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My mother and I have started watching the Borgias. We've watched the first four episodes of season one and I'm so in love. The relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia is mesmerizing me. I'm so freaking fascinated. I love them both, and I adore them together and I'm seriously, seriously shipping it so very very hard.

Even my mother said: "Aren't they siblings? He definitively isn't acting like she's his sister."

But just! GAH! I love them, it's so very bittersweet, and star-crossed soulmates and DOOOOOMED! I don't think I've ever actively shipped siblings before... (I don't mind it and I've read several incest fics before, but I haven't you know, really truly shipped it before!)

After I watched Lucrezia's Wedding (01.04), I spent half the night reading all the fic I could find, and most of it just makes me cry, because their love is so trueeeeeee! Ao3 has so much good fic, and I've sadly gone through it all already. If anyone wants to rec me fics I'll take it with gratitude :D
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March is a really trippy month. It goes from WINTER to major snow melting. Then it rains. Then there's a week with sun and relative warm weather, so you take out your sunglasses and wonder if you need a lighter jacket. Then while you're enjoying this false spring it starts to fucking snow!
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What exactly is allowed in remixes? Cause I was wondering if I could take an event that's just been passed over and make it a story? Like:

last week I had a birthday party. It was awesome. I wore my new dress. People made fun of it. Still mad.

Can I take that and write about that and ignore the rest of the wonderful story that's essencially about something else, or isn't that how remixes works? Help people!

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I wrote fic. And no one read it. And I'm really surprised at how much it doesn't bother me. I really thought I was more petty... But. Well, dude, this is a very obscure fandom. I think there's like eight Cabaret fics out there in cyber-space, so I'm really not surprised that it doesn't interests anyone. But I'm still very happy with the result. I wrote it for me, after all. And it was fun!
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Let the Drums Keep on Playing
- by [ profile] caramelsilver
Because somehow she always ended up back with him, older and wiser and with a broken heart.
Cabaret; Sally Bowles, the Emcee; pg; 3000 words

Let the Drums Keep on Playing )
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I think I'm just going to post my Cabaret fic here, and then, if any of you read it, would you just point out mistakes and weird passages?
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So I no longer have a paid-account, first time in two years that I see this really annoying ads. I don't love LJ enough to buy another year, but damn, it is annoying. How serious are people about dreamwidth? Like... could I change journal and not really miss anything? Give me the honest truth?

I spent the weekend in London! And it was marvellous! It was my birthday slash Christmas gift from my parents, and my mum and I took a plane early Friday morning. We spent all of Friday shopping. I think I've never spent so much money on clothes at once before, but I'm so pleased with everything I bought. Because before I left I made a list over what I needed and wanted and then I simply followed it.

Friday evening we saw Les Miserables. I booked the tickets because I wanted to see Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser, so I was a bit disappointed when they announced that Hadley's understudy was on as Javert. But not much can really ruin Les Mis for me, and Shaun Dalton was magnificent! Ramin was really, truly good as well. He has such a wonderful stage presence. Helen Owen was on as Eponine, which I was thrilled about! She was on as Eponine last time I saw it as well, and she's so good. Scott Garnham was on as Enjolras, and since the things I heard of Liam Tamne wasn't all that good, I was happy to see Scott instead.

On Saturday I woke up feeling not all that good, and the morning was spent eating and going to Russell Square to buy books at my favorite bookstore in the world! The prices there are magnificent for a girl who has to pay a 100 kr for every paperback at home. Then we went to the Phantom of the Opera matinee. I already knew that I wouldn't get any of the performers I wanted when I booked the tickets. Earl was off, and Killian was on holiday, so we got the standby Phantom Scott Davies and the understudy Christine Claire Doyle and understudy Raoul Nadim Naaman. Claire and Nadim was fabulous together. I loved their dynamic, they were both so young and sweet together and I totally believed in their love. The Phantom had a glorious voice! But I'm not much of a Phantom girl, so he didn't really grab me all that much. The true star of the show, though, is the sets and the costumes! I've never seen Phantom live before and the sets and the lighting truly blew me away.

