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It's Eurovision Song Contest time again, and this year it's Norway who's hosting it! Since we won last year with Alexander Rybak and his song Fairytale, Norway is hosting it at Telenor Arena which is coincidently the home field of my favorite football team. So if you are planning on watching the final on Saturday, look around the stadium and think "Huh, this is the place where Norway's most awesome football team usually play!"

I am what you'd call a closet fan of Eurovision. I mock it relentlessly, but really, I love it in all it's cheesiness. It's just a thing that I have to watch each year, bad costumes and awful English included. So on Saturday, I'm gonna make a bowl of popcorn and mix up some awesome drinks and me, my brother and his girlfriend are going to laugh, get drunk and have an awesome time. While also admiring NRK's great production. Cause we Norwegians are not competitive at all, but clearly, we do everything better than everyone else. /and people say we're obsessed with winning and being the best, *pissh*/

And this might just be my patriotism showing, but I watched the semifinals today and man... I think we might have a shot at doing well this year too. Our song is really good, our guy can actually sing, he's studying opera.(Link: My Heart is Yours) Not that we actually want to win, since dude, this hosting thing is rather expensive, and well- For the last three weeks Stabæk has had to play in Oslo because the Eurovison circus has been STEALING OUR STADIUM! We do not want that for next year, thank you very much!

If any of you Doctor Who fans out there wants to watch the Confidential's, give me a pm and I'll send you a link to the place I found. It's really great to see all that cool stuff that happens back stage.
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This summer I am going to:

- Work (Hopefully I'll get a job soon!)
- Read lots of books in English!
- Read and watch Generation Kill
- Write a fic for [ profile] femgenficathon
- Mod the [ profile] narniaexchange
- Write Glee fic.
- Go to the beach and chill with my friends. (I'M GETTING A TAN THIS YEAR, Y'ALL! THIS BEING PALE BUSINESS IS OVER!!)
- Be a camp leader for this years conformation students*
- Have a lot of fun before the last year of school!

*Dude, I have no idea if that's the right way to translate it. In Norwegian we call them Konfirmanter, but I don't know if you call the kids that are confirming themselves to the Christian faith anything?
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I am back from vacation and to that I can only say HALLELUJAH! It has both been the best and the worst Easter vacation I have had in years. The weather has been crap and schizophrenic. On Friday we had everything the world has to offer of weather: Sun, rain, snow, wind... So, not counting a hugely unsuccessful ski trip, I didn't spend much time outside. The snow was so rotten that we thread through every third step. (Not sure if I'm explaining this very well.) But the good things about this vacation was that my cousin, Tiril, who is six months older than me, came with us. So, it was lots of fun having her there. Even if all we did was play lots and lots of cards and Scrabble, and read books. I didn't get the time to read four books, but I did read three. One of those was Good Omens. I loved it, and will talk about it later.

I am so happy to be home. My back has been killing me the last couple of days and it will be beyond heaven to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Few internet things:

- WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH YOUTUBE?? I'm gone a week and they've gone all weird on me! Where is the URL? That's how I download Mock the Week and convert my music into mp3 files! I need that URL!!!

- Does anyone of you use Firefox? And if you do, do you have a fancy header picture? Tell me.

Fangirl alert:

I'm completely obsessed with Max Manus and the Norwegian resistance during WWII. And because I'm a huge nerd, as my brother keep pointing out, two of the books I've read this month has been about the resistance. And I am not apologetic about it either. Unlike Narnia and Harry Potter, this obsession might do me some good in real life. It's never a bad thing to learn more about my own country's history. I have the next book all picked out and everything.

Speaking of Max Manus. I am currently watching the movie, again! Seriously, I love this movie so much. And it vexes me more than anything that this had to be the movie where I was assigned my Slash Goggles TM. I ship Max/Gregers so freaking much! And there's no one to squee with. I would so write fic for this, if it wasn't in Norwegian (it fucks with my head to write fic in English when I know they should be speaking in Norwegian.) and if they hadn't been real life people. (I'm reading biographies about these people!!) RPS is kind of my squick limit.

