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Hello all!

I've had a really good day today. It's funny how a good day can turn your outlook on life completely. Right now I feel like I can conquer the world. Very different from what I was feeling yesterday. It's a nice feeling :)

Today I've had a weird kind of work out. Some of you might not think of it as work out, but I promise you, my legs are are not lying. I walked from church, which is a fifteen minutes walk, uphill, in heels. Heels! people. And I'm generally not very good at walking in heels, but my latest shoe purchases have all been high heels, so I just have to learn how to walk in them. So I'm determined to beat my feet into submission and force them to like walking in heels. Walking home from church wasn't really part of the plan though, when I wore the heels today. But! It was a good work out, and my feet are getting stronger. So it's all good.

The Master List has been posted over at [ profile] narniaexchange. The list this year is a good one, cause I added the summaries too, so you can just browse through the list and see if there's something that catches your eye. Go and read and enjoy. The fics are ridiculously good as always.

I wrote There Will Be Times; a fic about Susan and her early days as queen and um, stuff. I'll post it here later.

The fic written for me Christmas with the Pevensies by [ profile] elenielofnarnia is utterly perfect and fills my prompt to a T! And you should all go and read it and give her lots of love!

Also, if the whole exchange thing isn't quite your thing, but you'd like to write a Narnia fic with some kind of framework, then our plans to have a Narnia mini-bigbang might be something for you? Come over to [ profile] snacky's journal and help us brainstorm.
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So life is somewhat hard to keep up with. Which is why I've been very, very scares lately.

But here's an update in bullet-form:

- I've cut my hair! Is very pleased.

- Started school again. This is, God willing, the last year. (Please, please, please let me finish this year!)

- I'm having anxiety attacks about doing things I should do. Like getting a job, asking someone for a recommendation, calling my driving-teacher, cleaning my room!. I'm just avoiding and procrastinating. It's a serious problem.

- So I'm feeling very empty. But some things are really great though. Church is, as always, a light in my very gloomy life. The people there make me very, very happy.

- I'm really looking forward to colder weather, so I can start wearing scarves and boots!

Fandom things:

- [ profile] narniaexchange is going on. Go and read all the lovely fics. I have actually written one of the fics. The second fic I've written this year. Yeah, aren't I creative this year??

- Watched all of Games of Thrones in two days, and wow, I adore it! It's great.

- Next up! The Borgias.

- I have also been watching a lot of Charmed. I've forgotten how much I love that show, and how much I adore these girls! I've been focusing so much on how much I adored Chris and Wyatt that I'd forgotten that they were awesome all on their own too. Piper Halliwell is the most awesome woman ever.
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I'm having all these thoughts that are fandom related, and I always forget to put them into a post, so here's what I've been thinking about lately:

First of all: If you are going to read only one auto-biography this year, then it HAS to be Tina Fey's Bossypants! It's the funniest book I have EVER read! It trumps everything. It's funnier than Good Omens. I was reading it on my way home from London, and I was sitting at Gatwick Airport, with people sitting around me. And I know how annoying it is when people laugh at something and you don't know what it is, but I just couldn't help myself. I was literally laughing out loud. Loudly! I had to stop reading, to cover my face, and laugh. I laughed so much that the lady sitting beside me asked: "So you recommend it then?" And I said: "Yes, so very much. It's really, really funny." And she said: "Yeah, I can see that."

You may think you are the most awesome woman in the world, and I'm not saying that you aren't really bloody awesome, because of course you are!, but Tina Fey is head bitch of awesome forever! Bow down to your queen. Her book is amazing. It's empowering, and just plain inspiring. It makes you want to be a better woman just so you can impress her. READ IT! You will not regret it.

2. Doctor Who mid-season six spoilers! )

3. If you are thinking about signing up for the Narnia Fic Exchange you have to do it now. Because it closes tonight. But even if you don't sign-up, don't go away, because we have planned a Narnia Summer of Awesome, where lots of things will happen and everyone will have fun. Promise!

4. Love Never Dies is apparently closing this August, so now I'm even more pleased that I managed to catch it while in London! Still super happy that I got to see David and Ramin.

5. Speaking of David Thaxton. How much do I want him to play Enjorlas in the Les Miserables movie that are in pre-production now? SO FREAKING MUCH! PLEASE UNIVERSE, MAKE IT SO! MAKE IT SO!
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I just aced my oral exam and now it's officially summer vacation!

