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Things I'd do if I was rich, or somebody else:

- Go to London and watch Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and surprisingly perhaps, Legally Blonde. (I just really want to watch it, okey?)

- Go some place warm and forget the world for a week or two.

Things I've done lately by just being me:

- PHANTOM OF THE OPERA AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL! I watched the simulcast at a cinema in Oslo with my mother last night, and it was utterly fantastic. I enjoyed myself so much! Hadley Fraser as Raoul, OMG, I'm in love. And Ramin was really, really good as the Phantom. And just everything was wonderful! Especially because I didn't expect it to be the staged version. I thought it would be a concert, like Les Mis did last year. So I was so happy and surprised when it wasn't.

No need to say it, but I'm am going to have to buy the Blue-ray as soon as it comes out in November, no doubt about that!

(Check out my Tumblr for more fangirling there!)

- I had my first test of this school year, and I think... I think I did well. Time will tell, but I think I did well. I really, really need good grades this year. It's my last, before I can finally get that damn diploma and go on to study things so I can actually become something and become a functional adult. This is so important, but it's so hard!

- This week is Autumn break and I've promised myself that I'm going to be good and study for most of it. So I shall. I shall.
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So life is somewhat hard to keep up with. Which is why I've been very, very scares lately.

But here's an update in bullet-form:

- I've cut my hair! Is very pleased.

- Started school again. This is, God willing, the last year. (Please, please, please let me finish this year!)

- I'm having anxiety attacks about doing things I should do. Like getting a job, asking someone for a recommendation, calling my driving-teacher, cleaning my room!. I'm just avoiding and procrastinating. It's a serious problem.

- So I'm feeling very empty. But some things are really great though. Church is, as always, a light in my very gloomy life. The people there make me very, very happy.

- I'm really looking forward to colder weather, so I can start wearing scarves and boots!

Fandom things:

- [ profile] narniaexchange is going on. Go and read all the lovely fics. I have actually written one of the fics. The second fic I've written this year. Yeah, aren't I creative this year??

- Watched all of Games of Thrones in two days, and wow, I adore it! It's great.

- Next up! The Borgias.

- I have also been watching a lot of Charmed. I've forgotten how much I love that show, and how much I adore these girls! I've been focusing so much on how much I adored Chris and Wyatt that I'd forgotten that they were awesome all on their own too. Piper Halliwell is the most awesome woman ever.
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I went to an education fair today. You know, a big hall with all the higher education schools in stalls, each trying to persuade you that their school is the perfect school for you? Anyway, it was somewhat interesting. I suddenly don't know what I'm going to do with the first year I have after I finish upper secondary... I thought I was going to start studying right away, but now I'm wondering if I might go away for a year and study something just for a year abroad...

I do know what I want to do with my life you see. I want to be a... huh. Wikipedia can't translate the page to English... does that mean it doesn't exist outside Northern Europe? Anyway, I want to be something we call a kateket. It's not a priest, but it's the person who gets to work with the children and teens. When we go on Confirmation camp the kateket is the one who's in charge. Basically you are a teacher and your job is to teach children and confirmants about Christianity and how the Church works. "My"kateket, the woman who works at our church, is so awesome and I would be lying if I didn't say that she has inspired me a lot. And I know that not all churches are as awesome as ours. (Because they so aren't! We rule in the non-bored department), but if/when I become one, I would do my hardest to make it like ours, because it's such a good environment, and such a safe-place for all kids around. I want to be a person that makes a good and safe environment like that.

To become one, I have to take a masters in Christianity. And I'm so sure about this, and it feels so good to have this figured out! I know what I'm working towards, I have a future, and that makes everything so much easier.



Tell me the title of a story I've never written and a short summary of that story. If it inspires me, I might write a short excerpt!

(This is a bastardized version of an already existing meme, but I'm to lazy to go look for the original wording. So this will have to do.)
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I found out today that the audition for my school's revue is on Monday. I have to prepare a monologue/text and one song. I'm going to translate this song:

And I'm going to recite it as a posh wife... in Norwegian. I think it'll be funny since in Norwegian it won't rhyme or anything so it will just be a bunch of fairly scandalous lyrics said by an elderly dignified lady. I'm calling it "Mrs. Nordland recites popular music." It sounds better in Norwegian. Hopefully they'll like it enough to let me join!

I've also eaten something bad today. I suddenly was assaulted by heat flashes and the urge to puke all over my desk. So I got my butt home and straight to bed. Feel marginally better now.
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School is taking a lot of my time. But it's fun. I'm handling it very well, and I'm learning a lot of new interesting things!

