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Come talk to me about A Song of Ice and Fire! Who's your favorite character(s)? Who do you think will survive this? Who's a dead man walking? Which death hurt you the most?

Now I'm watching episode one of Game of Thrones, because that's the best one. All the Starks together and happy in Winterfell before everything goes to shit. And reading the Westeros forum. My favorite threads are about Rhaegar and Lyanna. The best with being finished with the books is that now I can go read all the theories and speculation. I think this fandom can be fun :)


Jun. 16th, 2012 02:41 pm
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So I wrote another Cabaret fic. I don't really know why, except for the fact that it lodged in my brain and I had to write it.

I'm half way through A Dance With Dragons, and I'm very anxious to finish, just so I can be up to speed. But the people in this book is being stupid. So stupid.

I went and saw RENT on Thursday. It was the same people who did Cabaret, and they were marvellous. So incredibly great. This time it was all in Norwegian and it was awesome. I love musicals.
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So I've just finished reading Daenery's second chapter? I think it's her second, she's not getting much page time. They've just been escorted to that Q something city. Anyway, here's some of my thoughts: (SPOILERS)

My favorite character is definitely... )

Please, no spoilers!


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