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So it's finally summer, and it's all coming on a bit fast, because it's not really vacation it's CAMP! And I'm going to two confirmation camps this summer, and one... not quite camp, more of a festival thing, but that's also with church, and I'll have responsibilities on all of it. So everything I'm doing this summer comes with responsibilities, and that's both great and not so great.

Yes, I am twenty, and yes, I have been wanting more responsibilities and wanting people to recognise my skills, but now that they have I'm panicking a bit, cause what if I suck? And I have to pack! I'll be gone for five days, then I'm home for one day, then I'm leaving again, and my Mummy isn't even home cause she's gone to America with my dad on a summer vacation without me!!
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Going away for the next five days again. Up to our cottage, and this time we'll be all four, which I'm really looking forward to. It's been too long since we've just been the four of us. I'm going to bring loads of books, and laze on the beach just reading.

Right now I'm anxiously waiting for the [ profile] rachelandjesse drabble-a-thon post to go up. I really want to participate, but if it doesn't get posted soon, I'll fall asleep.
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- So it's summer. I am tan.

- I have two fics to write. One of them is nearly done.

- [ profile] lizzie_marie_23 is finally home, and I'm rejoicing!

- Football: The worldcup has been on, and I couldn't give more of a shit. Since Norway didn't qualify (we weren't even CLOSE to qualifying, cause our team is shit.) I don't have a reason to watch. I think watching football on the TV is very boring. BUT, I am rooting for Germany, because of [ profile] ayascyte who does care. (With reason too!)

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So you might have guessed it by my recent posting of fic, but my summer holiday has finally begun! Until August 18 I'm free as a bird and can do whatever I like! First I'm going to our cabin from Sunday to Friday next week. (I told my dad that I refused to go until I got to watch the Doctor Who finale, so we're leaving Sunday afternoon.)

Then on July 18th I'm going to Bergen, which is a city in the west on the other side of the country, to watch Stabæk, my football team play Brann, Bergen's football team. It will be a one day trip, and we'll spend a lot of time on a bus, but it will be so much fun. Plus, I've never been to Bergen before, so fingers crossed for good weather.

Then the last weekend of July my entire family is going to Tromsø, a city in the north, to visit family and... watch Stabæk play Tromsø. Yeah, told you I've become a complete football nut. We're going to fly, since it's so far north, so that will be fun as well.

From August 2-8 I'll be camp leader on Confirmation camp. I practically can't wait. It will be the highlight of my summer.


Speaking of my recent fic: I made the most embarrassing error ever. A reviewer just pointed out to me that Rachel Berry, being jewish and all, probably wouldn't celebrate Christmas. I can't believe I made that mistake, and now I don't know what to do. Should I change the fic? Leave it as is, or stick an apology at the top? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Other than that, writing Jesse/Rachel fic is just so much fun.

I also realized that I had a [ profile] femgenficathon fic that I hadn't even started on, so I banged out a thousand words last night. I really have my writing mojo back, and it feels great. Not quite sure of the quality of this fic though. It's an Anastasia fic and... not sure if I've done it right. Might come begging for help later.


I finished reading Generation Kill and it was fantastic and horrible all at the same time. War really fascinates me, but god it's awful.

I bought the series too, and so far I've watched 4 episodes. I'm really enjoying the series. Alexander Skarsgård is as hot as ever.

It's just one thing that annoys me to no end: These are soldiers, they should not use each others first name!! Whenever someone calls Colbert "Brad" it really grinds my gears. Soldiers use last names only, it's just the way it's done. Just ask my best friend who has gone by her last name for the last year!
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This summer I am going to:

- Work (Hopefully I'll get a job soon!)
- Read lots of books in English!
- Read and watch Generation Kill
- Write a fic for [ profile] femgenficathon
- Mod the [ profile] narniaexchange
- Write Glee fic.
- Go to the beach and chill with my friends. (I'M GETTING A TAN THIS YEAR, Y'ALL! THIS BEING PALE BUSINESS IS OVER!!)
- Be a camp leader for this years conformation students*
- Have a lot of fun before the last year of school!

*Dude, I have no idea if that's the right way to translate it. In Norwegian we call them Konfirmanter, but I don't know if you call the kids that are confirming themselves to the Christian faith anything?


Jul. 1st, 2009 10:55 pm
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I back home for a two days, because, well, I forgot that I would be home for two days. I'm exchanging parents. The last three days I was at the cabin with my dad, he's been working on expanding it. But my dad has to work this weekend, and my cousins birthday is tomorrow so I came back home with him. I'm going up on Friday again with my mum.

It's been so hot this week! I spent everyday on the beach and I've never experienced the water so warm before! It's at least 20 celsius! You can just walk right out. I've gotten a lovely tan and the good thing is that July is only beginning!