I didn't enjoy the show as much as I should, because I sat there with a fever, and the rest of the day wasn't too fun. Sunday was really not fun. And I've been sick all of this week too.

Other news that I've neglected to share with you: I have a job! I now work 80% at a kindergarten. I love it. It's hard work, but a lot of fun. When I willingly go to work with a fever that's a good sign that I'm enjoying what I do.


My Cabaret fic! I'm in love with it and I really want to share it. But not until I get someone to look it over. Because it's been like six months since I last wrote something, and I'd really like for someone to check my grammar. Anyone up for looking over 2000ish word fic? Please?
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I'm really happy. Like, everyday I wake up and I feel good, even though I have this horrible cold. And for the first time in many years, the cold doesn't matter. I can still get up from the bed and go to work. Because, btw, I got a job! Right now it's only a temp job, but I've been going to work every day the last week. It's an assistant job in a kindergarten and it's so much fun. Tiring and exhausting, but in a very lovely way.

It's like a big block in my life has been unlocked and everything else is suddenly fantastic again! I'm writing! I'm drawing! I sing wherever I go!

I've fallen in love with Cabaret and it's the only thing playing on my ipod. And I'm writing Cabaret fic. Which after some brief searching I discovered there isn't much of. Okey by me, since this fic is based on the production I saw, and I don't know how coinciding that is with everybody else's headcanon. (If you want to see some pictures from that production you can see them here. Look at the lovely man playing the Emcee! And his stage presence was incredible. Whenever he was on stage it was physically impossible for me to look at anyone else. Something in the way he moved, hips first, and his eyes practically glowed in the dark. I saw this twice in three days. Yes, I saw it once and then decided I had to see it again.)
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[Poll #1814920]

And lastly, would someone like to beta my fic? You don't really have to know the story, I just need someone to look it over, weed out the mistakes and tell me if the emotions I want to convey is being conveyed. This is the first thing I've written in months and I'm just happy that I have finally written something just because I wanted to write it!! :D Story is around 1700 words.
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I'm watching Paris Je t'aime. I love that movie. Not really because of the movie, but because of the memories I have of watching it for the first time. It's a dark basement, a cramped couch, ice-cream and marshmallow fluff and my three best guy friends at the time. It was a good time in my life. I was sick, and these three was the only ones who actually took time to spend some time with me. And even though we don't talk any more, I will forever love them for being my friends then. I do know that it's hard to be friends with someone who's sick. But they didn't forget me and they didn't mind that all I had the energy to do was to watch movies, because they were/ are pretentious movie hipsters, so that was their favorite thing to do anyway. So we watched movie after movie in a dark basement. And it was wonderful. And that's why I'll always love Paris Je t'aime. Because it's such a pretentious movie, that only annoying douches pretends to like.

But to be honest. Sometimes I'm a pretentious douche. So what the hell. My favorite part is the one with Rufus Sewell at Oscar Wilde's grave.

(I'm also uploading songs to share with you all later. All of my favorite songs this year. It probably won't be up until later or tomorrow. But it'll come.)

Also. Happy new year.
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Christmas was wonderful. So much better than last year. Of course, seeing as I had a fever and coughing everywhere last year, it wasn't really hard to beat it. But this years was truly great, because we had my uncle and aunt with their three children over, plus my granddad and grandma and my grandmother over. So we were many and it was lovely.

One of my cousins is just eight, and I'd totally forgotten how much of an awesome day Christmas Eve is for a eight year old. Being twenty-one now, I'm very used to all the "fake threats" of "Oh now we have to do the dishes, and then we have to rest and let the food sink, and then we have to brew the coffee, and THEN we can unwrap the presents!" So I know that of course as soon as we've cleared the table and unwound a bit, we'll start on the gifts, but him, being eight, did not. I think my dad really enjoyed having a kid around to react to all his tomfoolery.

