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March is a really trippy month. It goes from WINTER to major snow melting. Then it rains. Then there's a week with sun and relative warm weather, so you take out your sunglasses and wonder if you need a lighter jacket. Then while you're enjoying this false spring it starts to fucking snow!
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So it's finally summer, and it's all coming on a bit fast, because it's not really vacation it's CAMP! And I'm going to two confirmation camps this summer, and one... not quite camp, more of a festival thing, but that's also with church, and I'll have responsibilities on all of it. So everything I'm doing this summer comes with responsibilities, and that's both great and not so great.

Yes, I am twenty, and yes, I have been wanting more responsibilities and wanting people to recognise my skills, but now that they have I'm panicking a bit, cause what if I suck? And I have to pack! I'll be gone for five days, then I'm home for one day, then I'm leaving again, and my Mummy isn't even home cause she's gone to America with my dad on a summer vacation without me!!
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Hugs, I want to talk about hugs. Persephone talked about it some time ago and it made me think.

Like the most of you know I live in Norway, like many other places in the world, we get attacked by trends. Hugging people whenever you see them. Sure you say, that doesn't sound so bad. No it wouldn't if it meant the first time you see them in the morning and that they were your good friend. Seriously people. These girls go around hugging everybody, and it's not even good hugs, it's these cold cheek hugs. When you then add this (----) layer of makeup and big clouds of perfume, maybe you understand my discomfort.
I am not a hugging kind of person. I have a rather large personal bubble and there are only 11 people I am comfortable to sitting close to, 5 of those are family. I do not hug strangers, I just don't, but when I hang out with girls who do, you can say I feel even more odd, and I do not need that right now! These cheek hugs and air kisses and the 'heeey's should be forbidden. If you are going to hug me do it properly!

You might guess that I've been carrying this rant around for a long time. Nice to finally get it out.
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Many people ranted on all the things they didn't like about DH right after the book came out. I didn't do that, but I'm doing it now. I just finish reading it for the second time and I have a few um….. issues that bothered me with this book, now that I’ve read it in a regular pace. This is really long so I'm putting it under a cut.

Under the cut are many things that irked me, be so warned. Lots of acclamations marks ahead:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - or Harry Potter the boy who survived on luck and his friends skills )
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Life sucks! I can't sleep at night and the sleep you get in the day aren't as good as the eight hours at night. I'm really depressed, and I don't eat all that much either.

A whole lot of whining in norwegian, since I don't have the energy to translate! )

On an other note.... The snow is finally here. Lots and lots! But its really cold too. I am always freezing.
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I'm soo bored right now!

Me ranting about The Chronicles of Narnia fanfiction )
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I finally turned sixteen. *Its my birthday, its my birthday!* I'm really happy and really giddy today. I got the coolest camera ever. I've been wanting that for almost a year now! So Yay! I also got the nicest and cozy-est pj-pants. Later today, I'm going out with my friends. We're going to the movies and later we're going to eat cake!!
*Doing my happy dance* As I said I'm really happy today. And no headache=)
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It's the first day of winter and there is no fucking snow! I'm getting a little frustrated. I want snow. In one week I turn sixteen and there is always snow on my birthday, always! It isn't even cold outside.
I have always been the youngest in my class, and every year I get to be same age as everyone else in exactly four weeks before someone turn older than me. Its so not fun to have your birthday in December. Three weeks after my birthday, there is christmas, so I either get two small gifts- one 8. December and one 24. December, or one big at my birthday. I firmly believe that if I was born in the summer or the spring I would get two big presents always!

And know I'm whining, I'm sorry. I love my parents and I'm really excited for my birthday... I think I know what I'm getting and I'm really happy and excited! And I'm sure that the snow will come before Christmas.


Nov. 7th, 2006 04:42 am
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sometimes I get so mad. People tend to forget that I'm sick, or what my sickness entails. I get tired at the weirdest times of the day. I might sleep all night and the following day. But sometimes I can't sleep at all. I'm okay with that, 'cause I've gotten used to it. With all the sleeping I do, it has to turn out hat way sometimes. But then people forget, so when I don't go to bed (because I know that I'm not going to get any sleep anyway) they get mad at me. Don't they understand that it's better to do something instead of shifting around in my bed?


Oct. 31st, 2006 06:34 pm
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Would you look at me funny if I told you that I don't like Halloween?
I used to like it when I was young enough to go trick or treating. But the thing is,in Norway no one really prepare for this 'holiday', so you never really get any good candy. Sometimes the houses you visit are really mean to you...
Now, I understand why adults find it irritating having kids coming at your door, begging for candy. A whole night with the doorbell ringing is not funny!! If we lived in America, this 'holiday' would be much more fun, because the whole country is in on it. It's not that way here... sadly. But on the bright side, I get to eat candy today;P Right?
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It's SNOWING!!!!! I'm so happy, the first snow day of the year!! *doing embarrassing happy dance*
I hope it will snow all night and tomorrow too! Then the snow would stay;) Not very plausible, the first snow always melt away because it isn't cold enough on the ground=( But a girl is aloud to dream right?

So.... ahem:


*Blushes, and mumbles: I'm done now!*

"Okay, four is officially your espresso limit!" *Giggles*
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Its raining! My head hurts and my muscles aches, and it's been raining all day. I would've been okay with that, its autumn and everything, if I didn't have to go out today. First walking my dog, (who's name is Sirius by the way!) then walking to the bus because nobody could drive me to treatment. Both times I got drenched, and now several hours later I haven't gotten my warmth back.

On a happier note: Today it's an other episode of Prison Break!! Yay, I can't wait to find out more... This season (I'm not sure which season it is, but they have gotten out of prison) are really exciting.

I have also finished watching seven seasons of Charmed, it only took me six months. I can't wait for the eight season to come out on dvd=)
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I have been over at and I suddenly realize how manny bad fanfiction there actually is over there! I mean, Wow:

1st: The titles suck sooo much, there are so cliche filled.

2st: The summaries! I'm not interested in if you (author) suck at writing summaries and if I could plz (whats with the Z? they are annoying!) read it? I want to know what the story is about!!

3st: Then if I actually decides I want to read a fic because the summary sound interesting, then I end up finding a fic, full og clichès, which the plot/problem gets rounded up in the first chapter and the next 10 chapters is only bad written, sickeningly sweet and an unbelievable romance!!

huh! That felt good, its nice to rant a little... But it never fails to actually read your fic once or twice, and maybe get a second opinion? I admit, I'm not the best writer my self, but people: "USE COMMON SENSE! please?"


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