In Norway we don't have exams in all our subjects. They pick out three subjects that you have to do a written exam on and one where you have to have an oral presentation. My written exams where Norwegian and English Literature, and I won't know the result of those until July. My oral exam is a forty-eight hour thing. So on Tuesday I found out that I came up in history. (Remember how I said anything but history, please? Yeah, so I was bummed about that for a while.) Then I was given a pep-talk by my teacher and given the assignment: "The Cold War and Norwegian politics from 1945 to 1975." Yes. That's a whole lot of history. Then I was given forty-eight hours to study and make a presentation. Then I went home and I... well I slept. Yeah, I went home and I slept for an hour and a half. That's how I deal with stress. I sleep.

Let's just say that the last 24 hours have been an emotional roller-coaster. You know those montages in movies, where one second the heroine is typing like crazy, books everywhere around her, then she's crying hysterically, then she's reading some more, then she's running around her room tearing her hair and yelling at the walls, then she's typing, then she sits completely still and staring at the wall, then some more crying, some more studying, then she's sitting and eating cheezits with a vacant expression? Yeah, that's me.

And I'm not even joking. When I finished my script last night, and all I had to do was learn it, I suddenly was struck by the feeling that I had misinterpreted the assignment and that I was going to fail. So, nice feeling to go to bed with. Luckily, the brain is a wonderful organ and when I woke up this morning it remembered all the things it needed to remember.

When I'm stressed I become a nightmare. I'm not joking, I feel sorry for all my loved ones because I get this giant need to share my misery with everyone. I am incapable of suffering alone, you see. So my boy, who is not really my boy, but kinda sorta is, has had to suffer through an endless amount of texts where I urge him to come and shoot me, because that would be the most humane thing to do, then where I just talk nonsense, and just. Yeah. I become completely crazycakes.

But that's not important any more, because it went so incredibly well! I knew all the things I needed to know, and when they asked me questions afterwards I knew the answers to those as well! I got a 6! SIX! And I'm so proud, and happy that I didn't disappoint my teacher (which was my biggest fear!) and I'm just grinning from ear to ear!

I'm also really proud of the fact that I managed to stay away from LJ, Tumblr and Twitter while I was working. Really, amazingly well done. The only site I allowed my self was Texts From Last Night which I find endlessly amusing, and it's a great place for my brain to just take a break and laugh for a while.

So now, it's officially summer vacation and I have survived an other year of school. Now I only have to suffer through a year where I take all the subjects I've dropped: Geography, Nature, Spanish, Math, and Social Knowledge. Doesn't that sound like fun, kids?

**Other news. Go sign up for [ profile] narniaexchange it will be fun! We have lots of treats planned for you, so people won't be bored and drift away!
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On Thursday I'm going to London with my brother. I am absolutely besides myself with excitement! We're seeing Les Miserables, which, while not the sole reason, is the main reason why we're going and I CANNOT WAIT!! But, what else should I do? Do you have any suggestions to must dos in London?

And now I'm going to rec a lot of things:

On the internet:

- [ profile] narniaexchange has a Tumblr now! Join it! so if you, like me, are spending more time on Tumblr than on LJ you will still be able to keep up with the exchange! (Is it sad that I'm jealous of how many followers it already has? Yes, a bit sad, I'd say.)

- This blog: smart, pretty and awkward is a brilliant advice blog that's just a delight to read. But it on your flist. You won't regret it!

- On Tumblr, I'd recommend adding brotips to your dash. I know many are tired of all these "rules" blogs, but this one is great, smart and not condescending. And yeah, it says bros, but women can be bros too, and the advice is brilliant and poignant most of the time!

To read:

-The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. And if you have read those books, then you should read this brilliant fic: To the Victor, the Spoils by [ profile] annakovsky IT'S THE BEST FIC IN THE WORLD! When I finished the books this was exactly what I wanted to read, but I didn't think it would exist. AND THEN IT DID! AND I READ IT AND LOVED IT! And now I'm sad that this is the only one of its kind. It's AU, after the Hunger Games. Peeta is dead and Katniss is the victor, and everything is fucked up, messed up and AWESOME! The pairing is Katniss/Haymitch, sort of. So you're warned about that. But if anyone would like to write me something like this then they are so allowed!

- ALSO! Why did no one tell me about all the wonderful genderfuck fics in The Social Network fandom? [ profile] grim_lupine I'm looking at you! Read: my fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation girl!Mark, who decides to embrace the bitch title and gets a killer makeover that shows her (awesome) breasts and all the boys in the yard (Eduardo) are all 0____0 (description found on delicious). This is brilliant and just so good to read! I love it, love it, love it. Written on the kink meme, though, so there's mistakes here and there, and some parts are better than others. But overall, really good and feeds my genderfuck obsession quite nicely ;)

- Lastly. If any of you haven't started to watch Community yet! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! BEST SHOW EVER AND I'M NOT KIDDING ABOUT THAT. BEST. SHOW. EVER!
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Title: A Great Escape Indeed
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: Fighting, blood, killing of OC background characters.
Summary: Peter gets kidnapped and Edmund has to rescue him.

