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- I've have a spanish test Monday, norwegian presentation on Tuesday, (The fascinating topic? "The differences between the nordic languages" Doesn't that just get you going? *Barf*) and a math test on thursday. I spent my entire Saturday studying spanish before going to my grandmothers birthday. Today I spent the entire day studying norwegian. *Sigh* Don't you just love school?

- I'm going to see the Twilight movie tonight with my mother. I'm looking forward to it. No matter what it will entertain me. It could turn out to be lol-tasticly bad, or actually rather good. Either way, I'll enjoy myself.

- I caved from curiosity and signed up to MyLeaky. If you're over there add me. (Caramelsilver) if you want to sign up there let me invite you! That way I'll earn 20 points for my house, Slytherin! It's so addicting, but oddly fun.
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11/24: Gym theory test (1 hour)
11/25: Nature/biology test (2 hour)
11/28: Norwegian midterm test (All day)

12/02: Math midterm test (All day)
12/03: Spanish test (3 hours)
12/09: Geography test (2 hours)

Thank you to all you wonderful people who wished me luck. My norwegian midterm went great today. I can't say the same for gym and nature, but we'll see. I'm really not looking forward to the spanish one, while I do think the math midterm won't be so bad. (We do not speak of geography. Maybe if we ignore it it'll go away.)

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11/24: Gym theory test (1 hour)
11/25: Nature/biology test (2 hour)
11/28: Norwegian midterm test (All day)
12/02: Math midterm test (All day)
12/03: Spanish test (3 hours)
12/09: Geography test (2 hours)

Don't expect to see me around.
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I took my spanish test today. It went surprisingly well considering how much time I've spent whining over how much I suck at it. Hopefully I'll get a 4, I'll probably get a 3+.

Still 4 movies left to guess here: C'mon people! They really aren't that hard. I'll give you hints if you want me too.
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1) I have a spanish test tomorrow, so of course, I'm spending time on my newly aquired AIM, instead, talking to [ profile] vagabond_pixie.

2) The DG fic is killing me!

3) Meme!! Snatched from [ profile] numbaby :

1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

These are all probably real easy, but I like them, and *I* at least think they are good. See if you can guess them! )

An update

Oct. 27th, 2008 12:07 pm
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Right now I'm at school. After a week of being home sick I finally managed to get back to school even if my ears hurt like a bitch. I skipped gym though, since, well I thought it wouldn't be all that smart since I'm still having some sweating spells. I had spanish though. And man do I suck at spanish. Most of it, I think, is just the fact that I don't want to learn! I'm only taking the stupid class because the ones ruling this country has decided that we need to learn THREE languages. What the hell is wrong with only knowing two!? Now I have two free classes before I have double math. *Yay* God, Mondays and Thursdays? Not my favorite days since they mostly consists of spanish and math.

I'm almost finished with my DG fic. I think... I really hope you all will find it funny. Because if you laugh then all the other isn't that important... I hope... I'm not insecure about this at all!

This weekend I read this most amazing Neville fic. This epic "What happened at Hogwarts during DH?" fic. I'm adopting most of into my canon. It's brilliant. I will post a more squeeing post with links later when I'm home at my own computer.
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I did some homework today! *Gasp* I finished up my norwegian homework, and started my social (That's not due before next week...) Now I should be doing math and spanish. I'm not. Instead I'm thinking of writing some more on my dg fic. (Which is coming along nicely!)
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I'm a procrastinator. I pretend that I'm all good and do what I should when I should do it, but really... Not so much. I always work best under pressure. Right now, I should be doing my spanish/Nature/Social homework. Instead I'm writing rules for [ profile] narniaexchange
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I'm crazy. I have started a Narnia fanfiction exchange. Yep. Right now, in the middle of school I'm starting this up. I must be crazy. But I kinda need something to take my mind off of school.

[ profile] narniaexchange Tell the world, cause I need participants.

Why? Why Carro are you doing this? I was thinking that I really wished the Narnia fandom would have something similar to the [ profile] dgficexchange, but then I realized that I would never get it unless I do it myself. So I am.

In other news: I had geography today. And if you knew me when I was in 9th grade you would know that under me in our yearbook was the quote: "Geography, I hate geography!" Today we had about rocks... yay. No, it doesn't shape up to be too bad, though. My teacher is likable. Easy to listen to.

And because my country demands that I take a third language I'm starting spanish. That actually looks to be fun. I remember with horror my french lessons and this was nothing like it. My teacher is really sweet and helped me catch up.


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