )

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Title: For Duty's Sake
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver 
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 4700

Summary: Of what value is a man's life be he brother or king or spy? What price would Edmund pay for any of them?

AN: One scene in this story was written for the [ profile] narniaexchange , that scene is almost the same. The rest is new. I re-wrote it because I thought it deserved more. I knew there were more story, but in November I didn't have the time to write it. This is that story.

For Duty's Sake )
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Title: Justice
Rating: PG 13
Word count: 238 words
Summary: The scene after the end. "For a moment everything was quiet, until Susan screamed and Peter let out a strangled cry."

Author's Note: This is a direct continuation of Lirenel's "Nor Cease In Singing Twilight". It's an absolute must that you read that story before reading this, or else it will make no sense. Thanks a lot to Lirenel for letting me write this and to elecktrum for looking it over.

Justice )
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Title: Blinding Light
: G
Word count: 
100 words
Summary: The light spread into her body and filled up her soul.

Blinding Light )

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Title: At the Demand of the Sun
Rating: G
Word count: 100 words
Summary:  Slowly, like the fog disappearing at the demand of the sun, she knew where she was.

At the Demand of the Sun )
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Title: Free Again
Rating: G
Word count: 100 words
Summary: The tension cleared and he was free again.

Free Again )


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Title: Breathing Air
Rating: G
Word count: 100 words
Summary:  He feel it when he breathes.
Author's Note: Response to Weekly Challenge #12 (Sweet) at   [ profile] justkingedmund 
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Air He Breathed In )
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I've decided that I'd like to have all my writings in one spot, so obviously this post is more for my benefit than yours.

Master list )
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I have finished posting my first chaptered fic!

Title: Out from the Shadow-Lands
Author: Cirolane
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some gore in chapter 5. Spoilers for all seven books.
Prompt: 108) If I waited to be right before I spoke, I would be sending little cryptic messages on the Ouija board, complaints from the other side. -- Audre Lorde

Summary: “The morning was grey. When she looked out the window, it looked as if someone had forgotten to put the colour on this day.” After the death of her family, Susan tries to cope.

AN: Elecktrum is awesome, and with out her this would read horribly. Thanks for the beta, E!

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)
(Chapter 3)
(Chapter 4)
(Chapter 5)

Please read and leave a review!
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You can read the first chapter of my [ profile] femgenficathon fic here:

Title: Out From the Shadow-Lands
Author: Cirolane
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Some gore in chapter 5. Spoilers for all seven books.
Prompt: If I waited to be right before I spoke, I would be sending little cryptic messages on the Ouija board, complaints from the other side. -- Audre Lorde
Summary: “The morning was grey. When she looked out the window, it looked as if someone had forgotten to put the colour on this day.” After the death of her family, Susan tries to cope.

AN:This will be my first ever chaptered fic. There are 5 chapters plus an epilogue. Thanks a bunch to Elecktrum for the wonderful beta, without her this story wouldn’t be this good. I did not use the prompt.
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Here's the drabble that is no longer a drabble! [ profile] persephone33 wanted: the four siblings in Narnia, where Peter gets embarrassed.

Title: The One Thing Peter Can't Do
Author: Caramelsilver/Cirolane
Beta: elecktrum

Summary:It was annoying how Peter was good at everything, but there was one thing the High King couldn’t do: he couldn’t handle a bow and arrow

Read on to see Peter attempting archery! )
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A lot of things have happened lately.

Firstly: Remember that game show I signed up to? Well, I got through the first round. I'm going on audition next Wednesday. I'm so extremely nervous and I'm seriously doubting my skills.

Second: I signed up for the FemGenFicathon! It's the first time I've ever done something like that. They have a good deadline, I don't have to turn in my fic before 1. October. (The reason I never participated on the dgficexchange was because I'm unsure if I can write a fic on a deadline. So I thought I'd try this one first. If it goes well I think I'll sign up to the next one=D) I've gotten my quote, but it really doesn't do anything for me. I don't even now what it means. Luckily I don't have to use it. I've already written 4000 words and I'm not even halfway!! I've never written something that long. This fic going to be huge, or at least huge for my standards, meaning long oneshot. My story is about Susan Pevensie. (Surprised?)

Here's my quote, if you could help me with what it actually means(!) I would love you lots!
108) If I waited to be right before I spoke, I would be sending little cryptic messages on the Ouija board, complaints from the other side. -- Audre Lorde.
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I have written another Narnia fic! Another Narnia fic you say, when are you going back to write for D/G, you ask? I don't know. Lately its been easier to write Narnia then D/G. I have a D/G story in my mind but Ginny won't behave and I can't seem to manage to write it down. Back to my Narnia fic. It's called the Photograph, and I strongly urge you to read it and tell me what you think!

The Photograph by Cirolane
In an attic in Finchley, two brothers sat in the declining light looking at a picture. It gave them no joy, only sadness, to look at the photograph.
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Fan-girl- is a pejorative term used to describe an individual who is utterly devoted to a single fannish subject, or to a single point of view within that subject, often to the point where it is considered an obsession.

When you say fan-girl, I think about twelve year old girls that say 'like' a lot. I have, in my mind re-named them fanbrats. My point is that I didn't consider myself a fan-girl. I am a girl that is a fan. But recent events have me re-analyze that and I have to confess that I am a fan-girl. But not to a general subject, I'm fan girl-ing a person.

elecktrum who writes the most amazing Narnia stories, and I am totally fan girl-ing her. I have a compulsion thing were I have to review every single chapter she writes. (I do not think she minds. I know that I love getting reviews for my stories, I assume other authors like it as well.) She is the nicest person and she have even beta'd my two Narnia stories.

The point is that I'm a little ashamed to find that I am in fact a fan-girl. In my head only bubblegum popping twelve year olds, 'like totally awesome' are fan-girls, I guess I was wrong.

New ficlet

Dec. 21st, 2007 12:36 am
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I am being really productive lately. I have written an other Narnia fic! Well it's more like a ficlet on 700 words. But I really like it when I get attacked by a plot bunny. I have so much fun writing and I think I'm getting better and better.

Here it is. I will probably re-write it later. But I would be really happy if you would read it and give me some feedback. Constructive criticisms is really good. Remember this is just a first draft but I could really need some feedback.

Frost- by Caramelsilver aka Cirolane aka Caroline

When winter was in its coldest months, king Edmund the Just have a scar on his stomach that felt as cold as the weather outside.  )


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