Posting has started at [ profile] narniaexchange. The first three stories has been so great and original and not in the least similar to each other! Go and read and review.

Also, [ profile] comment_fic is having a three sentence theme again. Go play!
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Ugh, so I got sick again. My sinuses hates me again. On Sunday I woke up groggy and as the day wore on my face wanted to kill me. But that was sorta okay, because it was a Sunday, and I can be sick on Sundays. Then I woke up Monday morning and it felt like my face was going to explode. I tried to get up, but realised pretty quickly that this was not going to work. Better to just throw in the towel and call the doctor. So now I got one sick day on my record and I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. I hate it! This was not supposed to happen this year. I was going to go the entire autumn without being sick. ACH!

I went to the doctors and got some meds and got my body to school today. Feeling better, but not great. Tomorrow is what we call Fagdag, an entire school day with only one subject. (Fag= Subject, dag= day.) I cannot be sick on one of those days because the sick leave would be atrociously high.

[ profile] narniaexchange is giving me a headache, but it's sort of under control, so I'm not totally freaking out. If just everyone delivers on their promises, then hopefully I can start posting the fics on Saturday/Sunday. I know this when I start it each year, but all I seem to remember is how awesome the fics are, and not how annoying the participants are. Next year I think I'm going to change the deadline. Obviously the start of school is not the best time. Maybe we'll have sign-ups in August and deadline in November...
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I thought I might update you on my life, since I do swear I have done other things than discover Inception. I promise.

School started back up again a week ago. If I continue the way I've started then this year is going to be so awesome. I love, love, love all my classes. I have modern history (From the French Revolution until today. I can't wait for us to reach WWII!), Religion and Ethics, History and Philosophy (I think this will be my hardest class this year. Still fun, but it's hard to think the way my teacher wants me to think.), Social English, English Literature and Culture (I OWN THIS CLASS ALREADY! Books! Short-stories! Poetry! Theatre! SO MUCH LOVE!) and Norwegian (BLAH! It's okay, but not very fun.)

On Monday I'm going to start a beginners course on archery. I'm very excited. It's ages (six years actually) since I last did any sports. I hope this is something I can do. Yesterday I went to my first choir practice with TenSing. Our church's youth choir. It's very informal, but lots of fun!

I'm thinking of auditioning for our school's revue. I loved acting when in elementary school and think this would be really fun. Worst case scenario is that I don't get picked. No harm in trying, right?

I'm also considering joining the yearbook committee... Not sure yet, though.

As you might have guessed, I've decided that this year I'm going to join things, do things and GET A LIFE!
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There's three weeks left of school, and suddenly I got a buttload of work to do. Yesterday I got the offer to try and change my English grade from a 5 to a 6; which I of course took. So now I'm making a presentation about the UK General Election. I think I'm doing ok, but I'm performing it tomorrow, so I'm real nervous.

Then there's a rapport about the school trip we went on last week, that has to be done by tomorrow evening as well.

On Wednesday I have to turn in an essay about death and my view of it. (Tell me: Are you afraid of dying? What do you think happens afterwards? Do you think of death often? Please help me!!)

I also have the end of term exam in English on Wednesday as well. So I'm going to be happy when Thursday rolls around next week.

Don't expect to see me around.

Here's a short ficlet I wrote on [ profile] comment_fic the other day:

Charmed, Chris Halliwell, pathological liar

Here, in this time, in this world, truth has no place for Chris... )
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It's Friday, and I'm at school, though I wish I wasn't. I'm extremely tired, and I have two more classes before I can go home 15.30. But to make things worse, in my next class my teacher won't be there, he's just unloaded this extremely boring assignment on us. And it's raining.

I wrote a Triple H story the other day:

The Place that Made Me; PG; 2766 words; Paige Dawson
A story about some of Paige Dawson's back story. "The director, George McAdams, Bree's grandfather, had taken her in and let her grow up at the school. All through her childhood years she roamed the school, often without most of the student-body knowing she was there. It was known through the staff, though, that everything from Paige's eyesight and down belonged to her."

Is happy

Mar. 10th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Oh, I'm having a good week. Like really, really good. And after the crap week that was last week, this is nice.

I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D on Friday. Still not very impressed with the supposedly awesomeness that is 3D, but I didn't get a headache or anything. So yay for that, I suppose. The film itself was nothing to get all flaily over either. It was... okay. I liked the parts in England and then it just got... shiny and boring? The cat was awesome, though.

Do you all remember that week I had in the middle of February where had a test everyday? Well, I got my tests back and I got 5 on all of them! I am beyond proud of myself. Especially the History and Philosophy test. I was so sure I had royally fucked it up and he gave me a 5-!