Also: EMIL HEGLE SVENDSEN WON THE BIATHLON WORLDCUP! There will be a celebratory picspam later.

Has anything exciting happened while I've been gone? Fill me in.
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I'm leaving for our cabin tomorrow and I'll be gone the entire week for Easter break. So hopefully, nothing too exciting will happen on the internet while I'm gone. (Kidding. Sorta.) While away I'm planning on reading at least four books, plot out the first episode of Triple H and ski. Yeah, it's Easter time again, and we all know what that means for us Norwegians! We strap on our skis and goes plunging through the woods. Oh, joy. I hate this. (But if Emil Hegle Svendsen suddenly wants to come and teach me, I'll be all for that!)

I did an pinch hit erasure for [ profile] katakokk yesterday: Our Lost Kids.

Also, you all need to read this fic:

Could You Be a Little Less by [ profile] the_birdnest
You can tell a lot about a society by what it values.. -- It's seriously the best fic that's come out of the Harry Potter fandom in ages.

And while I am in a feministic, reccing mood, check out this awesome poem, it has kickass princess themes: princess by hradzka on DW (what's the nifty code for DW users?) (And what's the rules when it comes to poems? Can I repost the entire thing as long as I credit the author and link back to the original post?)
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The Winter Olympics in Vancouver is finally over and it has been a great one for Norway. We ended up as the fourth most winning nation with 23 medals. 9 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze. Now that's pretty impressive! To celebrate I have made a small picspam of, what I think is, Norway's three hottest male athletes of this Olympics.


Come and see why I have been enjoying the Olympics! )

Click here to view without the annoyance of my layout.
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Sometimes I don't quite get my country. I just finished watching the Cross-Country Skiing - Men's 4x10 km Relay Classic/Free and it was seriously exciting to watch. We were 38 seconds behind the leading swede when Northug went out on the last run! And he managed the masterful feat of finishing second giving Norway another silver medal. Unfortunately, there was no way he could reach Marcus Hellner, the awesome swedish skier, but dudes! Petter Northug just pulled off an awesome ski-race and the commentators are sitting there disappointed it wasn't a gold medal? Are you fucking kidding me? If it wasn't for Northug there would have been no way we'd even get a medal. Get a fucking grip.

I just read this article about Norway's amazing feat this Winter Olympics and how the rest of the world really doesn't care. If it interests you at all, you should read it:

The Mystery of Norway: Tiny Country's Athletes Rack Up Medals, but Skeptics Dismiss Them; 'Probably Born on Skis'

Vancouver, British Columbia -- By the end of these Olympic Games, the Norwegians will have pulled off what is, arguably, one of the finest performances in the modern history of sports.

The only problem is that nobody outside Norway seems to take them seriously.

Norway's Olympic team has won 17 medals in Vancouver so far, enough to place it third overall and only one gold medal behind the leaders. The country grabbed three medals Tuesday, including silver and bronze, respectively, for Kjeitil Jansrud and Aksel Svindal in the men's giant slalom. The haul is expected to continue throughout this final week.

Norway has won more Winter Games medals than any other nation. Last week it became the first country to win 100 Olympic gold medals, and Tuesday it hit the 300-medal milestone (the U.S. is second on the all-time list with dozens fewer.)
Read the entire article here.
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You Know You're Norwegian When:

You assume that a stranger on the street who smiles at or greets you is:

a) Drunk.
b) Insane.
c) An American.
d) All of the above.

You don't question the habit of always preparing a "matpakke" (sandwich in paper).

You have two cars, a cabin and a boat, if not more.

You think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

It feels natural to wear sport clothes and backpack everywhere, including the cinema, bowling alley, and to church. (so true)

You are think it's weird if a house isn't wooden.

You know at least five different words for describing different textures of snow. (I seriously do!)

You don't fall when walking on ice. (and if I do I won't tell anyone:P)

You earn more than you spend.

You associate Easter with cross-country skiing with friends and family in the family's mountain forest cabin. (Is there any other way to celebrating Easter?)

You are shocked if it's not 2 months of snow every year, at least!

You can see mountains and the ocean, no matter where you are.

