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I watched the Social Network today, and I really liked it. Like really, a lot. I think it was a clever movie that showed the flaws in humans, and that relationships and friendships are fragile. I liked that it was a dialogue film. I like talking, I can't really fathom why people would complain about too much talking?

Things I liked:

Spoilers! )

A really cool movie, people. It made me think at least. And really, it's not really a film about Facebook, but more a film about people. And that's what makes it awesome.
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Beware of the capslock and gifs under cut!

(I had a crap day today being sick, but this cheered me up immensely! OH SHOW! NEVER STOP MAKING ME HAPPY!)

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Today I watched Sherlock Holmes and OMG!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Holmes and Watson are so in love!! I have never gone out of movie theatre shipping something this hard. I think I've finally received a pair of Slash Goggles all of my own. I was seriously squeeing while watching the movie. I kept whispering to my brother and mother: "THEY ARE SO IN LOVE!" *Sigh* This movie was absolutely brilliant and just made me so happy. Watson is one BAMF!
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I LOVE WINTER SPORTS! I just simply adore it. I am so looking forward to the winter olympics in Vancouver this February. Norway is going to kick ass. I never feel more patriotic than when Norway do good in sports.

I am also really anxious to see what happens tomorrow. Tomorrow is the end of Tour the Ski and our man, Petter Northug might win. He is absolutely awesome and to watch him sprint is a thing of beauty. Just watch that:

(That's norwegian commentators btw.)

I might have a tiny crush on him... But that's okay! Cause he's only four years older than me. I might have a thing for athletes. Men who's good at something...

So I finished watching the first thirteen episodes of Glee, and wow! I love that show! It just makes me seriously happy.

I love Rachel Berry. She's just awesome. So I think at some points, the rest of the club is unnecessarily mean to her. I get that they think she's annoying, but... yeah, some of their comments are just mean.

And Kurt! Kurt is fierce. But what happened to the football thing? Is he still playing? I hope so, cause I think that (Preggers) might be my favorite episode, that or Wheels.

I am totally shipping Puck/Rachel, I adored that episode and I really hope they'll revisit that ship in the future. I see zero chemistry between Rachel and Finn, but I kinda thing Quinn/Finn is cute.

I was so happy to see that as the episodes went on that less time was spent on the adults, because I found their issues pretty boring. I cringed every time Will's wife came on screen.

So I know almost everyone on my flist has watched it already; what's your favorite part/episode/moment/character/song?
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Because it's the summer holidays and because I have no life, and because I'm seriously obsessed, I know present to you: The Karl Urban Picspam of Awesome Hotness!

Epic Hotness under cut. Beware, it's image heavy. )
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Okay, so actually talking a little serious about this fabulous movie, here's some of my thoughts. (Under a cut so you don't get spoiled if you don't want too.)

Anyone who can say Live Long and Prosper and make it sound like FUCK YOU! is a BAMF in my book! )

Also: This song is currently on repeat on my itunes:

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I am almost a little ashamed of myself. Star Trek has turned me into a squeeing fangirl! I've bugged all my friends to come and see it with me again. But none of them likes si-fi all that much. BUT I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN!!

And seriously, Karl Urban is so incredibly hot. I think I have a small, HUGE, tiny celebrity crush on him. I have a huge picture file named Not Enough Karl Urban. And what's worse.... I'M NOT ASHAMED!


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[ profile] ontd_startrek is just so much fun. I haven't laughed this much in ages!

Like this epic Fashion Comparisons picspam of Zachary Quinto and David Tennant? SO FUNNY!

And the picspam of Chris Pine's "wonderful" fashion sense. (My favorite is the group photo and the "im convo")
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I watched Star Trek with my brother today and OMG!! It was absolutely awesome!! Captain Kirk can do whatever he wants with me!! BE RIGHT BACK NEED TO FIND PRETTY ICON NOW!

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I promised [profile] vagabond_pixie  that I'd start watching Supernatural and tonight I had plenty of time, so I did. Then after the first minutes of the first episode I decided to make a email to Kay, squeeing while watching. This is the result. Thought I'd post it here, since my LJ has been kinda boring lately. Spoilers ahoy!

Episode 1: Pilot

OMG! The angst levels in this is sooo good! Angsty past, denial of ones true destiny! I LOVE IT )

Episode 2: Wendigo

The brothers' hitting each other all the time is adorable. )

Episode 3: Dead In th
e Water


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