Today I finished writing a personal essay about sports. Anyone who has paid any attention to my LJ the last month knows that I care about winter sports, so I'm feeling very confident in the topic. I've taken extra care on my language since I actually... kinda suck when it comes to writing in Norwegian. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a good grade.

But dude! What's happened to [ profile] isurrendered? It has gone almost completely dead! This makes me very sad, because it's my favorite LJ community by far!

So, flist has been kind of quiet lately. What's up with all of you? Are you doing ok?


Feb. 18th, 2010 11:55 pm
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Our wireless is broken which means that this is me hooked up by wire straight to the box. This feels so like 2006 let me tell ya. Also, I have been very sick this week. Nasty cough, mild fever and sleeping all the time. I saw Avatar in 3D yesterday, because it was a part of my History and Philosophy class, not because I thought it would be a fun thing to do while sick. It was not a pleasant experience. The 3D gave me a nasty headache and the sound was too loud. I think it might have been because I was very sick. I hope so, I don't want to be one of those people who can't enjoy 3D. When I got home I went to bed at 7 pm and slept almost through the night. If nothing else, that should convince you of how sick I've been.

Next week is Winter Break and it will be wonderful.
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Real Life To Do List: Done!

+ Norwegian presantation
+ English Test
+ Ireland project presantation
+ History and Philosophy test

What a wonderful week! It has been hard and stressful, but wow, how fulfilling. I am so immensely proud of myself. I been to school everyday, and I've finished all the test and projects that were due this week. This weekend I'm going to relax and hopefully get some writing done.

How have your week been?
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Real Life To Do List:

+ Norwegian presantation
+ English Test
+ Ireland project presantation
+ History and Philosophy test

Fandom To Do List:

+ Do an erasure for [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 (The Long Path)
+ Write Edlyn/Peter Lords of the Underworld AU fic for [ profile] grim_lupine
+ Write Edlyn/Susan fic for [ profile] be_themoon
+ Write Anya/Dimitri fic for [ profile] elenielofnarnia
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The tag on the Three Sentence Fic-a-thon has run out. Should I re-tag it to the top of my page or should I just let people find it through the link on my sidebar? I mean, LJ has pulled out the captcha and that makes it a little less fun to play... Should I make a entirely new post or just let this one fizz out and make a new one in a couple of months? What do all of you think?

I have been so productive today. I am amazed at myself and feeling mightily pleased. I did some studying for my History and Philosophy test on Thursday, then I finished a Norwegian presentation my group have tomorrow. Then I worked some more on my Ireland project which is due on Wednesday. I am just on fire today. And to make it even more shocking- I had fun doing it!

I think that when I get the time (next weekend probably) I'm going to re-organize my tags so they are easier to navigate.
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So yeah, I'm back. As I'm sure you've noticed by the two big ass posts I just posted. You may also have guessed that I'm some what of a control freak. Those posts are honestly more for my benefit than they are for yours.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Let's hope 2010 will be a good year. I can honestly say that 2009 has been the best year I've had in four years. Not that it takes much to beat 2005, 2007 and 2008 (we do not talk about 2006, it was that bad!)

Question: What will you call 2010? Are you going to say two thousand and ten or twenty ten? I think I'll use both.

New Year Resolutions:

- Go to London.
- Finish 12th grade.
- Get a B in English, History and Philosophy, Sociology and Socialanthropology, and Norwegian oral.
- Read 40 books.
- Write 3 fics that has a word count of at least 10 000 words.
- Write one original story.

I always make new year resolutions, even if I never keep them. As you can see here, most of them are fun and things I know I can do, and one is something I have to work at, which is good. I love making lists and goals and love it when I'm able to tick them off one by one. I think goals are good, even if you don't reach them. Just having them is a step in the right direction.

Aaaghhh! I want to watch Doctor Who the End of Time soooo badly! But I have to shake myself and remind myself that it's 23.50 and I have to go to bed! Not stay up and watch Doctor Who. I can do that tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow: I have a dentist appointment. If it wasn't so damn early, 08.15, then I wouldn't mind it at all. I don't think there's anything wrong with my teeth this time.

I bought another year of paid account on LJ. I'm so not ready for ads and lesser icon space. But I do think I'm going to shuffle my icons around and get some new ones. I desperately need an icon of Peter and Edmund, and I think I want a Supernatural icon too... Any suggestions to where to look?

