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After Gilmore Girls and the Rory/Logan ship, so was Harry Potter and Draco/Ginny my first fandom. It was the fandom I wrote my first fics in (if you look, you'll find them, but I won't link you because it's horrible stuff. Really, truly, horrible stuff. All my D/G fics are truly crap.) But time flies and you move on from one fandom and into others.

But the last week I’ve been going on a Draco/Ginny fic reading spree. And to do so I’ve just checked out old rec list, and I’ve realised that the Harry Potter fandom is getting… if not exactly old (there are after all much older fandoms), but oldish. There are so many links that are broken, fics that have been taken down, authors who have deleted everything and vanished, old “classics” of the fandom, gone forever! And that makes me sad!

But it has also been really fun. I’ve read fics that was written in the Great Gap between GoF and OotP! Fics where Ginnys name is thought to be Virginia, and it’s so annoying that I almost can’t handle it. Fics with tropes that was new and fresh in the 00s, that are old and used up now, but so good and all that I want. (Arranged marriage fics 4evah!!!)

But it makes me wonder, all these dead links, and silent forums… Is the D/G fandom dead? Is the fandom producing new things? Are there new “classics” that should be read? Does anybody know?

Rec me your favorite Draco/Ginny fic!!


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