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So, since it seems to be the new trend, I thought I'd try out post on DW and cross-post to LJ. I'm not really a big fan of change, and learning a new set of journal rules makes me a little scared, but I don't want to be left behind. You all seem to be immigrating over here, so I thought I'd at least try it out.

First thing first! My fic Out From the Shadow-Lands is being read as a podfic by the awesome [ profile] makinhistory over at Narnia Fan Fiction Revolution! You can download the first chapter here.

Second: I'm so amazed by how many participants there are for the [ profile] narniaexchange already. Since the sign-ups doesn't end until June 19th (because that's when school ends and I have summer vacation.) I'm really looking forward to seeing how many will sign-up this year. We have already surpassed last years number. I AM SO EXCITED! The prompts are simply awesome.

Third... was there a third? Oh, yes. I want to cut my hair. I have very long hair right now. It almost reaches the middle of my back. I have spent five years getting it this long, and I have never had longer hair than I have right now. I have always been a short-hair-girl. And now I'm getting really sick of my long hair. It's... boring. So I'm going to cut it. Even though some part of me is going "NOOO! Think of how long you've spent getting it this long!" the other part is like "So what? It's getting in the way. SHOP IT OFF, BITCH! THE SUMMER IS GOING TO BE HOT!" Clearly, the last part is winning.

I want to cut it like this Picture under here ) What do you think? You think I could pull that off? I think so...


May. 18th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Hi, I'm Caramelsilver from LJ. The first thing I'll do is post my fanfiction here. I'm not sure if I'll use this for anything else yet... We'll see.


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