Did everyone have a nice New Years Eve? I had an awesome time. It was cold and it snowed and we went out to watch the fireworks. Afterward we had an epic snow fight which my dad lost spectacularly. You know, never start a snow fight with kids, they don't understand the meaning of no.
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I am having a brilliant day, even though I'm so very tired. I had norwegian exam today and I ended up writing a eight page long fantasy short-story. First I decided to write a modern fairy-tale (I was going to have the girl save the prince and everything!) but then I realised that it would take much more time than I had (only had five hours), so instead I wrote a fantasy short-story. The assignment was to write a short-story and draw inspiration from norse literature and norse mythology. I ended up writing a hero-story which is very norse, but I'm afraid a lot of it is more english, than norse. Hopefully my teacher will be dazzled by the story and not care.

When I came home, I was very tired, but very proud of myself. I lied on the couch and just watched episode 1.3 of Lewis which I just simply adore. (see icon!) It's murder mystery, with compelling characters and a huge dash of dry english humour. Just my cup of tea!

Then after a few hours on the couch I managed to drag myself to check my inbox and what do I find? Lots and lots of people participating in the Three Sentence Fic-a-thon! I could not be happier. I have tagged it to the top of my page, so it's easy to find. It'll keep on going until it dies.

Tomorrow I have english exams, which I'm really looking forward too. I'm going to kick ass.
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Hello people. Thank you so much for all your well wishes when I was ill. I am much better and will be going back to school on Monday. I have luckily gotten a declaration from my doctor saying that I've been sick these past two weeks, since I'm really in the shits when it comes to my sick days quota.

So the whole swineflu here's the thing: I went to the doctor and they took samples of my blood and after fifteen minutes I was called back in and my doctor told me that there was a virus in my blood and the most logical thing to conclude was that it was Swineflu. To get conclusive result would take three weeks and I was clearly not important enough to rush anything. (They probably didn't even bother to send it to the lab.)

And yes, I did take the vaccine! But my doctor told me quite nonchalantly that yeah, but that doesn't start working until after two weeks! I was like what!? No one told me that!!

My laptop is ruined. Every time I switch it on it only says can't read the disc re-start. So fuck. All my music!! Which I was stupid enough to not back up and all my fic bits. I'm so very upset. But I am going to get a MacBook for my birthday so I'm really looking forward to that. (But I want my music!! That's 900 songs and I do not want to buy them so I can get them on my new mac! (Cause no way I'm putting Limewire on my new shiny mac.))

But to some other happier news: I got a new wardrobe and sofa in my room!! I finally have a big mirror in my room and I finally have a place to put all my clothes. And my sofa! It's so pretty and nice and I love it so much.

My muse has gone and left me again. Probably because my laptop doesn't work and the one I'm using now (my fathers) is different to type on.
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# I have had an awesome week. I've been to school everyday. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar in norwegian on Wednesday with my class (The play was set in modern-day with Mary Magdalene as a crack head whore and Jesus walked around with pimp-coats and leather pants. I kid you not. It was awesome though. The dude playing Judas was fabulous!)and yesterday I attended a small free concert on the top of the new opera house in Oslo. All in all: GREAT WEEK!

# The Fall Fandom Free-for-All!

Here's my thread.

# Spanish test on Tuesday. English home test due on Friday. And then!! AUTUMN BREAK!! I'm going to London on the October 1. with my mother. We're going to watch WICKED and I'm going to buy tons of cheap books. I'm so excited.

# [ profile] narniaexchange is posting one fic per day. All the fics so far is so so good, and you should totally go over there and read all the great fics.
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I am so tired tonight. Which is ridiculous since it's only been the first day of school and we only were there for an hour getting information and stuff. But when I came home, I just about fell asleep on my bed. My head aches something fierce too. I think it's only because the muscles in my neck is so tight, so I'm going to get that fixed tomorrow. But I'll have to cut my last class short. That'll be fun, what will my teacher think? Me cutting the first class I have with her? That'll make a good impression.

I'm real pleased with my time table though. This year might just end up being fun. I only have one math class each week with the exception of a whole day with just math once a month. New subjects this year is: History (regular), History and Philosophy, International English, and Sociology and Social anthropology. I'm so excited!!


Aug. 9th, 2009 01:31 am
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I'm home from Crete. I'm exhausted, and not in the mood to talk about it today. I'll type up a post about it later.

Twitter is all fucked up and won't let me update which upsets me more than it should since I've only just gotten it.

My erasure author only has fics in fandoms I know next to nothing about... this'll be interesting.

I'm just feeling very blah today. Like... Probably just desping a little over the fact that school starts in two weeks. And my best friend is in the army and all my friends are scattered about the country doing 'grown up' things and 'moving on to the next stage of life' things, and I still have two and a half year of school left.

And I really want to write, but my muse is not cooperating with me. So... BLAH!



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