I've not finished my girl!Kirk/McCoy fic... but I kinda started on a new one? I think I need help with the last part of this fic. I've written everything except the sexings... Seems like I can't write it, but the fic kinda needs it... Don't know what to do. If anyone wants to help that would be welcome.

But I have almost finished my [ profile] narniaexchange fic!! YAY ME!

Other news: I've been gone for THREE days, and I have to wade through 405 enteries on my flist! Holy shit!

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I'll be gone for a week. Me and my dad is going to our cabin and I won't be back for a week. Hopefully I will be finished with the monster that's eating my brain (aka: the girl!Kirk/McCoy fic) and at least have a vague plot for my narnia fic exchange fic when I come home.

I hope you all will have a nice week. See you when I come back.

Summer is:

Jun. 16th, 2009 11:38 pm
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Summer is late mornings and late nights.

Summer is sun-tan lotion and sun-burned ears.

Summer is the lake by our cabin.

Summer is ice cream.

Summer is reading as many books as I can.

Summer is mosquito-bites.

Summer is swimming in water that's slightly too cold.

Summer is music.

Summer is excellent food.

Summer is getting a tan.

Summer is ice-tea.

Summer is family.

Summer is laughter.

Summer is fun.

Summer is yearning for winter.

What's summer to you?
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I've scrapes on my knees. Which is kinda cool since I haven't scraped my knees since I was twelve. Last Friday we spent the day at a waterpark (Badeland i Bø!!) were there is this river. The stream is so strong that you can stand on your heals (if your 1.20 cm) and it'll drag you along any way. Since I'm not 1.20, but 1.63 I had to stand on my knees. And I didn't realize it at the time but, hours drifting around that river on my knees would leave a mark. It's kinda cool. I feel like a kid, with tan legs and scrapes!
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It is so hot outside, and inside. Not that I complaining, per say, it's just that it's so freakin hot! And I like sun just as much as the next person, but I like it so I can sit in the shadows. But I do want to get a nice tan, and you don't get that by sitting in the shadows. But then I get these nasty headaches from all the sun. (It's been a long time since I have had headaches this bad, and it sucks!)

I have finished my femgen fic. It ended up with 6 chapters, which is pretty darn good by my standards. It's at my beta and I guess I will be posting it in a week or so.

Other than that there really isn't much going on. I've decided to go watch a couple of movies before school starts: Prince Caspian, Dark Knight and Mamma Mia! And since I'm broke I'm going to let my dad pay for it. *sniggers*

I'm back!

Jul. 21st, 2008 08:00 pm
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I'm hooome! I bet you all missed me a lot. My dashing good looks and rapier wit... Yeah, I suffer from terrible internet with draw.

First thing first: I saw Prince Caspian. It was awesome. I loved it. Did anyone else see it? What did you think? I'm watching it again sometime next week and I'll post a review then.

I have also read Les Miserables. I spent 5 days on it and all I have to say is that while it's a great story, Victor Hugo can't restrain himself! Man, he had a whole(!) chapter on the Paris sewer! I'm not kidding. And the horrible long chapter about Waterloo where only the last section was relevant! If that book had been written today it would have been edited a lot!

When I opened my email I had a little under a 100 mails. Safe to say I've spent some time organizing my inbox.

I hope you all have had a fabulous summer so far. I'll be home for the next 3 and I love it. No place like home.
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So I'm leaving for 3 weeks at our family cottage. It's in the woods and I'm looking forward to the quiet and the mosquito bites. I hope you all will have a lovely summer vacation and I'll see you all in 3 weeks.


Jun. 20th, 2008 11:55 pm
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So the summer holidays officially started today. And my brother speed off to Poland with his teen church choir for a week and a half. And next Wednesday I'm having three very important and jam packed days. I'm going to driving theory class. I have to do this if I can start test driving. So three days with this and then I can drive all summer. That's gonna be sweet. And then when I turn 18 I can take my drivers license as fast as possible. Then I don't have to take the buss anymore and I can basically do, and go where ever, I want! I'm so so excited!
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1) Prince Caspian comes out 2. July. I'm coming home from our cottage just to see it and returning the next day.

2) My best friend is coming up for a weekend. Which is awesome since I haven't seen much of her lately!

3) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer comes out 2. August. I didn't think about it much, but then I started listening to some Twilight podcasts and realized that I am looking forward to it. I also found out by listening to those podcasts that people was uncertain if Bella was going to end up with Edward. Is there any doubt? Really? If Stephenie pulls a stunt and puts her with Jacob then I'm going to get mighty pissed!

4) Just being at our cottage. I love it there, it really is my favorite place on earth.

I'm still taking prompts here: (It's harder than I thought. This is why I do not participate in the d/g exchange!)


Jun. 4th, 2008 02:28 pm
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I'm home. It's hot. Am sunbathing. No school. No physiotherapy. It's hot! Reading my second book this month. Will post pictures from London later.


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