You expect all dinner parties and meetings to start precisely on time, if not before. (I get anxious when things doesn't start on time.)

You fall 3 metres, and don't get hurt. If you do, you're not worried at all.

You can't understand why foreigners haven't heard about Bjørn Dæhlie, Petter Northug, and Kjetil Andre Aamodt.

You're proud to be Norwegian - and you pass these jokes on to all your Norwegian friends!
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I am having a brilliant day, even though I'm so very tired. I had norwegian exam today and I ended up writing a eight page long fantasy short-story. First I decided to write a modern fairy-tale (I was going to have the girl save the prince and everything!) but then I realised that it would take much more time than I had (only had five hours), so instead I wrote a fantasy short-story. The assignment was to write a short-story and draw inspiration from norse literature and norse mythology. I ended up writing a hero-story which is very norse, but I'm afraid a lot of it is more english, than norse. Hopefully my teacher will be dazzled by the story and not care.

When I came home, I was very tired, but very proud of myself. I lied on the couch and just watched episode 1.3 of Lewis which I just simply adore. (see icon!) It's murder mystery, with compelling characters and a huge dash of dry english humour. Just my cup of tea!

Then after a few hours on the couch I managed to drag myself to check my inbox and what do I find? Lots and lots of people participating in the Three Sentence Fic-a-thon! I could not be happier. I have tagged it to the top of my page, so it's easy to find. It'll keep on going until it dies.

Tomorrow I have english exams, which I'm really looking forward too. I'm going to kick ass.
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- I've have a spanish test Monday, norwegian presentation on Tuesday, (The fascinating topic? "The differences between the nordic languages" Doesn't that just get you going? *Barf*) and a math test on thursday. I spent my entire Saturday studying spanish before going to my grandmothers birthday. Today I spent the entire day studying norwegian. *Sigh* Don't you just love school?

- I'm going to see the Twilight movie tonight with my mother. I'm looking forward to it. No matter what it will entertain me. It could turn out to be lol-tasticly bad, or actually rather good. Either way, I'll enjoy myself.

- I caved from curiosity and signed up to MyLeaky. If you're over there add me. (Caramelsilver) if you want to sign up there let me invite you! That way I'll earn 20 points for my house, Slytherin! It's so addicting, but oddly fun.
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11/24: Gym theory test (1 hour)
11/25: Nature/biology test (2 hour)
11/28: Norwegian midterm test (All day)

12/02: Math midterm test (All day)
12/03: Spanish test (3 hours)
12/09: Geography test (2 hours)

Thank you to all you wonderful people who wished me luck. My norwegian midterm went great today. I can't say the same for gym and nature, but we'll see. I'm really not looking forward to the spanish one, while I do think the math midterm won't be so bad. (We do not speak of geography. Maybe if we ignore it it'll go away.)

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11/24: Gym theory test (1 hour)
11/25: Nature/biology test (2 hour)
11/28: Norwegian midterm test (All day)
12/02: Math midterm test (All day)
12/03: Spanish test (3 hours)
12/09: Geography test (2 hours)

Don't expect to see me around.
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Tomorrow I have a norwegian test and I'm reading my text book, studying hard and all that. The test will be about the technicalities behind writing, different writing techniques and such. And I get assaulted with plot bunnies. Best of all, I know now how to write my [ profile] narniaexchange fic!! Next time I'm stuck, I'm just gonna go read my text book=P

Back to studying. I need to get a good grade!

If you want a Christmas card from me, (And I'd love sending you one,) go Here!
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School has started up again, and I've gotten a new teacher. I've just had one lesson with her so far, but she seems okay. This year I'll only have Norwegian (Ugh! Now I can't read any books in english! And I can only read norwegian by norwegian authors!!!) and I hope I can finish norwegian year 12 and 13 in one year.

Next week I'm going to try a new thing to cure my M.E. It's called Lightning Process and apparently many people have gotten healthy after going through this. It super secret and I don't know what exactly it is, but, since I'm paying lots of money for this, I have high hopes for its success.

Here's a link, but you'll see that the website says a fat lot of nothing. But I've been hearing so much about it for over a year now so I'm pretty optimistic.


