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Come talk to me about A Song of Ice and Fire! Who's your favorite character(s)? Who do you think will survive this? Who's a dead man walking? Which death hurt you the most?

Now I'm watching episode one of Game of Thrones, because that's the best one. All the Starks together and happy in Winterfell before everything goes to shit. And reading the Westeros forum. My favorite threads are about Rhaegar and Lyanna. The best with being finished with the books is that now I can go read all the theories and speculation. I think this fandom can be fun :)
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So life is somewhat hard to keep up with. Which is why I've been very, very scares lately.

But here's an update in bullet-form:

- I've cut my hair! Is very pleased.

- Started school again. This is, God willing, the last year. (Please, please, please let me finish this year!)

- I'm having anxiety attacks about doing things I should do. Like getting a job, asking someone for a recommendation, calling my driving-teacher, cleaning my room!. I'm just avoiding and procrastinating. It's a serious problem.

- So I'm feeling very empty. But some things are really great though. Church is, as always, a light in my very gloomy life. The people there make me very, very happy.

- I'm really looking forward to colder weather, so I can start wearing scarves and boots!

Fandom things:

- [ profile] narniaexchange is going on. Go and read all the lovely fics. I have actually written one of the fics. The second fic I've written this year. Yeah, aren't I creative this year??

- Watched all of Games of Thrones in two days, and wow, I adore it! It's great.

- Next up! The Borgias.

- I have also been watching a lot of Charmed. I've forgotten how much I love that show, and how much I adore these girls! I've been focusing so much on how much I adored Chris and Wyatt that I'd forgotten that they were awesome all on their own too. Piper Halliwell is the most awesome woman ever.


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