AN: Thanks so much to my beta [ profile] sgrio. Written for the 2010 [ profile] narniaexchange for [ profile] wingedflight21

A Great Escape Indeed )
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My last night as a teenager. Kinda weird.

Here's a list of what I want for my birthday, but will never get because I have either not told anybody, or it's kind of hard to get here:

- Mock the Week: Too hot for TV 3
- Les Miserables 25AC DVD
- All of Ed Byrnes DVD's
- Frankie Boyle's new DVD
- Inception
- The Complete Series of Rome

Yeah, that's just DVD's. But I will get them when I'm going to London. Me and my brother is planning a trip around Easter time. It's about time he get to see Les Miserables. (And it's about time that I get to see it again too. Might consider going to see Love Never Dies as well. I'm not sure how rich I'll be around that time, so we'll see.)

BTW: Reveals are UP! at [ profile] narniaexchange
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First thing first: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. is awesome. If you're a fan, if you've read the book, you will love and adore this movie.

November is still being awesome. I'm getting some nerves for the gym exam, which I'm so not looking forward too. Is it Tuesday evening yet?

some personal shit that I don't really want to broadcast, so if you want to know you actually have to make an effort... Muhahhaha! )

Other things in list form:

- Nominations are going on over at [ profile] narniaexchange. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE! go over there and nominate some fics. Please.

- Should I sign up for NFFR Secret Santa exchange?

- Do I need a new banner for the Three Sentence Ficathon?
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Right now I'm just lurking around the net hoping to waste some time until midnight, so I can post the next NFE fic and then get the hell to bed. *Sigh* Only forty-five minutes left.
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School is taking a lot of my time. But it's fun. I'm handling it very well, and I'm learning a lot of new interesting things!

Posting has started at [ profile] narniaexchange. The first three stories has been so great and original and not in the least similar to each other! Go and read and review.

Also, [ profile] comment_fic is having a three sentence theme again. Go play!


Sep. 13th, 2010 10:39 pm
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A curious fact about me:

After I got my shiny mac, I'm obsessively cleaning it all the time. I have a special piece of cloth for it and everything. It's just that smudges and dirt really shows on the Mac and I can't handle it being there. So I clean it, every day or so. Yeah...

Another fact:

I'm not very good at being mean. I'm a yes-person. If you ask me for something and it's within my power to help you, give you it, make it so, I will do it.

Which is why I'll probably need someone to co-mod the [ profile] narniaexchange with me next year, because I'm incapable of saying no.

One last fact:

I get very easily hooked on pain-killers. Which is why someone should take away my Pinex.

I'm a tiny bit sad right now.
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Ugh, so I got sick again. My sinuses hates me again. On Sunday I woke up groggy and as the day wore on my face wanted to kill me. But that was sorta okay, because it was a Sunday, and I can be sick on Sundays. Then I woke up Monday morning and it felt like my face was going to explode. I tried to get up, but realised pretty quickly that this was not going to work. Better to just throw in the towel and call the doctor. So now I got one sick day on my record and I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. I hate it! This was not supposed to happen this year. I was going to go the entire autumn without being sick. ACH!

I went to the doctors and got some meds and got my body to school today. Feeling better, but not great. Tomorrow is what we call Fagdag, an entire school day with only one subject. (Fag= Subject, dag= day.) I cannot be sick on one of those days because the sick leave would be atrociously high.

[ profile] narniaexchange is giving me a headache, but it's sort of under control, so I'm not totally freaking out. If just everyone delivers on their promises, then hopefully I can start posting the fics on Saturday/Sunday. I know this when I start it each year, but all I seem to remember is how awesome the fics are, and not how annoying the participants are. Next year I think I'm going to change the deadline. Obviously the start of school is not the best time. Maybe we'll have sign-ups in August and deadline in November...
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We're going to Tromsø tomorrow, which is a Norwegian city situated in the north. It'll take us two hours by plane to get there. We have family there who I'm so excited to see again. We'll be staying for five days, coming home on Sunday after the football match. But what makes this interesting is that my brother and I are leaving for camp early Monday morning, so I have to pack to sets of bags today, and my head is all loopy.

I suffer from what we in my family call "reisesyke", which translates to "travel sickness"- that doesn't mean that I puke when in a car or anything, it means that before a major trip I get insufferable to be around. Because I just can't wait to leave. I become a total bitch, or completely silent. My head starts to ache, and my stomach hurts and all that good stuff. So yeah, travel sickness, I have it now.