Jun. 30th, 2008 08:22 pm
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I don't know if you remember but I promised you some pictures of me in my bunad from 17. May. Now being the incredible slow person I am, I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera before now. So here they are:

Pic spam under the cut )
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It's Norway's National Day!

It did rain. And snow. Yes, it SNOWED! It was cold so I didn't eat much ice cream. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of me in my bunad.
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I have a lot to post about. First I'm going to do some whining, (Because I promised [ profile] dieloreley I would...) and then I'm going to whine some more and then some positive things:

First: Why I told dL that I wasn't fine. I have had trouble sleeping. The last week I haven't slept at all, all night. I managed to sleep a few hours in the middle of the day, but we all know how crappy day sleep is. The reason I haven't slept is because I stopped using my sleeping pills and my parents forbid me to use my painkillers. (They were afraid that I was starting to get addicted to them. Bull shit, I say!)We went to my doctor and he gave me a new pill that supposedly were going to help me sleep. Hah! It didn't even give me a slight buzz! So in result I've spent 4 sleepless nights. That can get anybody in a bad mood. But, Thursday my mum went out and bought more of my sleeping-pills. So I'm happy again.

Second: Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian came out today in USA and I can't see it before 2. July! I have to wait for two months before it comes out here!!! I'm annoyed. I have to avoid the Narnia fandom for two months, how will I cope?!

Third: I got my hair cut today! I got highlights and cut at least 5 cm. so now it reaches my shoulders and not my back. I'm so happy with it. I can't stop looking in the mirror=) I also got a new pair of jeans that fits me perfectly. *squee* I hate shopping for jeans and get so happy when I find some that fits!

Fourth: Tomorrow it's 17. May. If all of you don't remember, it's Norway's National Day. I'll be wearing my bunad, and I'll be eating ice cream. It'll be fun, only draw back is that it will probably rain... Bleah!
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Lately I've been so very tired. Life has been hard, it has been empty and boring. I think that some of it boils down to that so much of my life revolves around my computer and the internet, and lately I've had to share my pc. (Wow, that sounded bratty.) What I mean is that suddenly I've realized that too much of my life is the internet. And lately I've had to share my computer with my brother and suddenly I had too much empty time on my hands.

I want to share a song with you, it's norwegian, but I'll translate as good as I can. I really love this song. Lately it has been the soundtrack of my life:

Eg ser= I see

Eg ser at du er trøtt,
men eg kan ikkje gå
alle skritta for deg.
Du må gå de sjøl.
Men eg ve gå de med deg.
Eg ve gå de med deg.

I see that you are tired
but I can't walk the steps for you.
You have to walk them yourself.
But I can walk them with you.
I will walk them with you.

Eg ser du har det vondt,
men eg kan ikkje grina alle
tårene for deg.
Du må grina de sjøl,
men eg ve grina med deg.
Eg ve grina med deg

I see that you are in pain,
but I can't cry all the tears for you.
You have to cry them yourself,
but I can cry them with you.
I will cry them with you.

Eg ser du vil gi opp,
men eg kan ikkje leva
livet for deg.
Du må leva det sjøl.
Men eg ve leva med deg.
Eg ve leva med deg.

I see you want to give up,
but I can't live life for you.
You have to live it yourself.
But I can live it with you.
I will live it with you.

Eg ser at du er redd,
men eg kan ikkje gå i døden for deg.
Du må smaka han sjøl,
men eg gjør død til liv for deg,
eg gjør død til liv for deg.
Eg har gjort død til liv for deg.
Eg har gjort død til liv for deg

I see that you are scared,
but I can't die for you.
You have to die yourself.
But I'll make death life for you.
I'll make death life for you.
I have made death life for you.
I have made death life for you.

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Life sucks! I can't sleep at night and the sleep you get in the day aren't as good as the eight hours at night. I'm really depressed, and I don't eat all that much either.

A whole lot of whining in norwegian, since I don't have the energy to translate! )

On an other note.... The snow is finally here. Lots and lots! But its really cold too. I am always freezing.


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