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Today I used the words occurred, poignant and ambivalent in my English essay. Hopefully my teacher will marvel at my vocabulary instead of thinking me pompous and show-off-y.

I had my first driving lesson today. I apparently can't clutch to save my life, and I pity the cars that was behind me.

I found out that they are planning a Les Miserables movie, and I jumped in my seat with joy! I am so excited. I want it, now! I also want more than anything to see the 25th anniversary production of Les Miz, but it ends next weekend. Hopefully they'll put it up again or come to Norway or something! I heard it's been a success so I doubt it'll go away completely. And hey, the 30 year anniversary is in five years. I'm sure they'll do something fun then.

Just look at this awesomeness. Doesn't it give you goosebumps?

I had briefly forgotten how much I love this musical, but now it's back with full force.
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I have too much shit on my flist. And by that I don't mean you guys, you are all amazing- I mean all the comms that I don't really read any more. My time has become more limited and I spend way too much time trying to catch up on my flist. I think I'll have to go and remove some of the more boring communities.

Today, in English Lit. class our homework is to write a short-story about our mother. I'm beside myself with glee. I LOVE THIS CLASS SO MUCH!
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I thought I might update you on my life, since I do swear I have done other things than discover Inception. I promise.

School started back up again a week ago. If I continue the way I've started then this year is going to be so awesome. I love, love, love all my classes. I have modern history (From the French Revolution until today. I can't wait for us to reach WWII!), Religion and Ethics, History and Philosophy (I think this will be my hardest class this year. Still fun, but it's hard to think the way my teacher wants me to think.), Social English, English Literature and Culture (I OWN THIS CLASS ALREADY! Books! Short-stories! Poetry! Theatre! SO MUCH LOVE!) and Norwegian (BLAH! It's okay, but not very fun.)

On Monday I'm going to start a beginners course on archery. I'm very excited. It's ages (six years actually) since I last did any sports. I hope this is something I can do. Yesterday I went to my first choir practice with TenSing. Our church's youth choir. It's very informal, but lots of fun!

I'm thinking of auditioning for our school's revue. I loved acting when in elementary school and think this would be really fun. Worst case scenario is that I don't get picked. No harm in trying, right?

I'm also considering joining the yearbook committee... Not sure yet, though.

As you might have guessed, I've decided that this year I'm going to join things, do things and GET A LIFE!
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My exam went nothing as I expected it too, but I came out mostly unscathed! I didn't need my manuscript at all, but I forgot to mention a lot, but it went pretty well. They said that I explained things very well, and my English was good. I got a 5. Second best grade. Which I'm very happy about!

Thank you everyone who answered my questions! It helped me a lot. You are all so very awesome. &hearts

I cut my hair today!! It's so so awesome and I'm so pleased.

Before picture )

It was so weird to see all that hair on the floor. That used to be attached to my head!

After picture )
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So exams are hard everyone! Really, really hard. And you know, the traitorous lazy part of my brain keeps whispering: "You have all of tomorrow and all of Monday to work on too. No need to stress now." Bitch, leave me alone. I need to work! !

I have another question for you, concerning my topic: Do you have parents who have profiles on Facebook, or other networking sites? If yes, do think that has changed them in any way?

[ profile] lizzie_marie_23 is hosting a Round Robin Commentfic Party!! You should totally go over there and have fun on my behalf. Because I'm refusing myself the pleasure until this exam is over.

But of course, last night, when I should have been doing research I ended up writing fic instead. Stupid [ profile] comment_fic and their interesting prompts!

Glee, Jesse/Rachel, one year from now, 540 words, PG
Jesse will tell himself that the reason he's sitting in the audience is to see his old classmates again. Not her. It's definitively not for her.

Read more... )

Oral exam

Jun. 11th, 2010 06:00 pm
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I "got up" in English for my oral exam. (That's what we call it in Norwegian, to come up in a subject.) I am so pleased, you have no idea. English is without a doubt my strongest subject and now I have a real shot at getting a 6. I got The Media as my subject and this is my approach:

What influence do social networking sites have on our society?

What do you think? Tell me.

Also, on a grammatical note, I'm suddenly so unsure, is it "do" or "does"? I cannot screw up my research question!

So I have four days to come up with a kickass presentation. I'm presenting it on Tuesday, after I'm done with that I'm pretty much done with school! Yay!

If you see me around, tell me to get the fuck off and back to studying!
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There's three weeks left of school, and suddenly I got a buttload of work to do. Yesterday I got the offer to try and change my English grade from a 5 to a 6; which I of course took. So now I'm making a presentation about the UK General Election. I think I'm doing ok, but I'm performing it tomorrow, so I'm real nervous.

Then there's a rapport about the school trip we went on last week, that has to be done by tomorrow evening as well.

On Wednesday I have to turn in an essay about death and my view of it. (Tell me: Are you afraid of dying? What do you think happens afterwards? Do you think of death often? Please help me!!)

I also have the end of term exam in English on Wednesday as well. So I'm going to be happy when Thursday rolls around next week.

Don't expect to see me around.

Here's a short ficlet I wrote on [ profile] comment_fic the other day:

Charmed, Chris Halliwell, pathological liar

Here, in this time, in this world, truth has no place for Chris... )
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Today I have been to the American Embassy in Oslo. The security there is ridiculous. Who the fuck would try and bomb/terrorize an embassy in Norway? No one. Other than the thirty minutes we stood outside in the cold sunshine while they checked us, it was a very enjoyable trip. Apparently, we impressed the embassy lady with all our knowledge of American politics and how your government system work. Our teacher just about glowed with pride. Also: American Coca Cola tastes like... sugary shit. I much prefer the Norwegian version with much less sugar.

I was going to make this long fangirly post about my favourite film: MAX MANUS. It's a Norwegian movie about the German occupation of Norway during the second world war and about these guys who's doing their best to sabotage the Nazis. It's a true story. Almost every character in the movie was real and the script is based on Max Manus' books. And I love it to bits. And I shall tell you why tomorrow or something, cause my head is killing me. I'm going to go take a bath and then I'm going to sleep.

But look out for that fangirl post. It shall contain pictures and I am even going to bribe you all to watch it in exchange for fic and Norwegian chocolate. Not even kidding. If you watch that movie and have a conversation with me about I WILL SEND YOU CHOCOLATE. I AM THIS DESPERATE TO HAVE SOMEONE TO FANGIRL WITH. (It's just not the same sighing over the prettiness of Nicolai Cleve Broch to my brother...)

So yeah... Tomorrow.
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I am having a brilliant day, even though I'm so very tired. I had norwegian exam today and I ended up writing a eight page long fantasy short-story. First I decided to write a modern fairy-tale (I was going to have the girl save the prince and everything!) but then I realised that it would take much more time than I had (only had five hours), so instead I wrote a fantasy short-story. The assignment was to write a short-story and draw inspiration from norse literature and norse mythology. I ended up writing a hero-story which is very norse, but I'm afraid a lot of it is more english, than norse. Hopefully my teacher will be dazzled by the story and not care.

When I came home, I was very tired, but very proud of myself. I lied on the couch and just watched episode 1.3 of Lewis which I just simply adore. (see icon!) It's murder mystery, with compelling characters and a huge dash of dry english humour. Just my cup of tea!

Then after a few hours on the couch I managed to drag myself to check my inbox and what do I find? Lots and lots of people participating in the Three Sentence Fic-a-thon! I could not be happier. I have tagged it to the top of my page, so it's easy to find. It'll keep on going until it dies.

Tomorrow I have english exams, which I'm really looking forward too. I'm going to kick ass.


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