In other news: I'm in the middle of my [ profile] narniaexchange fic and... well. I know the plot, I had it figured out ages ago, but I just can't get myself to write it. I'm not sure if I'm as entertaining as I think I am. Ugh. Better just finish the damn thing and then get some people to rip it apart for me, yeah?

(Ooh! LJ has changed the tagging thingy! So much easier to tag!)


Jun. 2nd, 2010 07:03 pm
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I'M GOING TO LONDON TONIGHT!! I AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED! I have a huge shopping list, and a much smaller to do list. Me and my cousin is going to have a blast, and it seems like the weather gods are on our side because reports says SUN!

So I'll be gone for the next four days, but when I come back I'll start [ profile] narniaexchange sign-ups, so look forward to that!

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I did well on my Norwegian exam today, and now I have a week off, where three of those days will be spent in London.

We had summer weather today, so when I came home from my work out, I slipped on my bikini and got some sun and read a book. It was lovely!

I have discovered something... I think I ship Matt Smith and Karen Gillan! Like a lot people! Maybe more than I ship Eleven/Amy... And what's even more distressing is that there's almost no fic. How can there be no fic? THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! This is kind of distressing for me, because I don't do RPF. But I can't help myself, I just can't. So please fandom, produce some more fic! (Here, have this awesome, lovely, the best out of the three fics I found, Matt/Karen fic: your plus one by [ profile] th_esaurus. I love the way this is written, and they way she wrote Matt.)

[ profile] narniaexchange [ profile] narniaexchange [ profile] narniaexchange [ profile] narniaexchange
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Meme from [ profile] asphyxiational: If you want to do this meme, comment with "HEY ASS-BUTT" and I'll pick seven of your interests for you to explain in a new post.

She chose these seven things:

david tennant, draco/ginny, mock the week, twilight, noah puckerman, frankie boyle and genderfuck )

The Narnia Fic Exchange 2010 is starting sign-ups soon. PIMP IT!

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This summer I am going to:

- Work (Hopefully I'll get a job soon!)
- Read lots of books in English!
- Read and watch Generation Kill
- Write a fic for [ profile] femgenficathon
- Mod the [ profile] narniaexchange
- Write Glee fic.
- Go to the beach and chill with my friends. (I'M GETTING A TAN THIS YEAR, Y'ALL! THIS BEING PALE BUSINESS IS OVER!!)
- Be a camp leader for this years conformation students*
- Have a lot of fun before the last year of school!

*Dude, I have no idea if that's the right way to translate it. In Norwegian we call them Konfirmanter, but I don't know if you call the kids that are confirming themselves to the Christian faith anything?

*big grin*

Apr. 27th, 2010 08:31 pm
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I am completely drunk on life. Life is fabulous! Norway is wonderful during spring and the Russ are out celebrating again. Life is good. And to top that off, fandom is pure bliss right now. I'm completely in love with both Glee (Jesse/Rachel= &hearts) and Doctor Who (Matt Smith= UNF.) Supernatural is also fun. All in all, I'm having fun, my shows are making me happy, and I'm writing again.

Do any of you want to beta a 7000 word long Narnia fic? I think I might need more than one person to look this one over, because I feel that I might have lost my touch with the characters... It's about Susan and Edmund. And I'm having trouble ending it.

I've started to think about [ profile] narniaexchange again. I'm thinking I'll start sign-ups in the end of May...
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Title: An Art to It
Author: [ profile] caramelsilver
Rating: PG
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: N/A
Summary: At Dragon Island Lucy challenge Edmund to a knife throwing match.

AN: Originally written for [ profile] narniaexchange. Thank you to Elecktrum for the awesome beta.

An Art to It )
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# I have had an awesome week. I've been to school everyday. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar in norwegian on Wednesday with my class (The play was set in modern-day with Mary Magdalene as a crack head whore and Jesus walked around with pimp-coats and leather pants. I kid you not. It was awesome though. The dude playing Judas was fabulous!)and yesterday I attended a small free concert on the top of the new opera house in Oslo. All in all: GREAT WEEK!

# The Fall Fandom Free-for-All!

Here's my thread.

# Spanish test on Tuesday. English home test due on Friday. And then!! AUTUMN BREAK!! I'm going to London on the October 1. with my mother. We're going to watch WICKED and I'm going to buy tons of cheap books. I'm so excited.

# [ profile] narniaexchange is posting one fic per day. All the fics so far is so so good, and you should totally go over there and read all the great fics.


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