My favorite present this year is definitely the London trip. Me and my Mum are going to London in February! We've booked everything. We're actually flying with a decent airline (NOT Ryanair for once) and actually landing in Heathrow, something that I find more exciting than I probably should. We've also gotten a really nice hotel in the West End. We have booked tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera.

Which is a bit of a funny story, because we booked these tickets in October. The reason why the trip is booked in February is because I really wanted to see John Owen Jones as the Phantom and in October it was said that his last show would be in March so we booked tickets for February. Then! No, JOJ is going to be the touring Phantom and had his last show in December. Earl Carpenter took over for him then, and I thought, "Hey, Earl! That's not so bad!" But then, I find out that the day we're seeing Phantom is the one day in February Earl isn't on! So, I'm understandingly a bit mad about that, but think, hey! I still got Killian Donnelly as Raoul. And then, NO! KILLIAN IS OFF ON HOLIDAY THEN!

-- So I'm a bit pissed about the whole PotO thing. Bad luck all around really. Not that I think it will be a bad experience or anything. I'm sure the actors we'll get will be fabulous.

But I am going to book tickets for Les Miz too, because I just can't miss the Ramin Karimloo/Hadley Fraser double act. I need to see them both play Jean Valjean and Javert!
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Title: The Seduction
Original text erased: Stone Table fic
Erased by: [ profile] caramelsilver
Original text by: [ profile] lizzie_marie_23
Fandom (of original text): Narnia
Fandom (of erasure): None. (Narnia)
Notes: Done with coloured pencils and a black and green marker pen.

The Seduction )
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As some of you may know, it's my birthday tomorrow. (YAY!) And I was wondering if anyone would, as a birthday present, like to share some Christmas music with me? I just realised that I have no Christmas music what so ever, and that's a bit sad.

A query

Dec. 5th, 2011 10:50 pm
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I have a simple question for you all. I haven't tagged the Three Sentence Ficathon post to the top because I'm kind of assuming that you all are arriving through link, and not by my name, so I don't have to. But is this a correct assumption, or would you like me to date the post and add it on top of my journal?

Also, this year is kicking last years ass! Just so you all know ;)
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The Three Sentence Ficathon is making me so happy. It's so great to see people have so much fun. It brings me great, great joy. I do wish people would post more cool Narnia prompts, so I can write them! But, yeesh, be more selfish, self.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here! Have a small, quite banner to put into your posts to pimp. (If you seriously want it, I'll post the pimp code :P) I'm absurdly proud of that banner. I arranged those things on my desk, sent it through photobucket and TA-da! I think it's pretty :P

I finished all my Christmas shopping and wrapping! How awesome is that? I have never been finished this early before; it's before my birthday and I'm finished!? AWESOME.

Cards will be sent out some time next week.

I'm looking forward to doing some artisty stuff for the Narnia Big Bang. I had actually signed up for writing, but that turned out to be rather impossible.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a challenge where you answer a prompt with a fic consisting of only three sentences. It's open to all fandoms and you can post and answer as many prompts as you like. Only one prompt per comment please.

When posting a prompt please format it this way:

fandom, character/pairing, prompt word/sentence.

Lastly, please pimp this to your flist, I'd like as many as possible to come and participate!

Have fun!
If you have any questions ask them to the first comment.

Click here to read without my annoying layout: LIGHT VERSION

Edit December 2nd: The lovely [ profile] grim_lupine has set up a delicious archive:

She wants you all to prompt with full names of both fandom and characters so it will be easier to index. She will also not be quite able to keep up with it out during December, so if anyone wants to help her, comment to her comment below.

Keep up with having fun everyone!
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Since the overall response to the Three Sentence Ficathon was a major YES, then there will definitely be another round this year. All I have to do is make a new banner! How fun! Look out for the post on December 1st. This is gonna be awesome, people!


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